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A Motorcycle Ride to Heaven

I can remember it like it only happened yesterday: I was out for a ride on my motorcycle going into a curve, when I realized that I was entering the curve too fast. I started to skid and to slide my rear tire towards the guardrail hoping to pull out of it, when the tire dropped off the pavement and the bike made contact with the guardrail. During all of this I prayed to live through it all and be able to see my daughter again.
The next thing that happened was that my body was flying in the air, being guided by my guardian angel. I know my helmet came off as I flew through the air because I first recollect seeing dark, then the sky as I tumbled, floating over the ground and guardrail. The next thing I remember was hitting the ground, not hard, but as if I was set down so I wouldn't be terribly hurt. I then sat up straight and noticed that my right glove was missing and that my wrist watch had opened but was still on my wrist. My left arm felt like I had broken it near the elbow, so I had to support it with my right hand. My feet were under the guardrail and to this day I can't remember how they got under there.
A very ironic thing is that right after my accident there were rescuers on scene. There was an EMT from Washington State, a nurse from La Mesa, and a doctor from town too. Then I was airlifted to a trauma center from the desert were it occurred.
Upon arrival in the ER, it was determined that I had broke my left leg at the ankle, dislocated my left elbow, and had destroyed my spleen. I would need emergency surgery to stop the internal loss of blood, and to fix my leg and arm. I can remember the ER nurse saying, as I was being put under, that everything was going to be OK, and that I had nothing to worry about. Then I went to sleep.
After this, I remember seeing a Brilliant White light, so pure and full of Love, that I started heading towards it, for I knew right then and there where I was headed. I can remember vividly the feeling of total acceptance and love for me, that I had lost all fears and had turned myself over to GOD and his wishes. I remember some of my surroundings as being so exquisite they are indescribable.
As I headed towards the light, I can remember someone placing their hand on my shoulder, telling me that it wasn't my time to go to Heaven, for I still had duties unfinished back on Earth. I still had my daughter to raise, and teach about life, and other things that I wasn't allowed to remember then, but would be revealed to me as time went on. I can still remember feeling let down because I had to leave Heaven, and all of its beauty. I can remember that I was told I was still very much loved by God, and always will be as long as I never forget him. And I never will. I also no longer fear dying, for I know that I and all of us only occupy our physical bodies here on earth.
Since I was a child I always had the feeling that I would come back to earth again after my body died, for the Spirit and Soul lives forever. Having a second chance in this body has given me some abilities that I felt were suppressed before. First, my abilities to see into the future are stronger than ever, with visions being so vivid that it sometimes still scares me. Second, my ability to show my emotions which I had suppressed for years because I was afraid of showing signs of weakness. This fear came from years of ridicule by Nuns in grade school.
In the end, I am aware that my time here on earth is short, and I wish to spread the words of God to everyone who will listen. I know that heaven is my home, and earth is only a stepping stone for me to learn more and to teach others what I have learned. God is pure love, and if we all can allow him to be and stay in our lives, we too can love others, and our love has a ripple effect.

William Hays



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