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The following experience is included in The Ripple Effect, pages 191-92.

I was blessed with a spiritual experience I will never forget. The room began to grow lighter and lighter, until a brightness surrounded the room. I was aware of the feelings of warmth from the spirit and an overwhelming feeling of love.
As I gazed in the light, I noticed a gathering of people around my bed. Standing before me were hundreds of people, all wearing white robes and smiling at me. A voice from above their heads called down to me, "Mammy." I listened carefully, and the voice again called, "Mammy." I was curious and questioned the significance of such a voice.
I was then reminded of the day my son, at six months old, had lay dead in his cot. With a broken heart I wrote his obituary and had misspelled mommy as "mammy." I knew that this was indeed my son who had left me six years previously.
He "floated" down until I recognized a distinct shape of a young man in his early twenties, who knelt before me upon my bed. As tears rolled down my face, he spoke to me through our minds. No words were used, I mean there were no spoken words; his lips did not move nor mine.
He went on to tell me that he had been given permission to come and visit me. He told me of six children that were yet to come to me. He told me I had been given three of them as special gifts, given to me to love and cherish and teach. He praised me as he was happy for the choices I had made and reminded me that he loved me dearly. He comforted me by saying that we would be together again one day, and that the spirit world surrounded us, and I was to take comfort in that fact, knowing that he was always with me. He smiled and told me he had to go, that he had work to do, and that he was very busy. Pointing to the people who stood around my bed, he said they would come back and visit me and he would also, but that he would not always be able to come with them.
I cried at him leaving me again, and tears began to roll down my face rather quickly now. He reached out with his hand and tried to wipe the tears that rolled down my face. I could not feel his hand, but I did feel something. I tried to touch it and it felt as if my hand was a glove over his, but I knew it was not a physical hand that I could feel, it was spiritual. He began to "rise" upwards and I reached out for him. My grief was reborn. I did not want to be without him. It was then that I felt the most amazing feeling of love ever. His hand touched mine again and as we joined hands, our fingers entwining, I felt the warmest feeling overcome me. The feelings of love intensified and I felt complete. I have never felt love that strongly before, and I felt happy at the thought of him leaving. It was the brightest, most glorious feeling ever, and for that moment I thought, if this is what it feels like for two spirits to be united, then what rapture must we feel in love when all the spirits of our brothers and sisters are united together.




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