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One Last Time

I married the love of my life in 1952, and we had 5 children in just 8 years. In 1961 I noticed he was acting very differently from his normal self. I soon found out that he was mentally ill, and tried to get him to go for treatment. This scared him as he was afraid he would be hospitalized, so he took off on foot and hitchhiked to his mother's house in Chattanooga. We lived in Sacramento, California, so this was quite a trip.
In 11 days, and after many sleepless nights, I heard he had made it there. I was very relieved.
My husband's illness continued getting worse, and after 2 years with his mom, he got so bad that she finally had him put into a veteran's hospital.
During this whole time I prayed without ceasing that he would get well and come home to me and the children. I was faithful and loved only him. We had always planned on celebrating 50 years together, when that time came. We were so much in love.
But it wasn't to be. After 5 years in the hospital, he passed away.
I had no money to make the trip to his funeral, but I prayed and prayed to God to let me see him once more before the burial.
That night I went to sleep and I heard a whooshing noise. My spirit left my body, and I traveled down a long dark tunnel. I knew I was going fast, though I wasn't afraid at all. I came to a brilliant light, and there were flowers all around. Then I was in the funeral home where my husband's casket lay.
I looked around and saw some really ugly men standing shoulder to shoulder along one wall. They made hideous faces at me, as though to scare me. I don't know why. But I felt completely at peace and wasn't scared of them at all.
I went to my husband's casket which was open. I noticed the casket lining was white and that he was wearing a navy-blue suit. I later told his mom of this, and she said that I was right. I also described a wreath of white flowers with the word "son" on it to her. She confirmed this, too.
I stood there and looked down at my husband's body, but I felt the presence of his spirit near me. He conveyed to me that he was fine. He told me not to worry about him and that we would be together again. After a brief moment, my spirit went back into my body as I once again heard a wooshing noise.
I never told anyone about this experience, for fear of it being degraded. Some would probably think I was nuts. So I just kept it to myself. It was a blessing from God to get to see my husband one last time and to know that he was truly at peace. But more, I know that one day I will once again be with my precious husband, the love of my life.




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