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My Mission & Purpose: Though Embraced By The Light chronicles my near-death experience and amazing journey into the spirit world, its main purpose is to reach hurting souls and bring greater hope & quality to life, give comfort through hardship & loss of loved ones—and to help establish direction through daily living. However, perhaps more important than anything else—its purpose is to bring to its reader the powerful message of God's unconditional and eternal love for them and the message “Above all else, love one another.”

“Compelling and infinitely reassuring, Betty's vivid account of the afterlife will give you a glimpse
of the peace and unconditional love that await us all.”

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Embraced By The Light

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Trying Times – An Opportunity to Expand Our Love!

      My Dearest Friends,

      When in the Savior's presence, his love surrounding me, I felt his enormous spirit and will never forget the sweetness of his voice. His message still rings in my ears and is ever so clear: “Above all else, love one another...“

      “Love one another,“ I thought, “Can it be that simple?“ Loving whomever and whatever was easy within the presence of Jesus where I felt love everywhere! Heaven holds nothing but love, God is love, Jesus is love; the ability to love was no challenge at all while I was in spirit form in heaven surrounded by God's everlasting beauty and love.

      Back on earth, I found loving everyone is not so simple—not so easy! The love I had for everyone and felt back from them was based upon conditions that made me feel vulnerable. Loving with all your heart can hurt, and hurt deeply. Love can seem a risky choice as resentment, jealousy, insecurity, disillusionment and disappointment are stimulated by human frailties. Yet I saw clearly—that to love and to be loved—is one of the strongest driving forces within mankind. And to choose to love, especially through such challenges, grows our spirit and our ability to love as Jesus does.

      More than ever, we must hold to and expand the love in our hearts. As clamoring and calamity increase around us, we must be greater balance by allowing God's light and love to flow through us. Jesus is the ultimate example we are to follow. He literally radiates magnificent light that is filled with knowledge and the purest of love! Just being in his presence opened my heart and mind to receive pure knowledge of all that I wanted to know while bathing in the eternal comfort of his infinite and everlasting love.

      Here on earth we are veiled from that pure knowledge we experienced while in the spirit world before coming to earth. Here on earth in our mortal lives, we are physically separated from that purest of love that is so abundant in the spirit world and so natural to our spirit because it is the reality of our heavenly home that we all came from. However, even while here on earth and in bodies of flesh, we can radiate the truths we have been given with our love to those around us.

      This requires great effort on our part, especially in the trying times that we live. Yet within our spirit we each have the seed of God's purest love that we were created from and are here to nurture and expand . . . and our world so needs. Deep within our heart we can feel truth, we can feel love, we can feel God! Make it a practice to take quiet time to be with God and search your heart for his truths that you have been given and for more that God may desire to reveal to you. You may discover more that he has in mind for you! But he will only 'knock.' We must open the door to receive what he gives. Then allow what we have been given to flow out from us to others. Even in mortal form, we can be channels of God's love and truth to others, which will then join other loving ripples becoming vessels of love God can use to heal our world.

      Start with your immediate family and those in your current living situation. Then branch out to friends, neighbors and extended family creating ripples of love that will flow through our families to our communities and on to our country and world. We can do this! We were eager to do this before coming to our mortal lives. We were shown the challenges we would face and were eager to do our part, gain the spiritual growth we would attain and complete our missions well!

      I attempt be a source of hope and encouragement as well through all I do in my ongoing work of love. Here on my homepage below you will find my note from July "In God We Trust" with a prayer that I hope you will join with your heart and add your own prayer to mine. Additionally I have included an NDE from my book The Ripple Effect. I hope you will take ten minutes and listen to this beautiful witness of God's miracles. The man who reads this NDE does an excellent job of capturing this dramatic experience.

     Thank you for your emails that give such valuable feedback of ongoing needs today. I trust God with all my heart but that is easy for me to do because of my experience with Jesus and I want to give all I can to help you, my dearest readers, find that same comfort and ability to trust that I depend on through my own challenges. We see the signs of the times that we live, yet we know that this also signals a greater outpouring of the divine through God's might, power and love to those who awaken and turn to him. May we each expand our own heart to greater love and then be a channel of heaven's strength to those around us I pray in the Savior's name, amen.




