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Clinically Dead for Seven Minutes



It is indeed a very special event in our lives when the veil between this world and the next is parted and we are allowed even a brief glimpse of it. I am coming to know, this is done for a reason. This does not happen to everyone because many of us are already on our true path in life and do not need this information presented to us in such a powerful way.

I had an aunt who recently passed away who had had a death experience many years and who came back to us. I could not believe the similarities between her story and yours. In many ways, I thought that it was a recitation of nearly the same story. My Aunt was in a terrible car crash many years ago. Her was killed and other family members were injured with her being the worst of them. She had been thrown into the windshield of their car, shattering it and doing great harm to her.

She said that she became aware that she was floating in a room and that several doctors and nurses were deeply concerned about someone and were working furiously to save that person's life. It was only then that she looked down and saw her own broken body in a hospital bed. She was not at all concerned about this and felt wonderfully calm and peaceful... serene was the word she used.

She saw beautiful golden light above her and was attracted to it. Without conscious effort, she moved toward this light, passing through the ceiling of the room and through the hospital building. As she neared the light, the Earth became flat, almost 2 dimensional. Things seemed to have height and width but no depth. Colors faded to near black, white, and gray with only tinges of their normal color on them.

Suddenly, she was in the most beautiful garden she had ever seen with soft golden light everywhere. She intuitively understood that this light was the love of God. There were many wonderfully scented flowering plants that had blossoms of many beautiful colors. As they were stirred by a gentle breeze, they made a soft tinkling sound that was their music. There were also some very colorful butterflies and some small brightly colored birds that would sing. Both the butterflies and the birds would come close to her, looking at her with inquisitive eyes. They had no fear of her at all and she was delighted to see them so close to her. There was a beautiful fountain in the middle of the garden with water tinkling and splashing into a large basin. There was grass as well and it was incredibly soft, cool, and green.

After a time, a bearded man came to her who was dressed in a pure white robe of what looked like silk. He had a sash of golden silk and golden sandals on his feet. He told her that her Earth body had been terribly injured and would die if there was no heavenly intervention. He said that she could choose to remain here in heaven or return to Earth but that if she returned she would know considerable pain and perhaps disfigurement from her crash. She really wanted to stay in such a beautiful place and thought about it for what seemed like several minutes. At last she spoke to him and said that her family needed her and that it would be best if she returned. He didn't say anything but nodded and smiled slightly as if approving of her choice.

The garden scene faded and she was back in the hospital room with the doctors and nurses working even more frantically now. She neared her body and suddenly was back inside it. She said that it felt cold, clumsy, heavy, and very limited to her but that she knew that this is where she needed to be in spite of the pain. Her recovery from her accident was long, as her injuries were many. She had several surgeries to repair the damage to her body as well as to her face. The pain was bad but seemed as nothing compared to the empty place in her heart from the loss of her son but she knew that he was in a wonderful place and that they would again be together someday. She drew great comfort from that.

Months later, she spoke to her doctor about this but left out many of the details because she believed it too private to discuss. She only said that she had had a vision while in the hospital. The doctor said that this was common and was likely due to a combination of drugs and pain. She then went on to describe in perfect detail what had happened in her hospital room at the time . She described each person, where they were, what they did, and what they said. The doctor was amazed. He told her that she came into the hospital unconscious and near death and that in spite of their best efforts, she had died and that they were working to revive her. He said that she had been clinically dead for 7 minutes but that they had managed to revive her and save her life. She thanked the doctor and the others for their efforts but knew that they were only a part of her story and that others in heaven had also worked to save her Earth life.

It was several years before she related this story to my mom, who is her younger sister. They were always close and shared a strong bond of love so it was natural that Aunt would share this story with her, if anyone.  





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