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Life, Jesus, and Fred

I have read Betty's books, Embraced by the Light, The Awakening Heart, and also The Ripple Effect. I found them to be accurate and very enlightening in the sense that I too have learned the same kinds of things Betty did. I agree with everything she says in these books, and I don't have any trouble believing in any of the things she has written.


I had a very spiritual experience in which I was shown the Creation of the Earth just like Betty was. I saw that we were all spirits in heaven with the Creator before we came to earth. Like Betty, I realized that nothing is by accident, we all chose our parents and what we would do in this life. Nevertheless we have free will. But at the same time, we are here to learn, and to develop spiritually. We affect others by our behavior so strongly that we need to be aware of how we are helping or hurting others. We will relive that when we have our life review.

I had a "life review" when I was 26 in which I saw and felt everything that I had ever done. You may find it amazing that someone can have a life review without being dead, but it happened to me. I was going through a very serious clinical depression, in which it was a chore just to get through the day. I was seriously contemplating suicide. I fought off those impulses, and with the help of a friend, and of a prayer group, I was able to gain faith and turn to God for help.

In my life review God showed me the reasons for my depression, and at last I understood. Not only did I see my whole life up to that point, but I saw how others had affected me, and how I had affected them. It's a very profound learning experience. It helped me change in so many ways. I began believing in Jesus more strongly than ever. I started reading the Bible nightly and praying more intensely than I had ever done before. My faith increased so much that I was constantly talking to God and asking him for everything that I needed. In turn, He answered my prayers and fulfilled my needs, so that I had a "contract" with Him. I knew that He would always answer my prayers, and I would be able to believe in Him. It was a real turning point in my life, because here was Someone I could believe in unconditionally, Someone that would never let me down.


On Easter Sunday, 1974, I had a vision of Jesus. I had been hungering to get closer to God, and I told the Lord I wanted to be closer to Him. I went to Church, played the organ for the Mass, had Communion, and then went home. That night I went into my regular prayer time like I usually did in the evenings, and as I started to pray, all of a sudden, there was Jesus. He was with me in my room, a living breathing person.

He wore a white robe, and while I could see the outline of his hair, though I couldn't see the details of his face because of the beautiful white light emanating from it. Bright light came from his chest also, radiating through his robe. He held his hands folded together in front of him, fingers clasped together. His hands looked strong and muscled like a carpenter's hands.

I recognized his countenance instantly and knew this was Jesus. He radiated not only light but unconditional love and mercy. His love was so extraordinary and tender—not just for me, but for all mankind. There is nothing that can match it or replace it. Jesus IS complete and Unconditional Love, and there is no other way to describe it.

I was in ecstasy. I just praised Him and basked in His love as He communicated it to me. He had answered my prayers of becoming closer to Him. I was humbled and overwhelmed and so filled with His comfort. This lasted for 45 minutes, and then He was gone.

From then on, I had no doubts at all about the reality of God or Jesus. When you experience something like this, you realize the great amount of love that Jesus has for all mankind—not just for you—and you start treating people differently. You look at them through the eyes of God, through His love for them. In that way, my life changed greatly. I had the knowledge that Jesus loved everyone the same as He did me, and that we are all put here for a purpose. That we all have chosen to come here and have individual plans for our lives.

It's so liberating to know that we are spiritual beings that have existed from all eternity, that we existed with God in heaven before we were born. It is so liberating, to know that this earthly plane is not our only existence.


My father-in-law, Fred, had Multiple Scleroses for many years. He was an athlete in college, a star runner that won many races and was asked to be on the U.S. Olympics team. However, since this was during the Depression, he chose instead to finish school and get his teaching degree. Eventually, because of his illness, he lost one eye and also unsteady on his feet. He walked with a cane but was a teacher for 25 years. Later, he retired and moved to Texas with his wife, Lucy, who also was a teacher for 25 years.

Lucy took care of Fred for many years. In his late seventies he was very ill, going in and out of nursing homes and hospitals. By 1991, we all knew that his time on earth was running short. Fred asked to see all his children, and they each one in turn visited him. He was in a lot of pain constantly.

In September, Fred had just got out of the hospital again, and Lucy was caring for him at home. One Saturday she called us to say he was not eating. Sunday, I said to my husband, "We should call Fred." We lived in Illinois and had 5 children by then, and I wanted them to talk to their grandpa, but my husband felt this would disturb Fred too much.

About 4 the next morning, one of our kids woke up with a bad cold, and I got up with him and then went back to bed about 4:30. I know it was 4:30 because I looked at the clock. I immediately started thinking about Fred, and I realized deep within my mind and my heart that he was starting to pass away! I had asked God a long time ago to let me know when Fred was passing so that we wouldn't have to find out by phone call after the fact. Now I knew it was happening. Right in these very moments. Fred was starting the process of his dying.

Instantly I went into prayer and suddenly I felt myself going "up" with Fred! It was a very strong feeling, physically and emotionally. And with my eye's closed, I could see what Fred was seeing, as if I were right there with him. It was dark, like a tunnel leading upwards, and I was going up with Fred through this dark space. At the top of it was a light. I could see people and angels in this light, singing and praising God. And they were calling Fred's name, welcoming him, and rejoicing that he was coming.

I continued going upwards with Fred, and I felt complete peace as though a huge burden were being lifted from my chest. At the same time, I had to hold on to the bedcovers or else I felt I might go with him all the way into Heaven, and I knew I shouldn't. I heard beautiful chimes, Heavenly Chimes. Sweet and healing and wonderful.

Finally I arrived at the top with Fred where so many were singing and praising God and calling Fred's name, welcoming him. Now I knew what it means when God says there is great rejoicing in heaven over each lost soul. Even though Fred wasn't lost, he was coming home, and there was great rejoicing in Heaven.

This was far as I could go—here at the edge of the light. Only Fred could continue beyond and pass over into it. When I finally opened my eyes, I was crying and filled with so many emotions. The clock said 5:00, so my journey in the spirit at Fred's side had taken 1/2 hour.

Twenty minutes later, Lucy called to say she had gone into Fred's room at 5:00 to find him dead, but still warm. This confirmed to me what I already knew and had experienced myself—that Fred had died.

I was truly with him when he passed. I had seen the great rejoicing in heaven, and the people and angels there to welcome him. Although I didn't recognize them, I'm know Fred did and that he was now with them and at peace. It was just so amazing!

I want you to know that there is great rejoicing in heaven over each soul that returns home. Fred had "won the race." He had done what he had set out to do in his life on earth. He was a good man with the highest ideals and love for people. I hope this story helps you in your faith, and has encouraged you to always do your best as Fred did. God knows you and loves you. He is merciful and kind. Our true home is with Him, but we can know of His love here and now. If we open our hearts and ask Him to be near us, He will be. This, I know!

Mary P.




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