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The Living and the Dead

Twenty years ago I had an experience I will never forget. I was raised in the church but found that I could not relate much at all to the preachings and so on. I married at 17 and had a beautiful little girl a year later. I was happy being a mom, and my life was full. Until one morning out of the blue I woke up and it seemed as though I was staring death in the face. For the first time in my life, I fully realized that one day I would die, and worse, so would everyone I loved.
This was a horrible realization for me which sent me looking for any information I could get my hands on pertaining to the afterlife. I also started reading the Bible like I had never done before. After searching for several months I came across a verse in the Bible that said, "For the dead are conscious of nothing, but the living know that they shall die."
Now in my frame of mind, I did not want to hear this. I took it for what it said, and I thought, how could this be! When we die we are conscious of nothing? It couldn't be true! I dwelled on this verse for 3 days, and on the third night, as my husband and daughter slept, I went to the living room to read my Bible.
The lights from the swimming pool outside shone in through the window. They gave me enough light to see as I sat down on the sofa and picked up my Bible. I was about to turn on the lamp to read when, in the corner of the room, there appeared a huge brilliant white light. If you put many 4th of July sparklers together with several candles you could visualize a little of what this light looked like. It did not hurt my eyes to look at it, and when I did look, the light relayed a message to my mind so quickly and so vividly there was no room for any misunderstanding.
It takes longer to describe what I was told than it took for the light to relay the message straight to my mind. The light told me that the verse I had been dwelling on about the dead being conscious of nothing but the living knowing that they shall die was meant to be taken spiritually not physically. I can illustrate it this way: Take a room full of people—all being very physically alive—and divide it in half. One half is for the people who are physically alive but spiritually dead. As far as God is concerned, these are the dead that he spoke of in the verse as being conscious of nothing. The other half is the people who are both physically and spiritually alive. These are the living that know they will indeed someday die. Again, the verse is meant to be taken spiritually and not physically. It is comforting to know that being aware of my eventual death is part of being spiritually alive.
After seeing the light, my worries and my fears vanished, and I have been blessed through the years and am growing spiritually all the time. I know what my purpose is, for I have been gifted by God to spread his message as he gives me beautiful songs all pertaining to spirituality. Here is one so you will understand. I wrote this several years ago:

We're here to learn to love

Was a busy night in Oakland
The sun was setting in the west.
An old man sat down beside me
Put his hand across his chest.
He said this might be it my friend
I may be going home.
I sure hope that I have done
Everything I should have done.

I looked at him kind of strange I guess
I said can you tell me that again.
I must have missed something you said,
I don't quite understand.
He said you know the answer
to the reason why we're here,
The valleys and the mountains,
the laughter and the tears.
The times when we were hungry
and the times when we were full,
And the ones that walked beside us
on this long and winding road.
And to every child that ever cried,
and every heart that ever died,
We're here to learn to love.

We're here because we have to learn to love.
We're here and someone's watching from above.
You gotta reach out to the broken hearted,
lend a hand of love.

I walked the streets alone that night
thinking of the things he said.
How suddenly our life just seems
to slip right through our hands.
I think there was a message here
we should try to understand,
The words left behind by this tired old dying man.

He said we're here because we have to learn to love.
We're here and someone's watching from above.
Gotta reach out to the broken hearted
Lend a hand of love.





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