In God We Trust

       Dearest Friends,

      During this time of celebration with family and friends, let's not forget the foundation in God that our nation is built upon, nor the sacrifice of those who have contributed toward the freedom we enjoy in our lives today. Let's not become distracted from our responsibilities to maintain freedom which is a gift to all of us living in this beautiful land. I pray that we place high priority on the value of all rights of choice while remembering our inherent accountability to our children and our families, then extending to our communities, our country and our world—and each other! I pray that we not allow the gifts we enjoy to slowly become eroded and consumed by others who most certainly do not have our best interests at heart. I was shown our day in the spirit realm during my near-death experience—and I was specifically shown the opposition that would afflict families in these trying times, and that would then affect our society as a whole. May we shore up our families by strengthening our eternal bonds of love and hold to our faith in God. May we pass on to our children an understanding of the gifts we enjoy and why we celebrate Independence Day. And may we each take time to unite our hearts in prayers for our Creator's direction and of thankfulness for all our many blessings.

       Father in Heaven,

       Thank you for this land of abundance and beauty. Thank you for this great nation founded on principles of righteousness. Many have fought and lost their lives that we might enjoy freedom today, their sacrifices and those of their families are not forgotten. Thank you for blessing us with forefathers who were determined and dedicated their lives to what they believed, that future generations might be blessed. Bless the men and women who give service in our armed forces today and their families to do well and thrive. in God we trust - God Bless America!

       Father, many have forgotten why America is free and are in a quandary as to the direction of this great nation. Place your Spirit upon our leadership that they might reflect your will and the will of those they serve. Touch their hearts with the solutions that will end all strife and suffering. Hold the world leadership in the palm of your hand and guide them to make right choices—and act upon them in a way that will enable your blessings to be poured upon all your children. Bless the citizens in our great nation and all over the world to be guided to standards, choices and actions that will manifiest your blessings upon our Earth.

       Father, bless all of us with greater thankfulness for this blessed land and to do our part in the choices we make. Open our eyes to your hand in our lives that we might live in love and in gratitude for your many blessings. As we celebrate the birth of the United States of America, may we never forget that we are one nation under your divine guidance!

       Heavenly Father, may we serve you and your purposes well. I pray in the name of our beloved brother and Lord of this Earth, Jesus Christ, amen.

       Brothers and sisters, gather your children close and make sure they know they are loved. Strengthen your families by praying together, learning together, laughing together and growing together spiritually . . . and on this July 4th, celebrate our independence as a Nation, thanking God for our country, our men and women who serve, as well as all the many blessings he gives!

       With all my love,



Near Death Experiences


One Man's Visit to the Afterlife & Return

From the chapter “Near Death Experiences” of The Ripple Effect

Listen to pages 166-172 of “The Ripple Effect”
(click above to play in a new window or use the player below)

        Reports of NDEs have captured our interest and imagination because they help us to understand two things that concern us most—life and death. Many people fear death and are looking for something to ease their minds about their own inevitable passing or that of a loved one. They are searching for something to remove the uncertainty and fear of the unknown.

        The following provides some details about death. The man involved experienced his death almost as an observer at first. Then he was taken from his body before feeling the pain of death. Brought into a heavenly place, he was given information necessary for the healing of his physical body, then was sent back to mortality. God gave this man a precious gift. Although we may not know why he received it, we can be sure that there are reasons for all things. God’s purposes may be mysterious to us, but they are simple and clear to him.

I was looking forward to going hunting on the 98-acre farm that my family and I lived on. My wife had already left for work. I usually called her before going, but being in a hurry on this particular morning I didn’t.

I had about a two mile hike to my tree stand and arrived there around 10:15 am. My stand was about 20 feet high on the front side facing a thick patch of pines. The back side faced the river below and dropped off to huge boulders in the river below. I tied off my rifle to be pulled up after my climb to the top and began my upward ascent. I reached the top and positioned myself to pull my rifle up. Then without warning I heard a snap! I fell 80 feet into the river below.

I knew this was the end for me and though it was just seconds before impact, I felt as though the fall was in slow motion. Many thoughts raced through my mind. My wife, my daughter, my family, and no one knows where I am! Would I ever be found? Then, came total darkness. How long this darkness lasted I don’t know.

Then something wonderful happened! I felt myself leaving my body. I was floating a few feet in the air above the river. I looked at my body with mixed feelings. I was bleeding from my mouth, nose, ears, and saw a trickle of blood underneath me on the boulder. As I reflected on the state of my body I felt a pulling and began to rise very fast! I began traveling at a high rate of speed upwards through the atmosphere.

I looked back and could see the earth. Such a beautiful site. It was so brilliantly lit. As I looked ahead I could see the planets. I thought to myself this cannot be. Where is Jesus? I was never told anything like this could or would happen when I died.

