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Above All Else Love One Another

My Mission & Purpose: Though Embraced By The Light chronicles my near-death experience and amazing journey into the spirit world, its main purpose is to reach hurting souls and bring greater hope & quality to life, give comfort through hardship & loss of loved ones—and to help establish direction through daily living. However, perhaps more important than anything else—its purpose is to bring to its reader the powerful message of God's unconditional and eternal love for them and the message “Above all else, love one another.”

“Compelling and infinitely reassuring, Betty's vivid account of the afterlife will give you a glimpse of the peace and unconditional love that await us all.”

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God's Tiny Miracles

A stray Siamese cat helps Patty learn that the Lord is mindful of us, not only of our needs, but the inner concerns of our heart as well.

"Such is our Lord, he is merciful and heals!" writes S.P. from India after praying for his mom who needed a risky surgery.

H.R. shares a miracle of an answer to prayer that led to discovering the comfort of the Psalms, "If God had answered my prayer right away the way I wanted, I wouldn't have gotten this close to God."

Rashidul shares a witness of the power of prayer that shocked the doctor when sudden healing occured without any medical explanation.

Heavenly Encounters

“Flatlining - Over and Over”

“When on the other side of life I saw a beautiful pulsating orb of golden light that I took for the essence of all that is good and pure because it emanated perfect peace and love.”
Read Alan's dramatic experience of moving between his physical body and the afterlife while being resuscitated for three hours.


Acts of Kindness

“I felt like I had looked
into the eyes of Jesus”

While waiting in the car, Margie seizes a moment of opportunity to bless a homeless man and receives a special gift to feel Christ's love in the man's eyes.

Mother's Prayers

“I know God listens, he knows what is in our hearts.” writes H. J. Wheeler. Read God's unexpected answer to this mother's prayer.

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Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven. Matthew 5:16

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The Message of God's Love
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Embraced By The Light

Embraced By The Light


The Awakening Heart
The Awakening Heart - My Continuing Journey to Love


The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect - Our Harvest


Embraced By The Light Prayers & Devotions for Daily Living
Prayers & Devotions for Daily Living


The Soul's Remembrance
The Soul's

Earth is not
our home

by Roy Mills

“Maniilaq - Prophet from the Edge of Nowhere”

by Steven B. Terry & Jill K. Anderson


count your blessings

Gratitude Keeps Me Close to God

There is magic in gratitude.
It frees us from worry
and competition in life.
It opens our hearts and hands
to genuine love,
ironically allowing our
hearts and hands to be filled again.

—The Ripple Effect, page 30



Celebrating 41 Years of God's Miracle In My Life

       Dearest Friends,

       November 18th marks the anniversary of my NDE and visit to the spirit world where I met Jesus, loved ones dear and was taught about our heavenly home with God and our eternal lives.

       It never grows old for me to recall even a single minute of my journey into heaven. My heart still swells with love each time I remember the love I was given there, and I often fondly think of the hosts of angels who sang to me and wonder if they look over me with interest in "what on earth is she doing!"

       My heart and soul work together to keep “Embraced” alive and available, in one way or another, to those searching for meaning in their life and greater understanding of the afterlife with God. Sharing the message of God's love is my life's work—it is my joy and my love. I stand amazed every time I see God's use of Embraced By The Light for the betterment of his children.

       Today, while reflecting upon the mile-marker this day signals in my heart, I could not help but fill with wonder at God's Miracle of “Embraced” that has touched the lives of so many—but particularly the miracle it has been in my own life! My experience completely changed me in every way. And then being returned to mortality, to being confined in the flesh again, to being taken away from the beauty and love that fill heaven and we can only begin to glimpse here on this earth—was an adjustment when I returned to this world that caused deep anxiety and depression to the point of fearing for my very soul. There was no one I could talk to that could help me assimilate my new knowledge; no clergy, no ministers, no friends or person could understand. And I think this is what Jesus wanted—so that I would cling only to him! He kept me close and often I was taken back to the angels singing to me and feeling their love—which helped me endure the terrible loneliness and destructive forces wrought upon me through my being returned to this earth. Darkness threatened to swallow me and "Embraced" is the miracle that got me through as I literally clung to Jesus and his promise that I would return to where I had been—with him, in my true home in heaven.

