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A Sign from Mother

The following experience is included in
The Ripple Effect, pages 228-29.

My mother was diagnosed as having lung cancer, and for the next three weeks or so we lived at the hospital. She was doing very poorly and we expected her to die very soon. The doctors advised us to let her die peacefully when the time came and not to let anybody revive her when her heart gave out. We agreed.
When we went to see her on her birthday, she had never looked more beautiful. She was glowing, her skin color was rosy instead of the sickly yellow color she had been lately. It gave us hope that maybe she would live. I know now that she was trying to tell us she was happy. She was not afraid to die. When we came back in the evening we found that she had a stroke and would probably die before the night was over. Well, she did. At 8:30 PM, she stopped breathing, but her heart was still beating, although extremely slow. We told the doctors not to revive her, but her body clung to life for another half-hour. I felt such guilt that she may have been alive and feeling everything for that half-hour. I cried for myself and I cried for her. I didn't want to think she was alive for that half-hour.
Later that night all of us went back to our parent's house to talk about her death. We all felt the same way—wracked with guilt. Did we make the right decision? That's when my father asked what time it was. Even thought he had his wristwatch on, he looked at the clock on the wall, which was my mother's favorite clock. What we found was that the clock had stopped working at 8:30 PM. We were shocked and overjoyed at the same time. My mother was telling us when she had actually died, and it had not been when her heart finally stopped at 9:00 PM. This is when I truly started believing there was something beyond this life.




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