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Above All Else Love One Another

My Mission & Purpose: Though Embraced By The Light chronicles my near-death experience and amazing journey into the spirit world, its main purpose is to reach hurting souls and bring greater hope & quality to life, give comfort through hardship & loss of loved ones—and to help establish direction through daily living. However, perhaps more important than anything else—its purpose is to bring to its reader the powerful message of God's unconditional and eternal love for them and the message “Above all else, love one another.”

“Compelling and infinitely reassuring, Betty's vivid account of the afterlife will give you a glimpse of the peace and unconditional love that await us all.”

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God's Tiny Miracles

Melanie panics, then feels a calm after starting to sink while swimming at the beach.

After experiencing a “hell-like environment,” Gave turns to prayer and writes, “there is hope for everyone!”

Though living in a country with strict adherence to Islam, Jesus helps Roi find the right course through answered prayers.

Surviving a terrible wreck, AH is not hurt and writes that it was, “like someone wrapped their body around mine to save me.”

Heavenly Encounters

Cradled In Arms of Love

“…all of a sudden I was not driving. I was not in my car anymore.”
Heather shares how a prayer to feel God's love is answered in a heavenly way.

Flatlining - Over and Over

“When on the other side of life I saw a beautiful pulsating orb of golden light that I took for the essence of all that is good and pure because it emanated perfect peace and love.”
Read Alan's dramatic experience of moving between his physical body and the afterlife while being resuscitated for three hours.


Acts of Kindness

“I felt like I had looked
into the eyes of Jesus”

While waiting in the car, Margie seizes a moment of opportunity to bless a homeless man and receives a special gift to feel Christ's love in the man's eyes.

Mother's Prayers

“I know God listens, he knows what is in our hearts.” writes H. J. Wheeler. Read God's unexpected answer to this mother's prayer.

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Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven. Matthew 5:16

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The Message of God's Love
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Embraced By The Light

Embraced By The Light


The Awakening Heart
The Awakening Heart - My Continuing Journey to Love


The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect - Our Harvest


Embraced By The Light Prayers & Devotions for Daily Living
Prayers & Devotions for Daily Living


The Soul's Remembrance
The Soul's

Earth is not
our home

by Roy Mills

“Maniilaq - Prophet from the Edge of Nowhere”

by Steven B. Terry & Jill K. Anderson


The Power of Heaven is Love

Prayer of St. Francis

God's Unconditional Love

Finding Comfort Through Trying Times

      Dearest Friends,

     Just before returning to my mortal life on this earth, I was concerned about the hell I would suffer living in a world that felt loveless to me, after experiencing the fullness of God's love in the spirit world. I asked Jesus about this which is when he instructed me above all else to love. He said, “Go back and love...teach love...above all else you are to love one another...if you do that...everything else will be fine.”

     We all know that the greatest commandment is to love, we know it is the most important choice any of us can make: to choose to love. I also believe Christ's words are meant to be comfort and guidance through trying times. There is much today that can discourage and frighten; the distress and suffering we see among many can weigh one's spirit down heavily. Yet Christ's words resonate in my mind and heart, that above all else—we are to love—and everything else will be fine.

     I appreciate all who are praying for our world and know many of you join me in surrounding our world with as much love as we can. Our prayers do make a difference. I was shown this! And let's pray for each other as well, that we might remain strong, holding to our faith and our love, and placing our trust in God through the storms in our lives.

     We are collectively responsible for this world we live on. We all lend our energy to it. Our thoughts, words, actions, talents, and light blend to form a collective environment and experience. Our combined energy helps create or destroy the well being of each person. Therefore, each action of each individual blesses or lessens the welfare of every other.

John 3:16

     As I stood in the presence of Christ he was emphatic when he spoke “Above all else, love one another.” His voice vibrated in my heart, this was the most important truth I would learn in my experience with him. He wanted me to understand it and feel its full impact. It is the most important thing we can know and do—it is the reason we exist. To learn to love more fully is the reason we have come to this world. Love is the energy which holds the universe in place. It is the gateway through which we return to our Creator. It can conquer any problem, ease any suffering, heal any disease. Love creates and magnifies the joys of life. And, at the moment of death, love turns all earthly pain into indescribable bliss!

