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An End to Sadness

any years ago, when I was about 17, I was not happy in life. I can't give a reason for my unhappiness—I couldn't understand it myself. In my search for understanding, I had read and studied many things of the supernatural, and I knew about the dark side of spirituality. But I believed in God, too, and so one day I found myself crying out to him: "God, if you are real, do something to show me there is a purpose for life."

At least a year passed after I prayed that prayer, and I continued to feel sad and lost. Then one night I was in bed, and I experienced something I'll never forget. The spirit of a dear friend of mine, Bruce, came to visit me. Bruce had died years before when he and I were about 13 years of age. He had died from falling off a train trestle while walking his bike along the tracks. I had been crushed when he died. We had been such good friends. But after his death, a year or so passed, and I quit thinking of him. In fact, I never thought of Bruce again.

Then suddenly he came to see me that night in my bedroom! He was dressed in a long white gown, and he literally lit up the room with a beautiful white light. I felt such peace and calmness in his presence. I cannot describe my feelings so that anyone could understand. All my sadness left, and I felt so free and peaceful!

He spoke to me about Heaven and other things, and I was so entranced with what he told me. My spirit understood every word, but the weird thing is...if you asked me what he said specifically, I couldn't tell you. His message was for my spirit, not for the human part of me to understand. I know that he talked to me for the longest time, while I said not a word.

At the end of our visit, Bruce drifted upward. As he began to fade from sight, I begged him to come back and tell me more about Heaven. But he just smiled at me and faded away.

Soon after this visit my life changed drastically for the better. I eventually met my husband, got married, had two wonderful daughters. Now I have three wonderful little grandsons! The Lord has come to my aid many times since Bruce's visit. I was protected from a car crash and also during an operation. God stopped another operation that would have removed my intestines. And He helped me through the death of my mom. I received the Lord God as my Savior when I was in my twenties.

I have never forgotten that visit from Bruce. I know God sent him to me with a message that my spirit needed in order to carry me through this life. I know this because when I think I cannot go on, Bruce's heavenly visit returns clearly to my mind, and I draw strength from it.

In sharing my story, I use the name Abagail—a name I hold dear to my heart, because God the Father gave it to me.





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