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My ‘heavenly encounter’ happened when I was around the age of 12 and lasted for a few months. I remember I felt honoured, initially, to have had such an experience. As time went on however, I casually accepted it as “just one of those things,” as many children do. I moved further along my teenage years and into early adulthood and the experience faded. I put it firmly to the back of my mind. This I did for a couple of reasons: 

a) I had many more important things to attend to in my life! 

b) I guess I was worried what reaction I would get from other people. (I had never read any books on the subject and had no idea whether my experience would be considered normal or freaky!). 

I saw the face of Jesus, on the wall behind me whenever I looked at my bathroom mirror (Yes, I thought it was strange at first too!). Face of JesusThe face of Jesus I saw was a traditional looking one, with long hair and beard, etc. He did not have a broad smile but I do remember feeling the compassion from the image and I also remember feeling protected. Understandably, I was a little taken aback by what I saw at first. I would leave the bathroom and return within moments to see if ‘He’ was still there—and sure enough, he was! This went on for some time and it became common place for me to stay and stare and even chat with the image on the wall! Looking back, I was worried about sharing this with anyone in case they thought I had completely lost my mind and I never had the confidence to bring it up in conversation. However, it was something I experienced and as I grow older I do not tend to worry now what others think. I know what I saw and I feel very privileged to have had the experience! 

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