     We were conceived in love spiritually. Love is the center of our beings. It is the energy of our souls, the spark of our divine nature. Being made of love, we cleave to it and seek it in all that we do. When we feel we do not have it, or when we feel we have lost it, we grieve. Its presence or absence colors our every action. It is life. It is happiness. It is salvation itself. “God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.” (1 John 4:16)

     And what God creates and nurtures, it is Satan's nature to diminish and destroy. His effect is to make us feel worthless, to get us to enter the cycle of self-destruction. Whether through guilt, fear or judging ourselves and others, we lose confidence—the confidence that comes from living close to God with that peace which is not of this world and we lose sight of our own worth as well. And when we feel worthless, we remove ourselves from God. When we remove ourselves from God, our hope is diminished and our ability to thrive weakens. As our motivation for doing good becomes distracted by negative energy, we begin to succumb to hopelessness and despair, then eventually may join what made us feel worthless in the first place. Thus, the cycle spins ever downward, negativity claiming its own—those who give it and those who receive it, consumed with misery and self-hate.

     We have all noticed the increase of calamity and natural disaster and are confronted with negative energy. Yet our divine worth remains untouched no matter how discouraged we may feel. I saw clearly that each life is precious in the eyes of God. Each soul—weak or strong, humble or proud, worldly or pure—is treasured beyond compare by our Creator. I also saw that every spirit, no matter how deeply deceived by lies, has the ability to reject the lies and find the truth within.

     We "volunteered" to come to earth during these trying times and were excited to do so for what we would be able to give and for the spiritual growth we would gain.walk as children of light. There is no escaping our problems because they arise from the needs of our spirit. They are opportunities for us to understand and to overcome the weaknesses in our souls. A Shaman friend of mine taught it this way: "When confronted by adversity, challenge or trial, say to them, ‘Welcome my friend, what do you have for me today?’” We should view each problem as a tool for refining and furthering our growth.

     Loved ones can help! Which is why Satan works so hard against our families. By prayer the dead have been raised and the sick have been healed—and more importantly—broken spirits have been lifted and made whole. If the faith of another is weak, the strength of our spirit can literally hold them up. If they are sick, our prayers of faith can often give them strength to be healed if it is God's will. The range of our help for others is immense. We can do far more good for our families, friends and others than we ever imagined! I love the scripture: "Pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." (James 5:16, emphasis mine)

     I was shown how our energy of spirit flows between us and around us. When we are depressed, we are holding our energy close and keeping it in. Our "aura" is pressed against us and does not radiate outward. Anytime we hold on to negativity—such as anger, frustration or despair, since this is a part of our aura and is not released—our energy becomes "pressed in." And when negativity is held tightly, nothing can get out. The negative energy is not released, which depresses our energy even more and can lead to clinical depression. This cycle fuels itself by attracting "like" energy and makes depression extremely difficult to overcome. prayer for love that never fails

     Yet, as we find it within ourselves to begin opening and releasing, to begin allowing kindness to go out from us—a cycle is created and put in place of extending positive thought and deed, bringing healing to ourselves and others by way of the open flow. As we open ourselves to being kind to others, we open to love coming in and going out from us, detoxifying us from negativity, thus creating healing within our own being.

     God's love is what heals sickness within the soul and as we open ourselves to giving and receiving love, we will feel his healing energy swell in our hearts from within. God's love is a gift that is freely given to all his children but we must accept his love and look within our own heart to experience it. We can see it in others, we can listen to others talk about God's love and lean on their witness for awhile, but eventually we all must submit to God's love.

     Especially in our world today, many lead lives of loneliness and desperation. Because of pain produced by others, some protect themselves behind walls of anger or fear, lashing out at or retreating from others. God has shown me that the precious cure for their pain lies within each soul. “...for behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21) The cure, of course, is honest and pure love. God's love. Unconditional love. It resides within each of us naturally at our beginning. Everything we do touches everybody else in some way, and as we release our love to others, we each become the vessel God has chosen us to be from the beginning. Letting our light shine, letting our love and truth emanate to as many people as possible, is a mission given to each of us.

