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The Most Sweetest Kiss

After my wife died, I was in an emotional turmoil, as her dying was completely unexpected. She was getting close to her 29th birthday. She died of pnuemonia. When my wife's birthday arived, my 7-year-old daughter came home and told me that her mother had visited her at school when she was alone. Her mother told her that she was alright and that she was with her mother, my daughter's grandmother, who had passed away a few years earlier. There was some more personal information given and then my daughter received a hug and a kiss. She said that there was a man standing behind her mother. When I prompted her for what he looked like, all she said that he was dressed in all white and that his eyes were white and she thought he was GOD.
This was an answer to my prayers.
A month or two later, I was over at a friends house talking about my wife, when all of a sudden, there she was, up near the ceiling in the corner of the room, just looking at me. She wore a flowing gown. Gravity meant nothing. When I told my friends, they turned around, but she was gone.
One other time, on my wife's birthday, I was thinking about her while working outside. Suddenly I recieved a tap on my ball cap, and then another tap. I looked up to see what was making this happen, when this overwelming sense of pure peace and calmness and love came upon me. And then I felt the most sweetest kiss upon my forhead. I was in complete bliss at that moment. I could have lived in that moment forever and been very happy, never wanting to leave.
I have seen my wife one other time. As I was getting up to go to work, there she was, standing in the corner of my bedroom just watching me. I know that she loves and watches over me.





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