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Betty's "Ogligle" Channel Trailer for YouTube:

“What Happens When You Die? Death is a rebirth - Embraced By The Light”



Jesus, Demons, Reincarnation, and her NDE - Betty J Eadie talks

Art Bell interviews Betty for his radio show that originally aired on 9/9/99

1 hour & 47 minutes

Betty covers many topics, some quite controversial. If you have not heard this interview before, this is one you will want to make the time to listen to the full one hour and 47 minutes.


Our World in Agony

(1 of 5 video clips)

A rare opportunity to hear Betty talk about the current state of our world, our families and the dysfunction that has been passed down, childhood abuse and what we are passing to our children...and how all can be healed with love, to even reverse the negativity that surrounds us today.

Betty also shares much of her NDE, her visit in the heavenly garden, meeting Jesus, the "heavenly place" and more.


The Other Side

(1 of 4 video clips)

Dr. Will Miller interviews Betty on his show.


The Message of God's Love

Take 45 seconds to join Betty in her committment to carry the message of God's love.


5 short clips from the June 2012
Seattle IANDS 30th
Anniversary Celebration
Guest Speaker: Betty J. Eadie

Love Begins with One's Self - Becoming a Vessel of Love

"The Ripple begins with me," our ability to love begins with ourselves and this earth is a classroom to learn to love.

Betty Eadie's NDE - Does nagging go beyond the grave?

Betty shares portions of her NDE, what it was like to die, her spirit going home and visiting her family, meeting Jesus, the garden and waterfall and what she was taught about hell.
We Each Have a Mission: To Learn to Love

Learning to love others is a mission that we all share, though some can be difficult to love.
Betty's Native Dress

In her second book “The Awakening Heart,” Betty recounts what led her to wearing a Native Dress. But it was months of wearing it before she learned its true meaning—and it wasn't what she thought.
Internalization: How We Learn & Grow Spiritually

It is through overcoming resistance that our spiritual muscles are strengthened, and as we pass on what we've been given, we open the way to receive more.



Pastor Yusef Weston

The African American Spiritual Awareness Crusade Community Church, AASAC, is a small but growing church in Columbus, Ohio. Pastor Yusef Weston was a dynamic man who cared passionately about the community and diligently sought the fullness of God's truth. His congregation used Embraced by the Light as one of their most important teaching tools. This video is a small clip of Pastor Weston's part in the "Ten Year Celebration of Embraced By The light."



Betty J. Eadie with Cathy Lee Crosby -- Embraced By The Light TV Special

Inspirational author, Betty J. Eadie's amazing book "Embraced By The Light" is the #1 N. Y. Times Best selling true story about one woman's incredible near-death experience. This segment of her 2001 television program "Embraced By The Light" features Betty J. Eadie, actress Cathy Lee Crosby, Christian Andréason -- and an incredibly touching story about a beautiful young girl who was greatly touched by Embraced By The Light prior to her sudden and unexpected passing.

( has been discontinued)



Betty J. Eadie's Husband Joe Speaks Out
Part 2

Hear Bettys husband Joe speak publicly for the first time about Bettys near death experience and what it was like for him as she wrote Embraced By The Light.

Joe gives his own witness of Betty's work of love. He shares what it was like to listen to his wife speak publicly the first time and the loving spell-bound response of those listening.



Betty J. Eadie's Husband Joe Speaks Out
Part 1

Hear Bettys husband Joe speak publicly for the first time about Bettys near death experience and what it was like for him as she wrote Embraced By The Light.

Joe talks about Betty and their family. He shares some of the challenges Betty experienced being a messenger of God and the changes in their family after her near-death experience.



Near Death Experiences - Coming Back From The Light

Interviews with Elaine Durham and Betty J. Eadie and commentary on NDEs cross-culturally.




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