     Just like you, I've wondered from time to time just what my mission is or if I'm on track, completing all that I was meant to complete, giving the service I was meant to give—but of course this is something I'm not meant to know while here. I'm meant to walk in faith just as you are and everyone else is too. The answer that does come and impresses me every time, is simply to live within the light of Jesus Christ, continuing to accept his love in my life. And just like you and all of us, by doing this, we will be able to do all that God wants of us. Love one another

     We are to love one another. We are to be kind, to be tolerant, to give generous service, to pray for one another and hold loving thoughts for one another. I know that greater joy will come to us through love than in any other way! I have seen its wonderful and glorious rewards. The details of my experience and all that I share are important only to the point that they help us expand our ability to love.

     Love is an emotion of energy that, unless expressed, remains unseen. It has power to change the universe. It is endless, it never dies. It cannot hurt, it cannot possess, it cannot withhold. God is Love. He created us in his image. And we have the power in the flesh to express love for God, love for self and love for all humankind. The Apostle John, so loved of Christ, tried to lead us to this understanding. "Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God." (1 John 4:7)

     How do we endure stress? How do we overcome fear? How do we walk through our trials? How do we live in these troubled times? It is simply a matter of following the Savior's message which he most clearly expressed to me; “Above all else, love one another”...and all else will be just fine.

     All my love eternally,


Devotional for March 4


Finding Comfort Through Loss

Some of the greatest grief, pain and heartache we feel in our mortal lives is the loss of a loved one or family member. Even when we know they are in a better place, we miss them so very much and sometimes wonder how we can go on.

Even in our grief, we can express our gratitude to God for his gift to know that our bonds of love are eternal. There is comfort in knowing that when we love someone—death does not part our love! Our loved ones have returned to their heavenly home and are now surrounded with God's love. They can hear us, see us, are mindful of us, and they see and feel our love for them. We must remind ourselves that our love exists into the eternitiesit never ends, it never dies.

Favorite Quotes

Betty reads from her books for those suffering the loss of a loved one dear.
(click above to play)

“Embraced By The Light,”
from pages 29-31

It was almost as if I felt a pop or release inside me, and my spirit was suddenly drawn out through my chest and pulled upward, as if by a giant magnet. My first impression was that I was free. There was nothing unnatural about the experience. I was above the bed, hovering near the ceiling. My sense of freedom was limitless and it seemed as if I had done this forever.

My new body was weightless and extremely mobile, and I was fascinated by my new state of being. Although I had felt pain from the surgery only moments before, I now felt no discomfort at all. I was whole in every way—perfect. And I thought, This is who I really am . . . The fact of a pre-earth life crystallized in my mind, and I saw that death was actually a 'rebirth' into a greater life of understanding and knowledge that stretched forward and backwards through time.

“The Awakening Heart,”
from pages 85-86, 182

My Dad's death was a great loss to all of us, but especially to me. I felt the absence of his daily presence. I was aware of how much time I had spent with him, during which he was the focus of my attention; even in those hours when he wasn't, I realized, his comfort had always been on my mind. That time was suddenly open now, and I missed him terribly. But I did not grieve.

The events of his death removed any doubts I had had about the divine plan that our leaving this world for the spirit world fulfills. I had seen it firsthand. I knew Dad was in a place of love and light, relieved of his physical pain and weaknesses. There was no reason to grieve for that.

I threw myself into my life, filling the time that was suddenly there to be filled. My family needed me more than ever; a son and a daughter were going through a divorce, and little Betty was of course still the light of my life. I strengthened my commitment to my clinic, taking on help in hopes of expanding its capacity, doing service by helping more and more patients find the healing power within themselves. And I continued to share my near-death experience, both in presentations and in my hospital volunteer work. The loss of my father was always present, but my life was full. And I thought I was living true to God's will for me.

...I know the pain of loss; I have buried an infant daughter and lost other family members, including my mother. I was present at the death of my father. I still miss them all. They are all on a long journey without me now, and knowing that they are all together, I wish at times that I were with them. But I do not grieve for them. Life on this earth as mortal beings was never meant to continue forever. We are here for a season, and then we go home. . . .