       Beholding the Savior's presence, embracing him and being filled with his magnificent love and brilliant light, was the greatest miracle of my life! Yet I knew I had been saved in his love and forgiven through his grace—which are free gifts to everyone who will receive them because they cover all God's children. But then being returned to this world that felt loveless to me, and being able to adjust through my many changes, was a great miracle as well. The conflicting energy of my old ideas that now were being replaced with pure truth was a great challenge to reconcile between my mind and heart. I had been freed from my hell that came from previous beliefs, but now I didn't know what to do with this new freedom. Before my visit to the afterlife, I had feared death and being consumed with fire and brimstone—after my visit to heaven, I no longer had a god to fear…I had a Heavenly Father to love.

       I was often taken back to my experience, to the beautiful garden and the angels who had tended me and sung to me. I recounted my experience hourly, minute by minute some days, to help me through and I held to Jesus each moment with all my heart, might and soul. And there is a song I used to close my eyes and visualize as I soaked up the words that helped me feel the miracle of my life and experience with Jesus, of God's love for me, of the Creators wondrous creations and endless love for us all. This song was a constant reminder that all this—my life, my visit to the spirit world and my mission for God here on earth—all were God's great miracle! …And I can trust that and lean on his strength …because after all, it was God who also created the heavens and put the stars in place…

It Took a Miracle

Words & Music by John W. Peterson. Sung by Carroll Roberson.

To listen while reading click here
or use the player below

My Father is omnipotent,
And that you can't deny;
A God of might and miracles-
'Tis written in the sky.

It took a miracle to put the stars in place,
It took a miracle to hang the world in space;
But when He saved my soul,
Cleansed and made me whole,
It took a miracle of love and grace!

Though here His glory has been shown,
We still can't fully see
The wonders of His might, His throne-
'Twill take eternity.

The Bible tells us of His power
And wisdom all way through,
And every little bird and flower
Are testimonies too.

       We all have his love and forgiveness, the miracle is in accepting those gifts. “Embraced” is a miracle that was done in me and I thank God for this precious gift every day! And I pray only to do his will each day as I humbly and thankfully serve his great work of love.

       Thank you for your love and prayers these many years. The message of God's eternal love is so important! I stand in awe as I see his loving protection over the work he gave me to do—and, as his spirit wills it through his eternal love and truths, Embraced By The Light will continue to awaken more and more of the Heavenly Father's precious children to his unconditional love.

     In his eternal love,



       From September:

“Personal Moments in the Presence of God”

–the power of communication with our Father in Heaven

       I appreciate all who are praying for our world and know many of you join me in surrounding our world with as much love as we can! Our prayers do make a difference in our world and the lives of those we pray for. We can pour our heart out prayerfully for our families as well, strengthening them and our eternal bonds of love. We create loving ripples when we pray for others, whether they be those who are close to us or someone we encounter as we move through our lives each day. Yet if we have not tended to our personal relationship with God, our ability to help others is lacking our full capacity—and especially when it comes to our loved ones, we want to be able to implore the Lord mightily on their behalf. When that sudden emergency happens or a certain situation appears bleak—there is always something we can do—we can pray! And when unable to physically be with someone very close in our heart who is suffering, how grateful we are to be able to send them our love by praying for them. At such times, what a blessing it is to know that our prayers are heard, answered and bless those we pray for.

       I have a large and extended family and so have found myself incredibly thankful for the gift of prayer through many emergencies and challenging events with loved ones dear. Recently, I found out that my sister's health had taken a turn for the worse and that even on morphine, she was suffering terrible pain. My heart yearned to rush to her, however, I currently have responsibilities that prevent me from doing so. I reassured her that I would come to her as soon as I could and that I was praying for her, that the whole family was praying for her and that I would have my WAVE angels pray for her as well. How grateful I felt to be able to make such full use of prayer!

