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Happy Valentine's Day

The Heart of Love


       Dearest Friend,

       I love valentines, hearts and everything about love because God is love and when he created us, he formed us from his love!

       For higher growth, God sent us to earth to acquire this attribute for ourselves. God is loveTo become greater beings of love, our understanding of love had to internalizeómeaning to become a part of our essence and soul. This can only happen through experience. On Earth, what love we gain is tested to the nth degree! By the time we think we have learned it all, something develops to further our testing. As we learn what true love is not, we will learn what pure love is and come closer to loving unconditionally as God loves us.

       Acts of kindness are acts of love. Love is what mattersWhen I witnessed my life review, I saw that the simplest acts of kindness to another created great ripples of love. This vision filled me with great joy when these ripples of love returned to me. I was stunned at how simple it is, that if we are kind, we will have joy! Acts of kindness are prompted by the Spirit of God felt in our hearts, and thus are born from God's purest love combined with our ability to create ripples of love through what we give to others.

       Jesus is the perfect example of love which bursts forth from him with a brightness that can only be seen with eyes of the spirit. As my own spirit ran to him, the golden halo within his magnificent aura actually reached for me and drew me to his embrace. Though limited by our mortal experience, we all can lend our energy to others, much as Jesus did when he shared his light with me, rejuvenating me, filling me, strengthening me and healing me.

       I use the word "lend" because when we share our energy with another, it should be for a time. soaring heartsWhen someone is in need, we can help sustain them by supporting them as we lend our energy. We then help them find their strength to go forward and let go, so that we do not begin to enable their weakness. We want them to be dependant upon God, not upon us. "Lending" our energy to another suggests giving for a time. We don't want to interfere with God's guidance in someone else's life, but for a moment in time, we can be the crutch they may need to lean on until they find their strength and way again.

       If we listen to the Spirit of God, we can never go wrong. His Spirit is the warmth we feel, that fills our heart when we are tuned in to him. It sometimes can feel like a divine orchestration of music that uplifts us, leading us, guiding us, communicating God's will directly to our soul. LoveWhen Jesus communicated with me I felt his voice vibrate inside me, and my heart was like an instrument that his words played upon, resonating to the depths of my very soul! It was like a music within, similar to what is felt when we connect with the Heavenly Father's Holy Spiritóand as with mortal music, as we practice, our skill increases. The more we listen for the Spirit of God, the more "in tune" we become, recognizing these promptings within our heart.

       When we listen to the Spirit, we do kind deeds because that is the music that is playing within our soul! We feel the warmth of God's love and naturally want to share that love with others. God is loveGod's love is supreme and it is the only energy that truly heals. It is through the power of his love, that when we are connected to him, we are healed and able to help heal others.

       To love, in the purest way, we must first recognize and develop the love already within us. Every fiber of our soul was created by God to love and to generate more love that we might become pure love; the purest energy that both creates and heals. What a blessing to know that within you lies the purest of love in embryo, that, it is without beginning or end. Uncover it by opening to love's possibility and trusting its ultimate purpose.

       All my love,


Valentines and roses

What's New?


Betty's current message:

“As for me and my house,
We will serve the Lord”

Some highlights that Betty details
in her homepage message are:

“People write me that since the Presidential election they have become fearful, some angry. Some lost hope and feel despair; all searching for meaning, some looking for God's hand if at all in this.”

I saw people on earth scrambling for existence.

Angels know people by name.

No one is insignificant on earth or into the eternities.

We are at a pivotal point in our world.

Be calm and prayerful—and trust in God.

We have heavenly help in place more than we can imagine.

...and more!

read Betty's entire message here

Near Death Experiences

“Our Missions Serve God's Loving Purposes

If we could glimpse the mind of God, the truth about some people's missions would absolutely amaze us. For years the renowned professor and scientist, Charles Camp, debated religious leaders on the radio.…Over the years he lost faith in God and became known as an outspoken and articulate atheist. Then, as he lay dying in a hospital, all that changed. He discovered the beauty and intricacy of God's plan for him. He was astounded that—despite his atheism—God had been using him all along for His loving purposes.…Listen to his experience of the afterlife with God.
(from “The Ripple Effect,” pages 25-28)

Readers Ask Betty

“How can we overcome habits of negative thinking?”