When I can, I try to help by sharing that message with people who come to me tormented by grief. The loss of someone you love can be painful, and recovering from it is a difficult challenge. The most intense pain that I have seen comes from people who have lost loved ones to long, debilitating illnesses.

“The Ripple Effect”
from pages 190, 198-199

"Our bonds with loved ones continue after death as they began long before birth. The love between us is eternal and does not cease simply because we cannot see the departed. Those who have passed to the other side are very much alive—more so than ever—and they are able to comfort us and send us their love. But they are also bound by laws which govern our lives and which limit their free contact with us. Yes, they care about us, about our lives and our welfare, but they must not interfere with our progression in life. Fulfilling our life's mission requires exercising our free will. Those who have returned to heaven cannot meddle with that. Only when deemed necessary through Godly wisdom can they come to comfort us or to prepare us for events in our lives. For our part, we can pray for them, just as they might pray for us. We can speak to them too—either verbally or in thought—and our words will be heard by them or be relayed to them. They have their own work of progression and are just as occupied with it as we are with ours. They do not remain continually in our presence; rather, they busy themselves with important and engaging activities which are known only to those on the other side.

My father passed away one year before I wrote Embraced By The Light. In a vision of him afterwards I saw him scoot across the floor with his walker, much as he had done before dying. He glanced at me, smiled, then set the walker aside and began walking. I was filled with joy as he communicated to me that he was doing well. In a later vision I saw him running, and again my soul leapt as I saw him laughing, carefree and joyous. In reflecting back on my life with him, I could not recall seeing him run before. A third vision came during the time I was writing Embraced. I was cooking dinner one afternoon when I turned and saw Dad standing in the hallway. He motioned for me to follow him, so I did. He led me down the hall into my bedroom. He looked young and handsome, about forty. He was no longer bent with age but stood erect at his full height of six-foot-three. His face beamed with excitement as he pointed at the computer I used for my writing. Cheerfully he said, "Betty, I love what you are doing here!" Then he was gone as quickly as he had arrived. His appearance gave me all the strength and encouragement I needed to complete my book.

I think back on that vision from time to time, just to feel close to him. The feeling he gave me remains to this day—a feeling of hope and anticipation, of missions being performed and completed. I treasure the knowledge that he was still with me, and that others I have loved are mindful of me and are available—at our Heavenly Father's bidding—to help me when the need arises. I know with perfect clarity that they are back home, helping me, praying for me, anxious for me to finish my mission and to complete my promise to God.

You too can take comfort in knowing that your family members—perhaps from many generations back—are aware of you and are guiding you at times with unseen hands. God shares out the work of raising and watching over his children. His work occurs at many levels to ensure we are never alone. Knowledge of his plan tells us that our deceased loved ones are indeed our loved ones still. Though our mother, father, child, sister or brother may die, our love for them does not. By this we know that the bonds of love do extend between earth and heaven. By this we have hope and even assurance that family connections are enduring, even eternal.

Yes, families are forever.


       From November:


Celebrating 41 Years of God's Miracle In My Life

       Dearest Friends,

       November 18th marks the anniversary of my NDE and visit to the spirit world where I met Jesus, loved ones dear and was taught about our heavenly home with God and our eternal lives.

hosts of angels       It never grows old for me to recall even a single minute of my journey into heaven. My heart still swells with love each time I remember the love I was given there, and I often fondly think of the hosts of angels who sang to me and wonder if they look over me with interest in "what on earth is she doing!"

       My heart and soul work together to keep “Embraced” alive and available, in one way or another, to those searching for meaning in their life and greater understanding of the afterlife with God. Sharing the message of God's love is my life's work—it is my joy and my love. I stand amazed every time I see God's use of Embraced By The Light for the betterment of his children.

       Today, while reflecting upon the mile-marker this day signals in my heart, I could not help but fill with wonder at God's Miracle of “Embraced” that has touched the lives of so many—but particularly the miracle it has been in my own life! My experience completely changed me in every way. And then being returned to mortality, to being confined in the flesh again, to being taken away from the beauty and love that fill heaven and we can only begin to glimpse here on this earth—was an adjustment when I returned to this world that caused deep anxiety and depression to the point of fearing for my very soul. There was no one I could talk to that could help me assimilate my new knowledge; no clergy, no ministers, no friends or person could understand. And I think this is what Jesus wanted—so that I would cling only to him! He kept me close and often I was taken back to the angels singing to me and feeling their love—which helped me endure the terrible loneliness and destructive forces wrought upon me through my being returned to this earth. Darkness threatened to swallow me and "Embraced" is the miracle that got me through as I literally clung to Jesus and his promise that I would return to where I had been—with him, in my true home in heaven.

