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Mishayle's Near-Death Experience



My name is Dana & my daughter’s name is Mishayle and we are from the Blackfeet nation. Mishayle is now 11 and told me that when she was 6, she went to heaven & was with Jesus. I wondered why she suddenly was telling me this and she explained, “Because Jesus said you are ready. You are prepared now to hear my story. He told me to tell my story now and don't be ashamed, to come out of the dark and ‘speak now, tell your story.’”

Mishayle had just won her battle with cancer and was 6 at the time. In August 2006, she got very sick and her body was fighting a viral infection that apparently attacked her heart. We brought her up to the hospital and the doctors and nurses were working on her. She remembers leaving her body and floating above her body while looking at what the doctor was doing. She then went through the curtains and saw me and four other family members. Then she was in the waiting room looking at the rest of her family. Suddenly she was back in her body that was moved to a “jet on our way to Seattle children’s hospital.”

Mishayle said she woke up and was on green grass. The smell was the first thing she noticed, a beautiful sweet, sweet smell like a sweet, sweet flower. The grass was very bright and there were many colors. “I saw a rainbow and the next thing I looked at myself and my skin wasn’t skin. I was wearing a really pretty white dress.” She remembers saying, “Mom where are you?” Next a man came out of the brush. He was laughing and the angel that was standing near said “Don’t be afraid, he is our Lord Jesus”

Mishayle continued to tell me about Jesus, “Jesus reached out for me and he held me. I felt like a tiny baby. I didn’t have no pain, no pain. I felt so free. I felt so much love. We started walking down a path. We came to a big mansion or a castle maybe. And inside the window was Jesus’ mother Mary. She was looking out the window at us. In back of her it was raining rose petals. We kept walking and came to a room. When Jesus went in, everyone got happy to see him. We heard a loud voice say "you’re doing a good job my son." And Jesus said, “Thank you father, have mercy father, I love you father.” He said, “Lift your hands up and pray.” It was so strong, angels were singing.

We went to another place with babies. I seen bassinets with names: Anna, John, David, and Noah. Jesus said, “Which one makes you happy?” Mishayle said she looked at them and asked, “Who is Noah?” She said she then got to hold Noah who was giggling and smiling. Jesus said, “This is your baby brother, Noah. Soon you will see him.

They then went to another area where my daughter saw all kinds of animals. Jesus said, “What is your favorite animal?” She answered “penguins” and said she then got to be a penguin “just for awhile.”

Mishayle continued, “soon Jesus told me go play and be free, to play because at home I didn’t get to play since I was always so sick. I was free, I was happy. No pain, no pain, I was free! I was on a swing and felt a flutter on my back. I looked back and I had small wings. Jesus said, ‘You look like a butterfly, my darling, you have wings because you're beautiful.’"

Then my daughter said that Jesus let her choose, “I will give you a choice. You can either stay and won’t suffer anymore or you can go back. I will give you a second chance, you go back and tell the people I'm real, heaven is real. When you are sick, call on me and I will help you, I will heal you. I didn’t give you cancer. It was the bad guy downstairs and he is a liar. This is not a dream, this is real. Tell the people that I Love my people and that Jesus is real.”

Mishayle cried, “I don’t want to leave, I don’t want to leave but I don’t want to make my mom cry. I don’t want to hurt her, I miss her, but I don’t want to leave. I choose to go back, I know I must tell the people my story.”

Jesus said, “I Love you and soon I will see you again. Now go and tell the people your story. Don’t forget me.” Then my daughter woke up from her coma in Seattle. She saw me waiting for her to wake up. I know she is so close to Jesus. She is always talking about the angels amongst us.

I hope and pray I can help her with the loneliness she feels. How can I help her and comfort her when she is lonesome for a place that is not here? Betty said it wasn’t easy for her when she came back and now I understand through my little girl when she is lonesome for heaven. We just continue to pray for her heart and her mind to find peace.

Dana Weasel




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