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Everything Will Be okay

  In January 1999 my mom had a brain tumor. After the operation she had to live with my sister. I flew to Venezuela to be with her and help my sister. One Sunday morning very early mom woke me up to help her use the bathroom. Afterward she laid back down and so did I next to her. We held hands and I was looking at the trees and birds through the bedroom window. A deep thought came to my mind that was like watching a movie, only it all happened in seconds: I saw myself from the back:

……I was knocking at a beautiful Catholic church door when a Priest opened the door. He was a very tall man with dark hair, light skin and dressed in white. His lips didn’t move but he told me to follow him to the altar. He held my hand and when we got to the altar, I told him that it was not the catholic rules for a woman to be behind the altar. He told me: “Just do as I say.” We faced the pews and then he asked me to sit on the floor. I did so and felt the very cold floor in my body. He asked me to lay back and look up. When I did, I knew I was underneath the feet of Jesus. I looked up to see Jesus' face and a very sharp white light hit my eyes. At the same time I heard a voice say: “Everything will be okay.” I blinked and I found myself next to mom and she asked me: “Are you okay? You look like you saw a ghost!”

Years later in 2002, my daughter got accepted to a Catholic University and the first time we went to the church I recognized the same church door from my experience back in 1999. I know that God always is sending us messages and we need to be alert.

Gracias Dios,




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