Faster and faster the speed was increasing! I saw other star systems and galaxies as I raced onward! I entered what seemed to be a hole of some sort. It was long and dark. However around me I saw streaks of light made up of every color in the spectrum. I saw a faint light growing brighter and brighter in the distance up ahead. As I entered the light I felt it all through my being. I was not afraid anymore.

Then suddenly I was standing before a massive set of steps. They led up to what seemed to be a bridge or walk of some kind. In the distance I saw a sight so magnificent and astounding! A city made up of what seemed to be glass or crystal. The lights were of many colors that radiated from it. Never have I ever seen such a sight. I began walking toward the city in a daze of unbelief. So many questions raced through my mind. I had to know where I was. What was happening to me?

I reached the front of the city and saw a double door that looked to be about thirty feet or so in height and width. It shined as if it was polished. As I stood there wondering, the doors began to open. I took a step back and looked inside. I could see what appeared to be people walking about on the inside, much like they do in a mall here on earth. These people though were dressed very different. For one thing they all seemed to be dressed in some sort of robes with hoods.

I entered through the doors in amazement at what I was seeing! The inside was massive. It seemed to be square in shape, with a balcony all around that led down to different levels. I walked up and looked downward over the balcony. It seemed to go on forever. When I looked up, I saw many people passing by me, yet no one seemed to notice me. Then one approached me and suddenly stopped. He slowly raised his head and I could see his face.

He appeared to be human in every respect but one. His eyes. He had no pupils. Yet they seemed to change colors in shades of blue. His hair was snow white. I wanted to speak but before I could he turned and pointed to a long hallway. Though we never spoke I knew I was to go down this hallway. Then as if nothing had ever happened, he continued on. Something beckoned me forward. I walked a long way down to the end of this hallway. I did not turn to the right or the left; I only went straight ahead. I knew somehow that my questions were about to be answered.

Again I saw before me a massive double door. It seemed to be of some type of metal—whether gold or not I could not tell. Suddenly the doors opened. I heard a voice, though not as we speak, but from inside of me; it seemed to say, “enter.” I did as I was told and the doors shut suddenly behind me! I was afraid for the first time. Total darkness. Total silence.

Then after a space of time the length of which I could not determine, a bright light began to glow in the room. Brighter and brighter it became. It was somewhat above me and in front of me. I tried to look but was almost blinded from it. I held my hands up in front of me and could make out the appearance of a figure sitting on some type of seat.

Then without warning it happened!

“What have you done with your life?” The voice penetrated my very being. I had no answer.

To my right I saw what seemed like a movie, and I was in it. I saw my mother giving me birth, my childhood and friends. I saw everything from my youth up. I saw everything I had ever done pass before my eyes! As my life played out before me I tried to think of good things I had done. I was raised in church and had been very active in church functions, yet as I pondered on this I saw a man in his car that had run out of gas. I had stopped and given him a lift to a local store, and bought him some gas because he had no money. I thought to myself, why am I seeing this?

The voice was loud and clear. “You took no thought in helping this soul and asked nothing in return. These actions are the essence of good!”

I saw all the people I had hurt as well and was shown how my actions had set in motion the actions of others. I was stunned! I had never thought of my life having an effect on the actions that friends, family, and others I had met would take. I saw the results of all I had done. I was not pleased at all.

I looked on until the events came to an end. Indeed I had done so little with my life! I had been selfish and cruel in so many ways. I was truly sorry that I had done so little.

Then again loud and clear I heard the voice speak again. “You must return!”

I did not want to return though. I was content to stay and longed to stay even after the things I had seen and heard. “I have so many questions,” I replied, “things I need to know but don’t understand.”

“You must return and help others to change by changing your life. Physicians will want to perform surgery on you. Do not let this happen! If you do, you will never walk again. You will be visited by one who will bring you answers to the questions you have. When I call, you will come again. You will recover from all that has happened if you do these things. Look and see what lies ahead!”

I turned and saw the earth in a turmoil! Wars and death, terrible sights! Cities fell and new ones were built! I saw the United States and a volcano exploding covering many cities in darkness! I looked on and saw the collapse of our government as we know it. People killing for food and water, horrible sights! I saw what seemed to be a giant explosion in the earth’s atmosphere and much land was destroyed! I looked on and saw a new type of people, younger and of a peaceful nature. The cities were few that were left, but these people seemed to be content.

