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My Baby and the Angel

I am writing this in case someone is feeling the way I did. I had wanted a third child, but it seemed it just wasn't to be. After completely giving up and actually being much older than I had hoped for, I did become pregnant. We were all very happy. But then in my third month, I began having problems. I followed the doctor's orders, but I knew that something was very wrong.
I began praying to God and asking about babies that don't make it to full term. Do they have spirits? I wanted to know. Do they go to heaven? My questions went up and were heard, because soon I received an answer, though it didn't come in a way I ever imagined it would.
One night as I lay in bed, a fast tunnel of light approached, and an angel appeared near me. Suddenly, I knew the reason he had come. He was there to escort my baby back to Heaven.
As a mother, I yelled for him not to take my baby. But it was meant to be, and the angel gathered the little spirit to him. Now I knew with certainty that my baby did have a soul, a beautiful shining spirit, as all God's children do, born or unborn. And I knew my child would be taken into Heaven by this angel who was so beautiful---a handsome young male with a very Renaissance appearance. I have been comforted to know my child is in the care of such a noble being.
I know one day I will see this child of mine again, when I go to be with the Lord. I feel that all my family members in Heaven still have a strong spiritual bond with me. It is the strength of love that reaches from Heaven to Earth and from Earth to Heaven. God's reasons for everything are valid. We may not understand them today, but understanding will eventually be given.
After my miscarriage, I had a terrible year with many deaths in our family. But the Lord continually answered my prayers and helped me keep my sanity. This was my reward for my faith in him.
Like Betty knows, not everyone is ready for knowledge. It is often much later after having an experience that we are given the understanding. And when it comes, it makes us aware of the vast evil we must stand against as well as the greatness of the Lord and of his love which is immeasurable.




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