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"It's all right now, Babe."

Six years ago my boyfriend, who was like a soul mate to me, drowned. He was an alcoholic and was suffering with his addiction. A week before his death he told me if he could not stop drinking he wanted to die. The day of his death, we went swimming and picnicking at the lake. I let my two children go ahead down to the beach and get in the water. Suddenly we saw that my children had floated on their inner tubes past the swimming area to the middle of the lake. We ran to the shore and about that time my four-year-old son fell off his inner tube. He went down once, then twice. At that point my boyfriend, Ron, went into the water and headed out to save him.
I was sure that my son would drown. I ran to the road and asked a man on a motorcycle to go call the paramedics. When I got back down to the lake, my son was safe on his inner tube. But I could not find Ron anywhere. I asked my son what happened to Ron, and he said he hadn't seen him. My son was disoriented and confused and remembered nothing. My daughter claimed she was unaware that her brother had even been off his inner tube.
Ron was found five hours later after dragging the lake. I was devastated. I had no idea what had actually happened, and not one person present at the lake claimed to have seen Ron drowning or rescuing my son.
That night I took a nerve pill, and I finally went to sleep. Suddenly I was awakened. Sitting on my bed leaning over me was Ron. He leaned down and hugged me, told me he loved me, and then he was gone. I knew I was not dreaming. I was fully awake. Ron's visit made me feel somewhat better, but I was still an emotional wreck for months.
Almost a year later, I had a dreamalthough I know it was not a dream. I seemed to be in another dimension. There were people going to and fro, but somehow I knew they were people who had died. Then Ron appeared to me. I felt his presence and saw him just as strongly as I had when he was alive. I asked him what it was like where he was now. He said "It's all right now, Babe." He always called me Babe. I asked him what had happened the day he died, and he told me that his death was supposed to happen. I was suddenly back at the lake in the water with him, reliving it, but actually watching what happened to him when he died. Then I was back, and Ron kissed me and hugged me, and I felt so much love. I realized that all that had happened was some kind of lesson, and even though it was terrible, it was actually good.
I could never remember exactly what Ron had showed me about his death, except that I was watching it like a movie. But I know that on some level, I know what happened and why. I never saw Ron again after that. I feel he moved on to another level and to more lessons. I will always love him and be eternally grateful that he saved my son and that he came to me from the other side. I know now that there is life after death.

Carol Christopher




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