Replacing negative energy with positive can be a challenge. Betty gives several ideas for learning to draw upon postive energy that she learned while her spirit was in heaven during her NDE: “I would recommend choosing one or two methods that seem to resonate at first. Then if something doesn't seem to be working, don't quit!…”

Comfort from Loss

“Finding Comfort in Times of Loss”

Some of the greatest grief, pain and heartache we feel in our mortal lives is the loss of a loved one or family member. Even when we know they are in a better place, we miss them so very much and sometimes wonder how we can go on

Betty has added two videos to this page of interviews she has done with "Grief Diaries" and "We Don't Die Radio."



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Embraced By The Light &
Kim Kardashian's new Book Club

Kim Kardashian & Betty Eadie

“ Today was such a good day! I spoke to my favorite author@BettyJEadie This seriously made my soul smile! I feel so enlightened by our convo! ”

From Betty's Facebook page:

Dearest Friends, an interesting reporting of my phone call with @Kim Kardashian West. Some, reported correctly, some, taken out of context. ~ Love you, Betty

Kim Kardashian's Book Club
Author Betty Eadie: 'We Are at the 11th Hour of Destruction'

In Celebration of:

Kim Kardashian's new Book Club Betty is offering autographed copies of her Hardback Edition of Embraced By The Light at 50% off till February 18th.

Several copies of the Foreign Translations of Embraced By The Light have been added to Onjinjinkta Books for purchase.

“The example I see Kim Kardashian set is that when brought to a painful experience in life she turned to God for help. What a wonderful example! May God bless her and the ripple effect she has created and sent out to all her fans. Many of our youth will be blessed because of Kim Kardashian. She is reaching the many that I cannot. Only good can come from her action.”
—With love, Betty

Jesus loves you

Something to Ponder

“Embraced By The Light:
Prayers & Devotions for Daily Living”

       For spiritual inspiration read the Daily Devotional with me every day from my home page. Or, you may want to purchase the book from Onjinjinkta Books. or get the new Kindle Edition.



EBTL Prayers & Devotions


Jesus & his disciples

February 10
Steadfast Prayer Keeps Me Focused

The dilemma of unanswered prayers is as old as mankind. Job, in his affliction, sought God day and night, wondering if the Almighty had forsaken him. He had lost his children, his wealth, his reputation, and his health. Painful boils covered his body. His wife and friends told him to repent of imaginary sins, then finally to curse God and die. In desperation, Job sought God even more urgently. His constant efforts kept him focused on God.
The Ripple Effect - page 100

For I said in my haste, I am cut off from before thine eyes: nevertheless thou heardest the voice of my supplications when I cried unto thee.
Psalms 31:22

Thank you, Father, I know you hear my every prayer, from the softest whisper of my heart to the most urgent cry of my soul. I also know that you answer every prayer, even though, sometimes, I do not see or hear the answer. Bless me to be steadfast in prayer and remain as open to you as you are to me.

Affirmation:  I am steadfast in prayer and focused on God and his will for my life.

       For spiritual inspiration read the Daily Devotional with me every day from my home page. Or, you may want to purchase the book from Onjinjinkta Books. or get the new Kindle Edition.


true love comes from above
Limited Opportunity:
Betty has added a few copies of many Foreign Translations to her online store Onjinjinkta Books.

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Love is really what matters
Blessings & love to you

       Thank you for reading my Newsletter! As it blesses you, please share it with your loved ones.Visit my web site, join me there often in love, in spirit, and in prayer. Together we can seek to learn of heaven and of the divine worth of every soul; to strengthen spiritually and overcome our fears; to find comfort in sorrow and grief and to better understand the purpose of life and death—to know the Creator as our loving Heavenly Father. May we walk in his light and truly learn to love one another.

       God bless you!

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