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No More Tears for Becky

The following experience is included in The Ripple Effect, pages 63-65.

I come from a family of nine children, and one of my sisters died when she was six and I was three. I don't remember a lot about her, but I remember a story my mother told me about the night my sister Becky died.
She had leukemia and had been in and out of the hospital since she was four. She had missed a lot of school, but still Mom said the only books she wanted to read were Golden Bible books, like you would get for small children. Mom says she couldn't understand how Becky could read when she had missed so much school.
My sister went blind towards the end, and the night before she died she was back in the hospital. Mom stayed with her through the night and into the next day. Dad went on to work because the doctors said my sister was stable. But Becky was running a very high fever and they packed her in ice trying to bring it down. Then the doctors told Mom she had better call Dad because they didn't think she was going to make it. While Mom was waiting for Dad to arrive, she was holding my sister's hand, and Becky awoke and started talking. She told Mom it was almost time for her to go home and that Jesus was waiting for her. Mom called the doctors in and they said because of her fever she was delirious and not to pay too much attention to anything she might say.
Mom kept listening and my sister said that Jesus was calling her again, and now he was there to take her home. Mom kept telling her they would go home when she felt better, and Becky very calmly said, "No, my real home." Mom broke down then and my sister told her not to cry because Jesus would take care of her. Then she told Mom to tell each of us kids and her baby brother good-bye. She called each of us by name except for the youngest boy. Mom reminded Becky that her baby brother had a name too, and my sister said, "No, my other baby brother." Mom really thought Becky's fever had gotten worse, because there was no other baby brother. A short time later Becky told Mom she saw the stairs with angels there to lead her home and that it was a very pretty and bright stairway and that it was time to go.
Mom kept praying to God not to take her, but when she looked on my sister's face, she knew she was at peace, and Mom then asked God to just take Becky out of her pain. At that time my sister looked right at Mom and said, "I love you, Mom. Would you say Jesus' prayer with me?" So Mom said the Lord's prayer, and halfway through, Becky told her it was time to go, that God was there to take her, and would Mom finish the prayer for her. Mom finished and my sister looked at Mom and said, "I love you and I'm tired." Then she closed her eyes, holding Mom's hand, and went to sleep. Mom said my sister's hand relaxed and she had a glow about here when she died. Dad made it to the hospital right after.
Mom was so depressed she went to the doctor for treatment, and she found out she was pregnant. Eight months later, my "other baby brother" was born.
I used to hear how good Becky was and how she n ever complained about her pain or all the tests they ran on her. I grew up crying all the time and praying to God, asking why he had taken her who was so good, and had left me who was not so good. Every night I would look outside at the sky and stars and pray that prayer and cry. Then, when I was twelve or thirteen, I was looking out my window, crying and thinking of my sister, when I saw a shooting star or something. A thought came into my head, actually, it felt more like someone was in my heart talking to me, and a warm feeling came over me. I heard Becky say, "Don't cry for me anymore. I'm with God and his is where I want to be, and I'm okay and happy. Don't cry anymore. I am with you."
I felt so good and happy inside. I knew I didn't have to cry anymore. I knew my little sister was okay and that it was not a bad thing for her when she died.



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