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Little Clara

"...and a child shall lead them" Isaiah 11:6


Clara kept crying.....only one thing would please her.

Dearest Betty J Eadie,

One day my wife told me an interesting story when I came home from work. I had left our home in the afternoon to do some voluntary work at a historical site near our home. My wife didn't want me to go, she had hoped for an evening together and we had an argument about it. This upset our one-and-a-half year-old daughter, Clara Ellinora, who became unhappy because of our arguing. I left to go do my work.

When I returned that evening my wife told me what happened after I left.

Clara had continued to be unhappy for some time. She kept crying and pointing at our bookshelf with spiritual books. My wife finally lifted her up to see what she wanted. Clara reached out and grabbed your book "Embraced By The Light" and quickly calmed down.

She sat down and looked at the front page and pointed at the light and talked to the book and seemed to explain about the book to her mother.

Love from Johan, Marianne and Clara Ellinora


I am in awe of the wonders of God as much as Clara’s parents are. God sometimes uses a child to reach not only their parents but others as well. I have been touched by many of these precious children as I receive letters like this one. Time and time again they encourage me to continue the work of furthering the message God sent me back to share. In The Awakening Heart I mention two of these special angels. My spirit connected with a little girl with Down’s Syndrome on my flight home after a strenuous tour. She lovingly encouraged me to continue writing at a time of weariness when I was wanting to rest.

And little Holly, whose time on earth was short and who came back from meeting Jesus with a message from him to me to not ever quit the work I’m doing, “don’t ever quit, Betty!” The message of “Embraced” is meant to be shared and I will do all in my power to reach as many in the world as God wills it to reach. The love he has for all his creation is especially vital in these days, and just as important, that we know we will all return to him.

Thank you, Johan, Marianne and Clara Ellinora for delivering this reminder to me. I have not quit, nor shall I ever quit! The message from the Savior has never changed, "Above all else, love one another" and for as long as I live I will continue to carry his message to all who will listen.




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