       This morning my sister called me very excited and said, “Betty, I don't have any pain! What's happened to me?”—and I promptly told her, “That's the power of prayer!” She had fallen asleep before taking her pain medication and somehow slept through the night. Upon waking up she was surprised it was morning and felt inside her pocket. Sure enough, her dose of medicine was still there. She expected to be in so much pain that she would not be able to get out of bed. Instead, she was pain free and able to get up and accomplish some activities that she had not been able to do through the physical trauma she had been experiencing. She quizzed me insistently wanting to know what could have happened and I responded to her, “Accept the gift! Who knows what tomorrow will bring? God has blessed you today—rejoice in his gift and follow your heart.” I thought of the scripture from Psalms 118:24, “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

       It is in our connection with God's spirit that we can find comfort in troubled times and help others do the same. Through our Heavenly Father's presence and influence in our lives, our steps will be guided and we will feel the gift of discernment more clearly in the choices we make. As we take the time to pray, to quiet ourselves and invite God's intervention into our lives, we can feel his presence and connect with our own spirit that is within our own heart and is always connected to its Creator.

power of prayer       Here on earth, communicating with God is a two-way street that requires both desire and effort on our part to connect with him. And we can be certain that God will do his part in answering our prayers but he has promised us, with our agreement before coming to earth, that he won't intervene in our lives without our invitation. Through prayer, we invite him into our lives and build a personal connection to him that will lift us and strengthen us throughout our mortal lives.

       While in God's presence during my near-death experience, our communication just flowed with a oneness that was effortless on my part. But then I came back to earth with the knowing that this was not my true home and I yearned for that closeness to God that came so easily while in Christ's presence. Here on earth I felt separate from him and found mortal language limiting, yet I knew I had to learn how to use the gift of prayer and wanted to do so more fully than I had before my experience. I remembered that while in the spirit world, I could look in on the earth...just as I might look into another room. Conversations on earth are heard in heaven and understood regardless of language. The Spirit speaks a universal language, deeper and more powerful than voice. It communicates accurately and clearly, piercing through ignorance or false understandings while recognizing each person's true desires.

       It is our desires, not the wording or form we use, that provides the energy that makes our prayers effective. Though we can never learn too much about prayer, one does not need to sign up for a course of study or even have much experience with prayer to be able to pray powerfully. All that is required is the desire to connect with our Creator. With true desire, our prayers not only ascend to heaven, but they nurture us as well. They take form as an energy that if visible would be seen to add light to our presence or the aura that radiates around us. Our souls literally glow brighter in prayer as our spirits communicate with the Father of our spirit; it is through prayer that we bring life to our very soul.

       Any form of prayer is a personal moment in the presence of God. Christ encouraged his followers to pray without ceasing, meaning our hearts should always be in communication with God. Our thoughts can be prayers too so that whatever our physical circumstance, our soul can be on its knees in prayer. Through prayer, we are reminded of who we are and where we are going—and what God would have us do. By listening for God's answers to our prayers, we can learn the language of the Spirit and grow toward greater attunement with his will . . . but before we can listen . . . we first must invite.

     In his eternal love,



You Say — God Says

Help when feeling helpless.

You say: “It's impossible”
God says: —All things are possible.”

(Matthew 17:20, Luke 1:37, 18:27)

You say: “I'm too tired”
God says: “I will give you rest.”

(Matthew 11:28-30)

You say: “Nobody really loves me”
God says: “I love you!”

(John 3:16, 15:9, Romans 8:39, I John 3:16 )

You say: “I can't go on”
God says: “My grace is sufficient.”

(II Corinthians 12:9 & Psalm 91:15)

You say: “I can't figure things out”
God says: “I will direct your steps.”

(Proverbs 3:5- 6)

You say: “I can't do it”
God says: “You can do all things!”

( Philippians 4:13)

You say: “I'm not able”
God says: “I am able.”