“It is time for you to go,” I heard again! I wanted to see more but the doors opened and I felt myself almost being carried down the hallway. I passed through the doors of the city and felt myself shooting through this hole I had come through. Faster I went, unable to stop! I entered the atmosphere of earth and saw the river below. I saw my body still lying there motionless!

Then it was like an electric shock so tremendous I felt my body jump! I opened my eyes and saw the trees above and the skyline. Then, Oh God, the pain! I was struggling for every breath, choking on my own blood.

I managed to roll onto my stomach. This pain was all I could bear. I looked at the sky and saw that the sun was lower than I remembered. I looked at my watch. It was 5:30! My only thoughts were how could I get help. I noticed my rifle was not far from me, still attached to the rope I had tied around my waist. I began pulling it toward me. I managed to grab hold of the barrel and pulled it up to me. I fired a shot about every ten minutes hoping someone would come.

It was getting late and I knew I would not make it much longer, so I began crawling on my stomach, pulling myself with the stock of my rifle. I managed to crawl up a trail that ran down to the river. It was thick with brush and briar patches. As I crawled I became tired and wanted to give up, the pain was so great I passed out many times. I knew though I had to make it, at least to where I could be found—I hoped! Finally, I saw the road that I lived on, and I could hear sounds in the distance.

“Yes, thank you, God,” I thought to myself. I began a feeble cry for help, but being too exhausted I just lay there in the road.

My father-in-law was returning from work and found me lying there. “It’s all right,” I heard him say, “help is on the way.”

That was the last I remembered until I saw the lights inside the ER. A doctor stood at my feet.

“Can you feel this?” he said.

“Feel what?” I asked. He had been sticking my feet and legs. I was paralyzed.

“We cannot help you here son,” he said. “We are sending you by ambulance to a hospital that will be able to handle your injuries.”

Whether from the pain or medication I went out like a light, until the next afternoon I awoke to find two doctors standing at the foot of my hospital bed. They introduced themselves as my attending physicians and proceeded to explain to me I must undergo surgery at once. The broken bones in my back were putting pressure on my spinal nerve causing paralysis.

Then I heard the warning I had heard before: “Do not let them perform surgery, or you will never walk again!”

I understood completely, but knew they would not. I told them I must see my wife and daughter first.

My wife arrived with my daughter shortly after the doctor’s visit. I told her what they had said. She advised me I must realize they were doing what was necessary to help me. I did not know how to tell her what I had experienced. I told her it was my “belief” that I should not be operated on. Although she disagreed, she honored my wishes.

When the doctors returned and I told them of my decision, they were very upset. I listened to lecture after lecture.

“OK,” one of them said, “if you never want to walk again that’s up to you!” Then they left.

That night I lay upon my bed and wept sorely. Was I insane? What was I doing?

A light began to fill my room. “You will be well,” I heard a voice say. Then it was gone. I composed myself and dosed off to sleep.

Months passed, then one morning I felt a tingling in my feet. I was overcome with joy! I told the nurse I wanted to get up and walk. She stared at me and said, “We’ll see, we’ll see.” I knew I was healed without a doubt.

The nurse put a call into my doctor and the next morning he stopped by. “So you think you can walk?” he said.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Well, we will see.”

A few hours later I was taken down to the physical therapy room. They carried me down and raised me up to a vertical position. The nurse helped me in front of a set of parallel bars. I gripped the bars and placed my feet firmly on the floor. One step. Two steps.

“My God, he’s walking!” the nurse said to the other nurse who had brought me down.

The next few days were hard. I took many trips to physical therapy and had numerous X-rays done per my doctor’s orders. My wife and family were all amazed, yet, I knew! I had been told! The rest had to be true as well.

My doctor was more amazed when he found no bones pressing on my spinal nerve. I quote him: “This is not normal. It seems a higher power has done for you what we were going to try and correct with surgery. I have never seen anything like this before.”

Since that day my life has changed and I have been able to help others in ways I never dreamed. I wanted to share this, as it is what has led me onward in My Quest for Truth!

        The power of our Creator confounds the wise and opens the hearts and minds of those willing to receive his truth. He comforts us with the knowledge that he is in direct contact with us, even when things appear bleak. He prepares us for our future, and he loves us so much that he will not allow us to experience more than we can bear. “O death, where is thy sting?” (1 Corinthians 15:55)


Peace on Earth



God bless you and thank you for visiting my website.
I hope you enjoy the many pages created for you.

