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W.A.V.E.S Newsletter

Read Betty's Article, and her vision for WAVES

“...You are the brother or sister of Jesus Christ. They wait on the other side for us, with angels who cheer us on to live our life on this earth and to live it gloriously and divinely. That is what you are to remember! Allow your spirit to rejoice in this knowledge. There is nothing on this earth for you to fear...”
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My Continuing Journey to Love

by Betty J. Eadie

The Awakening HeartBetty J. Eadie takes us to new levels of spiritual development, addressing many of the concerns that those who have struggled are familiar with. Betty shares with the reader how she healed from her own depression and despair of returning to this world and how she overcame her fears and challenges, learning to lean upon God. She shares from her own heart how she made the miraculous transformation of her own soul, becoming ready to write Embraced By The Light, speak to thousands and truly live her life in God’s service.

Betty expands on the invaluable knowledge she was taught during her NDE, giving us even greater insight into the importance of expanding our own hearts to greater love. She shows us by sharing her own experience of how following these truths can affect and uplift every aspect of our daily lives. Betty's message of love is elemental: as we give of ourselves and serve others, we grow spiritually.

The Awakening Heart is an exciting inner adventure and a moving personal quest that will awaken your own heart. As you feel Betty’s heart in her struggles and triumphs, you will find your own heart opening to greater love, giving added light to your own spiritual paths, and infinitely strengthening your ability to love and be loved.

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Announcing Betty's Fourth Podcast Episode


“Our Pre-earth Spirit World Existence”

Roy & Betty A special one-hour episode
presenting an interview with
Roy Mills, author of
“The Soul's Remembrance”

Listen to Roy Mills talk about his pre-birth memories during the first half-hour. Then listen to Betty and her son Jeff discuss their thoughts, insights and feelings about this wonderful and reassuring book, “The Soul's Remembrance.”
Embracing Life

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You are a vital part of my show and your responses and comments have been tremendously supportive and inspiring to me. God bless you!
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“The Soul's Remembrance”
Earth is not our home

by Roy Mills

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Roy Mills' incredible memories of life before birth.

The Soul's Remembrance“A Must Read at whatever level you are... This book is Roy's mission. It had a time. That time is now.” —Betty J. Eadie 

Earth is not our home. And Roy Mills knows it. He remembers time and life before birth and shares what he remembers in this, his first book. Roy writes with amazing intimacy and detail and explains that he was given the mission to share his memories that others might learn about their true home with God. 

The Soul's Remembrance  relates moments during Roy Mill's heavenly and earthly life that taught him the true worth of souls. He knows the power of God to redeem us. He is familiar with the reality of heavenly messengers sent to reassure and assist us in our life's journey. He encourages us toward patience and graciousness through life's difficulties and answers some of the most profound questions of our time: Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here?  and—Where am I going? The answer to the latter is that we're going back home—to our true home—a place Roy Mills remembers well. 

Learn of extraordinary angels, magnificent buildings, and the beautiful light, sights and sounds of the pre-birth realm—and most of all, the loving care with which each of us were prepared before coming to our mortal lives on this earth. A moving and inspiring personal account of one man's extraordinary memories of the pre-birth existence—the life in Heaven before physical birth in this world.


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Betty's Note

“When God moves in our lives, he uses "what is" to either compel us toward something or to impede us from something, always for the purpose of bringing about circumstances beneficial to our growth. As we evolve individually and collectively to greater things, God's work in our lives also becomes greater as he continues to guide us to ever higher levels of knowledge and to help us increase our capacity to love . . .”

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Favorite Quote

In the Stillness of Our Hearts - From her book, The Awakening Heart. Betty shares how we can each receive greater guidance regarding our missions.

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Mother’s Prayers

“Yet, in my heart I know, it was a sign
from my mother.”

Mothers prayers can be answered in miraculous ways even when that mother has left this world and is on the other side. Share Stephanie's remarkable experience of being led to comfort regarding her mothers suffering before her death.

Heavenly Encounters

“The Kingdom of God is Within”

Read how Lillie is guided through a vision of heaven to intercede in prayer for her sister. “...we all have everything we will ever need within our being. Every person on earth has this (no matter what your religion). If you have a need, you can go within and take whatever we need from the Kingdom of Heaven!”

God’s Tiny Miracles

“Lord, if this is your plan for me then so be it.” Erwin submits his will to God and then is miraculously saved from drowning.

After feeling abandoned by God, Katherine is given a sign that “he will always be there for me and listen to my prayers.”

“God cares about everyone.” As a young child, Aidan loses a dear grandparent and is comforted by feeling his presence one night and realizing he's in a better place.

A dream prepares this girl for the loss of her sister and helps her “believe in God and angels.”

Letters to Betty

Christina tells how Embraced By The Light filled her with hope while healing from post-partum depression.

Joelle shares that her deceased nephew had memories of heaven while small. Reading "The Ripple Effect" changed the whole focus of her life and she is now able to see the perfection in this mother and son being taken together, having completed their missions. This new perspective opened the way for her to see the good that is coming to their family and community from that tragic event.


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Something to Ponder

From the "Embraced By The Light: Prayers & Devotions for Daily Living"

For spiritual inspiration read the Daily Devotional with me every day from my home page. Or, you may want to purchase the book from Onjinjinkta Books.



September 2 - Heaven Speaks the Language of the Heart

Our communication was nonverbal, all thoughts and feelings that we chose to express were expressed directly, straight from his heart to mine and vice versa.
— The Awakening Heart - page 15

His word was in mine heart as a burning fire…
Jeremiah 20:9

Father, your love radiates purity and comes straight from your heart into mine. Thank you for blessing me to experience its deep, rich expression of warmth. Help me remember that you have created me after the likeness of that which is spiritual and have gifted me with like abilities to communicate from my heart. Bless me with a burning desire to develop a more direct communication with you and with those I love. Let my love be felt and expressed from my heart.

Affirmation: My thoughts and emotions rise above the physical, as I express them from my heart.


Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11 and those still
affected by its horror!
May God continue to bless them
and heal them from their tremendous loss.

May he heal our world and may we manifest our love to improve all mankind.

My sincerest love and prayers are for all.



Thank you for reading my Newsletter! If it has blessed you in some way, please feel free to pass it on to your loved ones. I also hope you will visit my web site. Join me there often in love, in spirit, and in prayer. Together we can seek to learn of heaven and of the divine worth of every soul; to strengthen spiritually and overcome our fears; to find comfort in sorrow and grief and to better understand the purpose of life and death—to know the Creator as our loving Heavenly Father. May we walk in his light and truly learn to love one another.

God bless you!

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