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And Then They Danced!


I lost both my parents early. My mother died from Hepatitis C in her late 40s at a time when I felt closer to her than I ever thought imaginable! She passed at exactly the same hour that my daughter was born—3:44 pm, but 3 years later. Before she died, she became close to my daughter, saw my son born, and helped me through the stillbirth of another daughter—which I could not have endured without her love and patience.
My mother passed just after my father came home from the hospital after 7 months of fighting infections and being told numerous times he would not make it through the night (or day). We made many a midnight run to be with him but, Praise the Lord, he was stronger than they knew! (And God was not calling him yet!) He survived my mom by 13 painful years, and God saw to it that he was living in my home when the dialysis quit working and the doctors said it was time for him to let go. He passed 3 months later, here in his room, with family, and it was the Most Enlightening Peaceful Experience of my life! Only childbirth could compare! I saw to it that my mothers ashes were with him during the funeral and Mass. They are together eternally here on earth as well as in Heaven.
About a month later, I began having Visits with him in "Dreams." At first he still seemed tired and weak, but with each dream, he grew stronger and healthier until he was the father I remember as a child. We would communicate about how things should be handled, so I felt I was doing what he wanted me to do. This, I feel, was for my own peace of mind than anything else. I could not always remember what was "spoken," but I always woke up feeling happy and refreshed. I also visited with my mother, aunt, grandmother, and friends who have passed. I was always just thankful to be so blessed. There was never a big message, just the feeling of passing love and peace—not somethng I could explain to anyone.
One night, after maybe a year, I had the most memorable Visit ever! This time from both my parents! My father was playing the piano and my mother, after visiting with me, joined him and they embraced. And then they danced! It still makes me cry with joy. My parents seldom had the chance to dance, but they both loved music deeply and were gifted. (My daughter and son have inherited this gift.) To see them dancing was very touching. Afterwards, my father went back to the piano, and my mother and I "locked eyes." She communicated that it was time to go, that I had to "get back." She urged me several times and gently told me I had come to learn or remember too much and that we had to "break eye contact." I didn't though, knowing that it would end the visit, and I did not want it to end... My mother appeared sad and then did something that made me take my eyes off of her for just a second ....and it was over. I woke up crying but remembering the incident in great detail.
In all our visits since then, I guess I have learned to behave myself, because I always wake up happy and peaceful. Sad, too, but I know I need to stay here until I am called. I so miss my Heavenly Home and can't wait until I can be where I know we all belong. I have developed such a deep understanding of this life and know I have things to do here that are more inmportant than I may ever know. I just Thank God I get to Visit with my family—who, except for 2 sisters, are all with Him!

Carolyn Murphy




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