I love you,







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honoring Embraced
God's unconditional love
"Hi dear nice betty. I readed books and it changed my sight to life and dead. Hereafter I don't scare from dead and I optimize life. And I transfer my instruction to other people."
[Ayoub, Persian-Kangan]

"Betty you are awesome!!! Its time you make your movie I hope you will consider it. Your books have reached so many souls that needed you here in mortality and I know a movie will reach so many more! Prayers and love to you!!"

"You have given my prayers substance and joy. Thank you for your wonderful book."
[Edinburgh, Scotland]

"the best book i've ever read. it touches my heart and enlightens my soul."
[Dubai, United Arab Emirates]

"Dearest Betty, I have read your book many times. It has touched me profoundly. I embrace you."
[Milan, Italy]

"Many times I come to your website for peace. Your story has filled my spirit with calmness and acceptance, thank you so much for being here and reminding us of the love that surrounds us."
[Washington, USA]

"I'm a 29-year-old guy living in Iran. I read your book in Persian 3 years ago several times and gave it to many friends. We were so attracted by it. Although believing in hereafter and permanent life in Heaven is a basic belief in Islam but Embraced by the Light made this belief in me stronger than ever. Thanks a millions!"
[Kashan, Iran]

"Betty! I knew all what you speedboat you touched my soul and brought out my positive thoughts and all good....God bless you and your family."
[Metkovic, Croatia]

"These teenage years of my life seemed almost too much to handle until your book gave me such hope and joy and guidance. It's made such an impact. I feel so blessed to finally learn the answers I've been searching for. My life has meaning now and I'm determined to live life to its fullest—to learn, grow, and love.Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
[Florida, USA]

"I am very encouraged by your book. I read it at least 5 times! Because there are too much holy secrets in it and I can't get them all at once. Recently I had many trials. Then I think God send me your book to encourage me. I am really lucky to know it while I am alive in this world. Thank you! I really need it."
[Yokohama, Japan]

"God has a way of reaching out to us. While in the bookstore my eyes caught your book and at that instance my mind keep bugging me to buy it without really knowing the content. Reading it changed my outlook of life a lot. Thanks for sharing with us."
[Cebu, Philippines]

"You have given my prayers substance and joy. Thank you for your wonderful book."
[Edinburgh, Scotland]

"I'm 16 years old, and i just want to say thank you for writing down your experiences with God. Thanks to you, I found God and now I’m part of a church youth group with lots of amazing people. Thank you! I love you Betty."
[Den Haag, Holland]

"the best book i,ve ever read. it touches my heart and enlightens my soul."
[Dubai, United Arab Emirates]

"I am 57 years old and just lost my mom to death and my brother as well and my father is also gone. I feel lonely and scared sometimes but thinking of your testimony gives me hope. I was wondering if your books are available in ebook format so that I can listen to it on my mp3 player. God bless and thank you."
[Missouri, USA]

"I just finished reading your book "Embraced by the light" and I really would like to thank you for your wonderful life story. It really touched my heart and the thoughts that I always had about the other world and the way I believe life is all about."

Years ago, the hands of the god directed me straight to your first book within thousands of books when I was in a book store, thought I had absolutely no information about it being translated or printed. Since the words are not good carriers for the senses, I can't say anything about my feeling when I finished the book. Boundless infinite Love, wet eyes, and health... I passed the book to several of my friends, basically the spiritual ones. For me, the book is "downloaded" directly from the god, via a medium, one of his "selected" creatures.
[Tehran, Iran]

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Daily Devotional

Sunday, October 4th

I Open My Heart to All Who Seek God

As our spiritual awareness grows, we must not condemn others who worship differently…After all, most of us will experience several religions in our search for truth. At each stop we may discover new truths, new opportunities. Then, if we have grown sufficiently, we may become restless again and open ourselves to yet greater truths.
—The Ripple Effect - pages 115-116

And John answered him, saying, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name, and he followed not us: and we forbad him, because he followed not us. But Jesus said, Forbid him not: for there is no man which shall do a miracle in my name, that can lightly speak evil of me. For he that is not against us is on our part.
Mark 9:38-40

Father, as I search for greater truth and understanding, help me not to condemn others for their belief. Bless me to honor my commitment to you and lead through example, not by condemnation and reproach.

Affirmation:  I respect and honor the many ways others worship the Creator.


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“The miracle of Lazarus became a reminder of eternal life, which God promised all who live in him. In speaking with Martha, Lazarus' sister, Christ hinted at this greater miracle: "I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die." (John 11:25-6) This is the great secret, the great miracle, the great truth. Real life does not exist in the body, but in the Spirit…”

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