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Hello all, I have just come through grieving for both my parents.

I had assisted my mother through her death and dying process for a year from the time she was diagnosed with cancer until the day she passed over to the other side. Then while I was in my grieving for her, my dad's health started failing, and so I was another year with him in his death and dying process.

Needless to state, I now had multiply grieving issues. I was so lonely for my dad and mom that I would sometimes have to pull over to the side of the road to just let the tears roll!

I attended a "Hospice" info session an hour from my home. I was encouraging others in my extended family to get help for their grieving issues. I did not realize that I was the one who needed the help the most! This information made so much sense and helped me to understand why I was so tired all the time, why I was angry at the littlest things, why I had to learn to say "NO" to my family and why I was crying all the time for no reason.

One of the sessions that Hospice offered was called "Healing Hands". Of course I made an appointment for my niece first. Then I decided to try it with her, so when we drove to our sessions, there were just the two of us.

As you come into the house where hospice works out of, you would walk either immediately to your left to one massage room or you go straight across the living room to another room that has glass doors. I ended up taking the one where you have to walk across the room to get to the massage room with the glass doors. As we got started, there were two ladies who were going to work on me and two in the other room with my niece.

I was laying on the table with my eyes closed when I heard the outer door open. Next I heard footsteps come across the floor, and open then close the door to the room I was in. As I was being worked on, I could feel three pairs of hands on my body. One set of hands was at my head, one was on my thighs and legs, and then another set of hands were holding and massaging the bottom of my two feet.

Once everything was done (nobody left the room) I sat up to say “Thank You” but I saw that there were only two women in the room with me. I said, “Where is the other lady?” Both the women looked at each other and back at me. Then one spoke up and said, “Sorry, but we are the only two here.” I said, “NO!” And I told them what I heard and what I felt. One of the ladies said that they sometimes get help from the other side. So I said, “Well there definitely was someone else here helping me!”

After that session I started to feel some energy again and I was more at peace within. Then a few months after that happened I saw an "Angel" card reader. The first thing she said to me was that the other side knows that I am tired and want to go home to be with my mom and dad but that I have work on this side to do yet! I was shocked because I had been praying to go home as I was tired of all the trials and tribulations in my life!

So I am here to testify that we have angels looking out for us and working on our behalf to fulfill whatever it is that we have to do on this side! I know because I am still here and starting to be a helper in my community once again. Thank you Creator for taking good care of me and my family. I love you Creator!

Geraldine J.




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