(II Corinthians 9:8)

You say: “It's not worth it”
God says: “It will be worth it!”

(John 4:36, Roman 8:28, Galatians 6:8)

You say: “I can't forgive my self”
God says: “I Forgive you!”

(Romans 8:1, I John 1:9, Isaiah 1:18)

You say: “I can't manage”
God says: “I will supply all your needs.”

( Matthew 6:31-33, Philippians 4:19)

You say: “I'm afraid”
God says: “I have not given you a spirit of fear.”

(II Timothy 1:7, John 14:27)

You say: “I'm always worried and frustrated”
God says: “Cast all your cares on me!”

(I Peter 5: 7)

You say: “I'm not smart enough”
God says: “I give you wisdom.”

(I Corinthians 1:30)

You say: “I feel all alone”
God says: “I will never leave you or forsake you!”

(Hebrews 13:5, Psalm 23)

Favorite Quotes

Ask. Seek. Knock . . . With Desire!

Betty reads from The Awakening Heart
(click above to play)

garden water fall        Help finally came the day I was led to open my Bible to four specific verses. The first was Proverbs 16:3: “Commit thy work unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.” During my experience, I had learned that our thoughts create our lives. Knowing this, I had tried to change my thoughts, but that had not worked. I could not concentrate long enough to do it.

       I was then led to Matthew 6:33: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” I had also been shown that the kingdom of God was within us, and that we are the temples of God and he dwells there when we let him. I had also witnessed that God is love, and I knew that without love in my heart—not just for others, but for myself—I was lost....

       The final two verses were Matthew 7:7-8: “Ask, and it shall be given you: seek and ye shall find: knock and it shall be opened unto you. For everyone that asketh receiveth: and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”

       These verses confirmed what I already knew, what I had seen, but now I understood that in my misery I had lost my faith in God. I remembered I had been told knowledge comes before faith, and while it was clear that I had knowledge of his existence, had even experienced his presence, I realized now that I had not internalized it, made it a part of me.

       Ask? I had done that, but I hadn't been focused enough to know what to ask for. And though I had asked for help, I had not been open to receive it until I let go of my ego and allowed God to guide me to the answers, as he did now. I had been blind before, shielding my eyes from everything except me and my self-pity.

       Ask. Seek. Knock. These are action words of faith. But before any of these could be applied, I had to have desire as my driving force. I had that now, and I knew that my continued journey would require a powerful faith, in God, in me, and in the world that surrounds me.
—The Awakening Heart, pages 30-31


God bless you and thank you for visiting my website.
I hope you enjoy the many pages created for you.

I love you,





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honoring Embraced
"Hi dear nice betty. I readed books and it changed my sight to life and dead. Hereafter I don't scare from dead and I optimize life. And I transfer my instruction to other people."
[Ayoub, Persian-Kangan]

"Betty you are awesome!!! Its time you make your movie I hope you will consider it. Your books have reached so many souls that needed you here in mortality and I know a movie will reach so many more! Prayers and love to you!!"

"You have given my prayers substance and joy. Thank you for your wonderful book."
[Edinburgh, Scotland]

"the best book i've ever read. it touches my heart and enlightens my soul."
[Dubai, United Arab Emirates]

"Dearest Betty, I have read your book many times. It has touched me profoundly. I embrace you."
[Milan, Italy]

"I'm a 29-year-old guy living in Iran. I read your book in Persian 3 years ago several times and gave it to many friends. We were so attracted by it. Although believing in hereafter and permanent life in Heaven is a basic belief in Islam but Embraced by the Light made this belief in me stronger than ever. Thanks a millions!"
[Kashan, Iran]

"Betty! I knew all what you speedboat you touched my soul and brought out my positive thoughts and all good....God bless you and your family."
[Metkovic, Croatia]

"These teenage years of my life seemed almost too much to handle until your book gave me such hope and joy and guidance. It's made such an impact. I feel so blessed to finally learn the answers I've been searching for. My life has meaning now and I'm determined to live life to its fullest—to learn, grow, and love.Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
[Florida, USA]

