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Scott's Good-bye

Recently, my aunt passed away, and my cousin was very upset and sad. I told her that reading Embraced By The Light would make her happy to know that her mother was in a beautiful place. But I know what it is like to feel sad from missing someone who has passed. I know because I lost my best friend, Scott, when I was 18 and he was 19. A better, kinder person you could not find than Scott. He never drank, smoked, or did drugs. He died while running a 10k race, which he had done many times before. He died instantly of a massive heart attack. The doctors worked on him for 3 hours because they could not believe a healthy, 19-year-old could just die of a heart attack.

I was away at college at the time and was the only one in our circle of friends that Scott had not seen or talked to recently before dying. Needless to say, I was devastated. But the night we buried him, I was given a gift. I was lying in bed, weeping and asking God to take me also because my heart hurt so much. I didn't think I could live with that much hurt. But then as I lay praying, I felt someone sit on my bed. There was not an actual body there, but I knew it was Scott. Our souls spoke to each other. He told me that because I was the only one he had not seen before he died, he had come to say good-bye. He told me that he would stay until I fell asleep and that I would never have him like that again. Being 18, I just said I would never go to sleep then. But of course that didn't happen, and I fell into a peaceful sleep.

The next morning I awoke, still missing Scott, but I felt at peace. It has been 18 years since Scott's death, and I still miss him dearly. I know I will always remember that night as if it just happened. And I am grateful.

Tracy Dankmyer




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