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Six Little Angels



Last year, my husband lost his job and our house suddenly went into foreclosure. We were in a brand new home in a brand new development when the Contractor defaulted on his loan and the entire development went into foreclosure. Being new to the area, our friends were many miles away. At this point, I felt my life torn apart. All that I owned was out on the front lawn and up for sale. My husband, not knowing when he would be employed again or where we would live, decided to sell everything but the bare minimum. With the money we received from the yard sale, we would move to another state in hopes that our luck would be much better there. As I watched my things leave the yard one by one my grief and despair grew worse. After the first day of sales, I wanted to spend one more night on my Victorian Queen size bed that was still up for sale and sitting out on the front lawn. I had hoped to save this bedroom set for my granddaughter but now was having to let it go. As I laid there all alone, I stared up at the stars with huge tears streaming down my cheeks while I prayed to Heavenly Father for understanding and comfort.

I just could not believe the poor timing of things, my mother and sister were called out of town; I was ordered by the doctor to wear braces on both feet where I was not able to walk around with out help or with my cane; and due to the stress of this and other issues, I broke out in boils on my body. Now several of the sores on my legs had become infected, requiring the bandages to be changed a number of times per day. Lost in his own world of despair, my husband was unable to cope with the issues at hand, and kept to himself in the garage.

Feeling even more overwhelmed and alone, I sat in the middle of my living room on the floor, unable to handle one more thing. I looked about my large and beautiful home and the tears began to flow again. What I saw were the few things I was keeping, but they needed to be packed for storage until my husband and I would start a new future somewhere else together. I placed my face in my hands and prayed again to Heavenly Father saying , “I just can’t do this alone! Please help me! Please give me strength to keep on going.”

All of a sudden, there was a knock at my front door. To my surprise on the front step stood six little Hispanic children grinning from ear to ear. Later I learned that their ages ranged from three to eleven years-old.

Speaking in broken English, the oldest child cheerfully said, “We are here to help you.” I was not sure how they could help me, but for some reason I welcomed them into my home. I noticed the oldest one looking around for what needed to be done, her English was the best over all of them. Spotting some of my grandchildren's toys, she asked me if her baby brother could play with them while the rest of her brothers and sisters worked for me. I agreed, but still in shock and disbelief, I remained sitting on the living room floor and watched in amazement as the eldest child took charge. In Spanish, she told her bother and three sisters what she thought that they could do to best help me. The sisters went to the bathroom and packed it up very nicely in boxes. She had her brother moving the larger items into the guest room that would be going into storage. And last but not least, she and her next younger sister carefully packed the precious pictures that I could not let go of and just had to keep.

While packing the pictures, the younger sister shouted out “Jesus’ Christi!” Stunned, I asked the eldest,“What happened?” Excitedly she told me, "We have this very same picture of Jesus as you do in our own house!"

Again tears ran down my face, but this time they were tears of joy, for at that very moment I knew these Little Angels were sent to me from God! I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers, but there was more of my prayer to be answered—and it was!

It was now late and I was exhausted. The eldest child sent the four youngest children home. She then turned to me and asked if there was one more thing that she and her sister could do to help me, as though they already knew my answer. Through grateful tears of humility, I told them that they could help me with one more thing. Struggling with my braces and cane to get up off the floor, they reached down and helped me while I explained to the older sister what I still needed and the importance of using rubber gloves that I provided. She then turned to her sister, who did not understand English and told her in Spanish, “Debemos avudar y limpio cambiar la venda en las pernas donde ella no puede alcanzar.” Meaning: to help clean and change the dressings on my legs that I could not reach.

As the day wore on and these two girls helped me, I became comfortable with their nurturing and loving spirit that allowed me to trust their care. They had become timeless and ageless to me, and oddly enough, I did not doubt when they took charge because somehow I felt they were advanced souls. These sweet young sisters then helped me put my braces back on and helped me to my bed. They tucked the covers around me, kissed me on my forehead and said, “Buenas noches,” and slipped quietly out of the room.

I laid there ever so still so I could hear the sound of their precious foot steps—of two of God’s Angels leaving my home.

Early in the morning I was awakened by my mother's soothing voice on the phone. She told me that her and my sister were now on their way to my home, and would finish the rest of my yard-sale, the remaining packing and cleaning up.

Now everything I prayed for was answered. I was not left alone. I was helped and given more than I needed. Most important, I was given strength to endure all my losses. Am I grateful? You bet I am and with all my heart!

Cheryl Ann Eadie

P.S. As to what happened to my precious 5 Piece - Victorian Bedroom Set? It went to the highest bidder: Onjinjinkta, my mother, which is being stored for me until I have a home that is large enough for it again. Oh Yes! My heart is full of Gratitude!




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