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Peace and Perfume

Some 25 years ago, my husband, a carpenter, received an emergency phone call from his boss just before bed one night. He was rounding up the whole crew to shore up a collapsing building. My husband left at about 9:00pm. I was very worried about him getting hurt. An hour went by, then another and he still hadn't come home. By midnight I was frantic with worry and wandered our apartment.
Close to 1:00am, I noticed a picture had fallen off of the wall in our second bedroom. (Our neighbors from Eastern Europe had told me a folk tale that when a picture falls off the wall, someone in your family has died.) I thought something horrible had happened to my husband, and I started to cry. I ran into our bedroom and huddled on the bed, crying over and over, "Oh, God, please tell me he's not hurt!"
Suddenly the room grew brighter and brighter with a great white light. I experienced the most intense feelings of love, peace, beauty, warmth, and tranquility that I had ever felt It was beautiful! I immediately stopped crying and sat back against the wall in awe. I had never felt so wonderful! Then a voice said, "Don't worry, he's all right." The light faded and the room was dark again.
Ten minutes later, my husband came in the front door. God had assured me that he was OK! (By the way, my uncle's father had died that same night.)

Another experience happened many years ago after my mother died. I moved into the empty family house where I grew up a week after her funeral. That first night, something woke me. The bedroom door opened and my mother walked in and stood by my bed. I was shocked but happy.
I cried, "Mom!" and sat up and started to get out of bed. But she sat down next to me and said, "Everything is all right now, everything is all right." I knew she was now with my Dad, who had passed 7 years earlier, and that she was very happy. This eased my grief.
She put her arms around my neck and hugged me, saying, "I love you...I love you so much!" In fact, she was hugging me so hard I had to tell her she was hurting me! I said that I loved her too, and she again said everything was fine, then she faded away. I could smell her perfume in the air.
Before I moved from the house, every once in a while I would smell her perfume and know she was with me. I know I am being watched over and that there is life after death.

Diane G.



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