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My Motorcycle and My Angel

  On the 30th of April 2008, I was riding my motorcycle here in Branson Missouri. As I rounded a curve, a pickup truck loaded with hay came into my lane and lost a bundle which landed on the road in front of me. I hit the bale of hay and lost control of my bike causing me to go off a short rocky cliff into a ditch. For a short while I was paralyzed from the neck down and could not move. I could see that my leg was crushed as well as my right arm and left hand. I had broken ribs and collar bone and felt at peace as I prepared to meet the Lord.

I looked up and there was a lady approximately 85 years old beside me. She did not speak, but was a comfort to me. After a short time, some policemen came down to help me and they called for medical help. The comforting lady who had been there was suddenly gone. I asked these officers about her later only to be told that they knew of no one fitting this description nor had there been anyone else around when they came to help me.

Some time later I remembered that this lady had been my Sunday school teacher when I lived in California in 1966 who had taught me about Christ. To confirm this, I asked my sister who lived in Nevada, if she remembered the lady who used to teach us in Sunday School. She said, “Yes, at the Good News Sunday School by our house.” I then asked her to describe our teacher to me without telling her what I had seen. She described to me the same person who found me that day, my Angel! I also had a visit with her in her spirit form. She is beautiful! Yes! Angels truly exist!

R. Cook




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