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Dear God, Let Me Know

My Son is with You

  I would like to share with you an event that took place on August 13, 2003. This was two days after I lost my son in a car accident. My son, Phillip, was killed in a car accident on August 11, 2003. As a mother, there are no words to describe the pain a mother feels when she loses her child. A piece of my heart was taken. In my devastation I really needed to talk to God, for him to let me be able to understand and to cope better with what happened.

I got down on my knees at the side of my bed, and prayed, “Dear God, I believe and love you with all my heart, but Lord, I really need you to help me. Lord, I am still a physical being, flesh. Will you please let me know as a mother, that my son is with you, and is in your loving care now, and that he is alright. Please give me a physical sign, Dear God.” I then got up off of my knees.

Not 10 minutes later, I walked into my living room, and looked down at a group of books sitting on the floor. On the top was, “Embraced By The Light.” I picked up this book, and began to read it. I know that this was God’s physical sign that I had asked for to give me comfort with my son’s death. In this book, it stated that Mother’s prayers get immediate gratification for her children, just as I had just prayed to get any answer for my son’s death. It also stated that when accidents occur that the person’s soul will leave their body, and they do not feel the pain even before the accident happens. This helped me to feel better to know that my son did not have to feel the pain of the accident.

This book gave me great comfort to know that my son felt complete love and comfort with his death. After I received your book, a book that I had never before seen in my house, not until 10 minutes after I prayed, I was truly enlightened to things unseen, such as love and our souls. I know my son is OK since I received this book.

Since this time I have had other signs from God that my son is with him. My grandson, Donnie, was just over a year old when my son died. Four years later Donnie was sitting on the back porch at his house. My daughter watched him and said he was talking to someone but she could not see anyone. She asked who he was talking to, he said, “Phillip.” My daughter said to him “Phillip is not here, come on inside.” My grandson, said, “ Yes, he is, he is right there.” He pointed to where he saw him. As they were walking inside Donnie continued to stare at where he saw Phillip. He kept turning around while looking, and then pointed to a whirlwind of leaves and said that was where Phillip was.

Thank you so much Betty J. Eadie for your books, not only for Embraced By The Light, but for your others also. I have learned that the greatest thing in this world is Love, and God is Love. I know my son is OK, and that he is with God now. The way that I survive is knowing that I will see him again. God gave me this sign through your book, and also used your book to give me spiritual enlightenment. I now tell everyone about your book and the sign that I received, it’s like a rippling effect, I love that book too.


Thank you, 
Jan DeLaigle – Phillip’s Mother




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