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  I am a 36 year old woman born in Mexico. My father passed away when I turned 13 years old. He died after 3 months of cancer when he was only 45 years old. He was Greek but lived most of his life here in Mexico. He was desperate when he found out he had only a short period of life left. My 5 year-old brother and myself were devastated. After reading two of Betty’s books I felt a relief to know that in time, I would meet him. I am of the Catholic faith and I was thankful to hear this from someone who came back from paradise.

The first time I felt my father’s presence I told him to find the light and to let go of this life because he needed to be with God. I told him not to worry about our future, that all the troubles we had to live where going to be for a purpose and that it was time for him to rest. After this I have not felt his presence nor his desperate wish to help us, though I have had dreams where he visits me. The last one was when I came home from the hospital after having my first child. My father came to me in a dream wanting to tell me that he was aware and was enjoying that I was a new mom with me, and that he knew Alexia, my new daughter. He looked relax and happy in that dream.

I also became aware of the help we can give to others. The cleaning lady who worked at home when I was a student told me about her ill daughter who was born with a defect in her heart. Because of their poor condition, they had no opportunity to find a surgeon to operate on the girl’s heart. I helped her find a cardiologist who would help her daughter. He was the best in town, and after having the first check-up he arranged everything immediately to operate on the girl because she was in danger of having a heart failure.

After her surgery I received a phone call from the mother telling me her daughter had a complication and that she was in intensive care. She said the doctors were afraid her daughter would die. I could not believe that was happening! I started to feel very bad because I had being the one who had set them up with the doctor. I started to pray to the angels, specifically to archangel Rafael, to help this girl and to strengthen her spirit to overcome the complications of the surgery. I finally fell asleep after hours of praying—and something happened to me that I would never forget for the rest of my life!

I suddenly saw myself lying in bed. I watched myself wake up from being asleep and looked at my body in the bed. I went back to my body and was surprised because my hair was flying vigorously and I could see all the room with an intense wind. All over the floor I could see petals—white rose petals, and also white feathers. I turned to the window because I thought that I had left the window opened and I saw a vase full of roses. I stood up on my feet to close the window which was hard because of the strong wind. While I was closing it, a huge pair of white feather wings were crossing it. I saw these big wings flapping and making a noise similar to that of many doves flying, a noise so strong that it felt real.

All through the dream I could hear voices singing like a chorus I had never heard before or since. It was music with soprano voices, but a music I cannot describe. I felt it was real so when I woke up I immediately looked down to the floor to see the feathers and rose petals but they were not there. Then I realized it was a dream and after some time, I went back to sleep.

In the morning, I received a call from the mother of this girl telling me that her daughter was perfectly well and was to be moved out of intensive care that same day. The doctors where surprised by her overnight progression after being on the border of death. She thanked me and told me that I made that operation possible and hung up.

After several years I saw the mother walking downtown while I was shopping and she told me that her daughter was perfectly okay and that she had grown up tall and beautiful after her surgery when she was 14 years old. Before the operation the girl was small, thin and her hair did not grow well because of her heart condition. Afterwards, she grew and shined like a blossom when it starts to open. She then told me that the girl continued to see these doctors because her condition required care throughout her life. One young doctor who was present at the time of the surgery fell in love with her and they got married and now had baby twins! This was another miracle because the doctors had told her not to get pregnant because of the care she needed for her heart condition, but being married to one of the doctors blessed her to be able to have children and she was very happy to be able to become a mom.

We hugged each other and said good bye. This was approximately 15 years ago and I haven’t seen them since. I am thankful to God for his miracles and for my dream. What I heard and saw in that dream will accompany me forever!


Katherine Stabropoulos




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