       Beholding the Savior's presence, embracing him and being filled with his magnificent love and brilliant light, was the greatest miracle of my life! Yet I knew I had been saved in his love and forgiven through his grace—which are free gifts to everyone who will receive them because they cover all God's children. But then being returned to this world that felt loveless to me, and being able to adjust through my many changes, was a great miracle as well. angels tendingThe conflicting energy of my old ideas that now were being replaced with pure truth was a great challenge to reconcile between my mind and heart. I had been freed from my hell that came from previous beliefs, but now I didn't know what to do with this new freedom. Before my visit to the afterlife, I had feared death and being consumed with fire and brimstone—after my visit to heaven, I no longer had a god to fear…I had a Heavenly Father to love.

       I was often taken back to my experience, to the beautiful garden and the angels who had tended me and sung to me. I recounted my experience hourly, minute by minute some days, to help me through and I held to Jesus each moment with all my heart, might and soul. And there is a song I used to close my eyes and visualize as I soaked up the words that helped me feel the miracle of my life and experience with Jesus, of God's love for me, of the Creators wondrous creations and endless love for us all. This song was a constant reminder that all this—my life, my visit to the spirit world and my mission for God here on earth—all were God's great miracle! …And I can trust that and lean on his strength …because after all, it was God who also created the heavens and put the stars in place…

It Took a Miracle

Words & Music by John W. Peterson. Sung by Carroll Roberson.

To listen while reading click here
or use the player below

My Father is omnipotent,
And that you can't deny;
A God of might and miracles-
'Tis written in the sky.

It took a miracle to put the stars in place,
It took a miracle to hang the world in space;
But when He saved my soul,
Cleansed and made me whole,
It took a miracle of love and grace!

Though here His glory has been shown,
We still can't fully see
The wonders of His might, His throne-
'Twill take eternity.

The Bible tells us of His power
And wisdom all way through,
And every little bird and flower
Are testimonies too.

       We all have his love and forgiveness, the miracle is in accepting those gifts. “Embraced” is a miracle that was done in me and I thank God for this precious gift every day! And I pray only to do his will each day as I humbly and thankfully serve his great work of love.

       Thank you for your love and prayers these many years. The message of God's eternal love is so important! I stand in awe as I see his loving protection over the work he gave me to do—and, as his spirit wills it through his eternal love and truths, Embraced By The Light will continue to awaken more and more of the Heavenly Father's precious children to his unconditional love.

     In his eternal love,




God bless you and thank you for visiting my website.
I hope you enjoy the many pages created for you.

I love you,






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honoring Embraced
God's unconditional love
"Hi dear nice betty. I readed books and it changed my sight to life and dead. Hereafter I don't scare from dead and I optimize life. And I transfer my instruction to other people."
[Ayoub, Persian-Kangan]

"Betty you are awesome!!! Its time you make your movie I hope you will consider it. Your books have reached so many souls that needed you here in mortality and I know a movie will reach so many more! Prayers and love to you!!"

"You have given my prayers substance and joy. Thank you for your wonderful book."
[Edinburgh, Scotland]

"the best book i've ever read. it touches my heart and enlightens my soul."
[Dubai, United Arab Emirates]

"Dearest Betty, I have read your book many times. It has touched me profoundly. I embrace you."
[Milan, Italy]

"Many times I come to your website for peace. Your story has filled my spirit with calmness and acceptance, thank you so much for being here and reminding us of the love that surrounds us."
[Washington, USA]

"I'm a 29-year-old guy living in Iran. I read your book in Persian 3 years ago several times and gave it to many friends. We were so attracted by it. Although believing in hereafter and permanent life in Heaven is a basic belief in Islam but Embraced by the Light made this belief in me stronger than ever. Thanks a millions!"
[Kashan, Iran]

