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If we will watch and realize the power we all have within, we can be alerted and premature death can be averted. I have many stories of miracles & interventions where my life, as well as others, have been spared from going before our time. Though I'm not religious, I do have a relationship with my God, the source of all, within my being. I realize that we all have everything we will ever need within our being. Every person on earth has this (no matter what your religion). If you have a need, you can go within and take whatever we need from the Kingdom of Heaven!

Once, in prayer, I became aware of impending danger for my sister, Barbara. I prayed and sensed that she needed prayer or else she would die. Then confirmation came in a dream. In this dream, I went to heaven to find her. As I did, an angel greeted me. He said I was not here to stay so I could not see Jesus Christ yet. I was given a little glimpse around this place while I waited to see why I was sent here. There was a room where little children were playing with alphabet blocks. I was very intrigued as I read the word "Milk" written in blocks, then, I saw a milk carton with pictures of missing children, and many were here. There were so many little ones and one particular little girl tugged on my dress and asked me to tell her mommy that she was OK and that she was with Jesus in Heaven.

I saw another room where there were many empty plastic garment gift bags, the type you would see in a drycleaners. I sensed that garments awaited these bags. I also met my grandmother Lillie, who I am named after. She asked me if I knew her and I certainly did recognize who she was. Even though I never knew her very well, I told her that I did know her! It was a beautiful and loving experience but it was really brief. I then went to a place like a soccer field. I thought to myself, "Kenny, my son, would be so happy to know that God likes soccer too!"

Then I saw her sitting on the sideline of the stadium, my sister Barbara. Indeed I knew she made it to heaven but I also sensed that the Lord wanted me to intercede in her life for this to manifest. I did just that. I would ask the Spirit within me to give me words of life in prayer for her. Then I just put the situation into God's hands and let go of the whole matter. Afterward, I told Barbara about the prayer burden and dream and that I wanted for her to be careful and to pray for protection. She didn't know what to make of it, and probably thought I was a little silly since this was just a dream!

Not too long afterward, my sister was at work in a plastic factory where they made garment bags and other plastic items. While inspecting a giant plastic cutting machine, her clothing got caught and her leg and upper thigh were crushed and mangled in the blades. Had someone not been there to rescue her, she would've been crushed and met an untimely death. She told me that as soon as this happened, she realized my dream was truly from God, warning me to intercede for her life. Did she remember my words? Absolutely!

God did not remove her from the situation, but he went through it with her just like it says in the Psalm, "Yea, thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me." (Psalm 23;4). There is a power within every human being available to meet your every need and desire—you just have to draw on it. People think God is in religion but "The Kingdom of God is within you....now!" Are you sick? He is health! Are you lonely? He is your fulfillment! Are you poor? He is your abundance! Ask, seek and keep knocking—God is love and love never fails!  

Lillie J.




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