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One Tough Angel

This happened to me in 1989 and I have been forever grateful to God for it. In Embraced By The Light, Betty describes seeing some really tough looking Warrior Angels. She says to fight with them would be useless. Well, I met one of those angels. I was walking out of the grocery store one day about 5 PM. It was still very much daylight on a busy street corner in a small city. As soon as my foot hit the pavement of the parking lot, I heard the following message: DON'T GO TO YOUR CAR...TURN AROUND...GO BACK INTO THE STORE...GET THE MANAGER TO WALK OUT WITH YOU!!!
I can't describe how stern this message was. It was as if this huge Angel (who I felt was at least 8-feet tall) pulled me up by my shoulders, got me eye to eye and nose to nose with him, and proceded to SCREAM the message at me. I guess he did it this way because he knew I wouldn't listen! At the same time, I felt this really uncomfortable electrical sensation all around me as if I'd entered a force field or something.
I looked around and saw no danger, no one else in the parking lot, or anyone coming out of the store. But when I looked at the car parked on this side of mine, I immediately knew the reason for the Angel's stern message. A man sat inside. His brake lights were on and the motor was running. As I kept walking to my car (a little bit slower now) I felt that uncomfortable electrical sensation getting worse. Now I know what you're thinking..."My God, woman...why didn't you listen and obey???" But I'd never had an encounter with an Angel before, plus I'm hard-headed. (Hah hah!) During the 15-second walk to my car, I never once believed I was in any danger, despite the message or the electrical energy I was feeling.
I got to the man's car and walked behind it to get to mine, and immediately the man opened his door. He put one foot out on the pavement, looked straight at me and said, "Hello". At that point, I froze. I literally couldn't move. Now the force field around me was almost palpable. I could almost hear it buzzing. Even then, my mind told me, "Annie, just go to your car....it's broad daylight and this is a small town....nothing bad ever happens here." But suddenly, my feet felt literally stuck to the pavement, and I couldn't move forward, no matter how hard I tried. I've since imagined that this tough Angel was standing on my feet!! So, I stepped backward, finally, and headed back into the store like I had been told. The force field feeling went away.
I got the manager and told him I thought this guy was suspicious. I asked him to come out with me. He didn't hesitate one bit. In the presence of the manager, I safely got into my car, locked all the doors, and started my engine. When I waved goodbye to the manager, I saw the guy in the car just glaring at me! My God, if looks could kill!!! He did not follow me home, thank God. And thank God is exactly what I did all the way home because I finally realized what could have happened to me. I don't think God would have bothered to send this tough Angel to me just to protect my pocket book!
Please don't judge me for not listening at first. Others have judged me. All I can say to them is, "You weren't there...you might have done the same as I did!"
But I can guarantee you, I'll obey the voice of that tough Angel next time!





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