"Betty! I knew all what you speedboat you touched my soul and brought out my positive thoughts and all good....God bless you and your family."
[Metkovic, Croatia]

"These teenage years of my life seemed almost too much to handle until your book gave me such hope and joy and guidance. It's made such an impact. I feel so blessed to finally learn the answers I've been searching for. My life has meaning now and I'm determined to live life to its fullest—to learn, grow, and love.Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
[Florida, USA]

"I am very encouraged by your book. I read it at least 5 times! Because there are too much holy secrets in it and I can't get them all at once. Recently I had many trials. Then I think God send me your book to encourage me. I am really lucky to know it while I am alive in this world. Thank you! I really need it."
[Yokohama, Japan]

"God has a way of reaching out to us. While in the bookstore my eyes caught your book and at that instance my mind keep bugging me to buy it without really knowing the content. Reading it changed my outlook of life a lot. Thanks for sharing with us."
[Cebu, Philippines]

"You have given my prayers substance and joy. Thank you for your wonderful book."
[Edinburgh, Scotland]

"I'm 16 years old, and i just want to say thank you for writing down your experiences with God. Thanks to you, I found God and now I’m part of a church youth group with lots of amazing people. Thank you! I love you Betty."
[Den Haag, Holland]

"the best book i,ve ever read. it touches my heart and enlightens my soul."
[Dubai, United Arab Emirates]

"I am 57 years old and just lost my mom to death and my brother as well and my father is also gone. I feel lonely and scared sometimes but thinking of your testimony gives me hope. I was wondering if your books are available in ebook format so that I can listen to it on my mp3 player. God bless and thank you."
[Missouri, USA]

"I just finished reading your book "Embraced by the light" and I really would like to thank you for your wonderful life story. It really touched my heart and the thoughts that I always had about the other world and the way I believe life is all about."

Years ago, the hands of the god directed me straight to your first book within thousands of books when I was in a book store, thought I had absolutely no information about it being translated or printed. Since the words are not good carriers for the senses, I can't say anything about my feeling when I finished the book. Boundless infinite Love, wet eyes, and health... I passed the book to several of my friends, basically the spiritual ones. For me, the book is "downloaded" directly from the god, via a medium, one of his "selected" creatures.
[Tehran, Iran]

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Embraced By The Light The Movie

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Life does not end when we die…

Podcast Episode #5
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“Our World in Agony & Learning Discernment”

We each have a part of our soul that recognizes pure truth and can access God's guidance for the choices we must make.

Embracing Life with Betty J. Eadie...& the Afterlife
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From an interview with Art Bell, Betty talks candidly about the destruction she was shown if man continues to turn away from his Creator…As timely today as it was on 9/9/1999 and 12/12/2012
Embracing Life with Betty J. Eadie...& the Afterlife
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Daily Devotional

Sunday, March 29th

God Blesses Me with Boundless Love and Knowledge

Unconditional love and knowledge have no boundaries; there is no “how,” “who,” “if,” or “when.” I had feasted at Jesus’ feet and experienced the boundless, unconditional love of my creator, my God. Knowledge was poured into me unconditionally, and the joy that brought was beyond compare.
—The Awakening Heart - page 43

O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God!
Romans 11:33

Father, you are Unconditional Love and are therefore boundless in your grace and mercy, love and joy. Your will and your purpose for me is to become just as you are: limitless in love. Thank you for blessing me with this truth which sets me free from the boundaries established by the ignorance of mankind.

Affirmation:  Truth and love are limitless in God, and I take joy in accepting myself as limitless as well.

Warring Angel Volunteers on Earth


“…God is also gathering forces of light, forces of good, forces of love that will reveal his wonders to strengthen our faith and help us hold on to him. The heavens will open and pour upon us many miracles!…Acknowledgement, acceptance and appreciation are key to any heavenly gift. When we are open to possibilities we find that God is without boundaries, limits and limitations. His spirit transcends all.”

Read the rest of
Betty's article here.


…Heaven in all its glory
could be summed up in one word:
He is the light of creation,
the joy of all life, and above all,
the deepest love of our souls.
To embrace him
is to embrace the meaning of life
and the eternal power of God.

—The Ripple Effect, page 12

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