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A Heavenly Chapel

Just before Embraced by the Light came out, I was very sick and getting sicker all the time. I was a nurse at a children's hospital, and the doctor in charge of infections tested me for the AIDS virus. I didn't have the virus, but I continued to progress towards death.
One night, I had an out-of-body experience. I went looking for my parents and found myself in a place of great beauty. I came down some steps, which were the purest white I had ever seen. They were next to a building of pure white. I came to two huge oak doors, and I went in. Inside, I went through two other doors into a room. It was there that I met Jesus. There was a veil between us, but it didn't matter. I felt so loved and welcome with him and comfortable in his presence. He showed me the room, which was much like a chapel or place of worship. It was mint green. The carpet was soft and deep. There were crystal chandeliers, some cut in half and hanging on the walls. One was in the very middle of the room, and was coming down from a crystal dome of some type. The walls were a thin marble shot through with green. They glowed with light. I asked him verbally, though we had been communicating nonverbally, "How is this done?" He waved his hand and one of the panels disappeared, and I saw a peculiar light, like a pink florescent tube, but made of stone. Then I understood that the light coming from the walls as well as from the entire building was the light of Christ.
He said, "This is no ordinary chapel, but your family's chapel." He indicated that it should be treated as a sacred temple. There was a tall pulpit at the front with steep steps going up. Behind it were tall choir seats. I could see no piano or organ for the choir, but I understood that the human or spirit voice alone is considered special. There were cushioned chairs in a semi-circle facing the pulpit, with an aisle up the middle. The seats flipped up and had a crushed velvet covering. There was a burnished gold of some type under the cushions.
On one wall were five steps leading up to some green marble doors with burnished gold handles. We went through these doors and onward until we came to a reception type room. Here, were two screens like computer screens, and I was told they were for accessing information. Off this area were two amphitheaters like college lecture rooms with chairs going upwards and a podium at the bottom. I was given the impression that these rooms were used for lectures from important spirits, prophets, or others. I also understood that this building held apartments for married couples to stay. Attached were also apartments for single people. After looking around, we went back into the green chapel, and I felt so much peace there.
Next, Jesus placed his large hands on my shoulders and turned me to face him, though a thin veil still separated us. He shook me gently but firmly and said, "Janet, you must hurry!!! There isn't much time left." Then I was immediately back in my bed in my room.
I have never written this down before, though I have told the story to my relatives. Yes, my life was spared through my illness, but just barely. I have had many difficult challenges in life, including a divorce. I am now disabled and cannot work as a nurse anymore. But God is taking care of me, and I have the income I need for life without needing to work. Sometimes I struggle wanting to know why God decided not to take me to Heaven to stay. But I know he wants me to find happiness here on Earth. He wants me to serve others so that my spiritual healing can be complete. And I feel I am almost there.

Janet R.




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