"I am very encouraged by your book. I read it at least 5 times! Because there are too much holy secrets in it and I can't get them all at once. Recently I had many trials. Then I think God send me your book to encourage me. I am really lucky to know it while I am alive in this world. Thank you! I really need it."
[Yokohama, Japan]

"God has a way of reaching out to us. While in the bookstore my eyes caught your book and at that instance my mind keep bugging me to buy it without really knowing the content. Reading it changed my outlook of life a lot. Thanks for sharing with us."
[Cebu, Philippines]

"You have given my prayers substance and joy. Thank you for your wonderful book."
[Edinburgh, Scotland]

"I'm 16 years old, and i just want to say thank you for writing down your experiences with God. Thanks to you, I found God and now I’m part of a church youth group with lots of amazing people. Thank you! I love you Betty."
[Den Haag, Holland]

"the best book i,ve ever read. it touches my heart and enlightens my soul."
[Dubai, United Arab Emirates]

"I am 57 years old and just lost my mom to death and my brother as well and my father is also gone. I feel lonely and scared sometimes but thinking of your testimony gives me hope. I was wondering if your books are available in ebook format so that I can listen to it on my mp3 player. God bless and thank you."
[Missouri, USA]

"I just finished reading your book "Embraced by the light" and I really would like to thank you for your wonderful life story. It really touched my heart and the thoughts that I always had about the other world and the way I believe life is all about."

Years ago, the hands of the god directed me straight to your first book within thousands of books when I was in a book store, thought I had absolutely no information about it being translated or printed. Since the words are not good carriers for the senses, I can't say anything about my feeling when I finished the book. Boundless infinite Love, wet eyes, and health... I passed the book to several of my friends, basically the spiritual ones. For me, the book is "downloaded" directly from the god, via a medium, one of his "selected" creatures.
[Tehran, Iran]

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“Our World in Agony & Learning Discernment”

We each have a part of our soul that recognizes pure truth and can access God's guidance for the choices we must make.

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Daily Devotional

Thursday, November 27th

Life Force from God Energizes All That Is Created

In every moment of our existence we tap into the energies surrounding us. We acquire the energy of plants as we eat them, smell them, feel them, wear them. We acquire the energy of animals in the same ways. We exchange energy with other individuals as we interact with them, touch them, hear them, look at them, even by reading their words.
—The Ripple Effect - page 73

It is good and comely for one to eat and to drink, and to enjoy the good of all his labour that he taketh under the sun all the days of his life, which God giveth him: for it is his portion.
Ecclesiastes 5:18

Father, thank you for the many forms of life you have created. Plants and trees produce food and medicine and blanket the earth with their wondrous beauty and fragrance. You also blessed us with animals and birds; some to clothe our bodies and cover our feet, some as food, and others as loving companions whose spiritual energy and intelligence is seen in their eyes and felt through their spirits.

Affirmation:  My Creator’s vital energy flows to me from all his creation.

Warring Angel Volunteers on Earth

For WAVES old and young, far and near, seasoned & new . . . I hope you will read this edition of the
WAVES Newsletter
and share in the gift of love we experienced at this year's WAVES Gathering.

May you draw insight and encouragement to help you on your life's journey from what was shared with the WAVES.

God bless you in all your good works!


“Though I had been shown during my near-death experience, that I had been given all I needed to complete God's purposes for me, I could not help but feel a sense of heavy responsibility that I would bear when I returned to earth. And so I asked Jesus how I could fulfill my mission and he said to me, "Acquiesce to the Father's will." I find it interesting that Jesus used a word that he knew I would have to look up in the dictionary and make an ongoing investment of time and effort to fully understand—which would lead me to internalize his direction in my heart. He is the Master Teacher and our greatest teacher of all!…”



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“Genocide, Holocaust & Discrimination”

“Lost Children - Shattered Families”

“Current State of Awakening”

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Betty praying with Ogligle
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