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Two Beloved Dads

I lost my beloved dad to cancer of the kidney. In September 1997, my husband and I were married. Dad was in a lot of pain, and it took all of his energy to attend the wedding, which I kept small and simple. But it was only a couple weeks later that his health deteriorated, and he soon passed away. I believe he had some type of agreement with God to stay on earth long enough to see me married. I thank God that he didn't have to suffer long. My dad and I were extremely close, he was not only the best daddy I could ever ask for, but he was my best friend. I never could have imagined life without him, but I know God helped me prepare for his passing.

Three months after he passed, I had a dream about my dad. I was in a room which was lit very brightly, but not to the point where it blinded me. The walls were swirls of shades of blue and white and were beautiful beyond description. My dad was with me in the room. He was radiant. I remembering feeling like a small child next to him though. My dad had been very frail at the end of his life, but now he seemed healthy and larger than life, almost like a giant. He embraced me, and I felt so warm and at peace. His body seemed to swallow mine. I was ecstatic to see him again, and told him how much I missed him. He told me he missed me too, but if I ever needed him, he'd be with me. I asked him questions about heaven and about my mom who had passed away in 1991. He said that my mom was keeping very busy and told me, "Heaven is absolutely beautiful, but you still have to obey the rules here!" My dad always had a dry sense of humor.

I have had many wonderful dreams about my dad and both my parents, but this one has been the most powerful. Thank you Betty, for writing your book "Embraced by the Light" and sharing your experience. I used to think death was a very scary, lonely, and dark process. Although, I miss both of my parents and think about them often, I know that they are still doing Gods work and I'm thankful He included me in their plan.





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