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While praying, I heard God's Voice say, "An angel will come to you, with a message." It was midnight, when suddenly I felt a wind blowing inside of me, like a great storm! I felt a sensation of my spirit getting disconnected from my body then in a few seconds I left my body. I felt I was floating over my body and before I knew it, I was travelling at a phenomenal rate of speed with wind blowing in my ears. I had gone right through the ceiling into the sky. I could feel the cool breeze of the wind outside, also the chill of the clouds in the air. Then I found myself deep in space moving at an unbelievable speed going to see God the Father in Heaven, the night was peaceful, millions of stars at every side shining brightly. I became a bit scared as we continued higher and higher, I was floating on top of a solid cloud. I even moved my right foot slightly forward as I felt I might fall. We Passed by the moon, it was very big and shining brightly. I said, "Wow! This is the moon we always see on the earth, but now it was just nearby. It was an awesome experience.

I don't know how we got inside but I was dropped in the middle of Paradise. Where I was standing, it was a place of very green grass. It was well manicured. The place was a vast and endless creation. I could see this very clearly. Just a distance to the south, I saw a big golden palace. It had two big pillars. The doors were shut. Right there I saw two big angels in front of the palace. I saw that their colors were similar to the palace. They were huge, holding golden books or scrolls in their hands. As they were walking towards Us, I heard the Vision Voice Speak in my right ear saying, "That's the Throne Of God (since there are many Throne rooms in Heaven used for different purposes such as instruction, intercession). The Voice continued telling me the names of the angels, what they do (their duties), and several other things explaining what I saw!

I saw a wide stream of water or river flowing from the right side of the palace, flowing right in front of me going towards the East. This river was carrying crystal clear water. There was grass between me and the river, as well as between the river and the palace. I saw some Heavenly saints busy doing their chores, I then saw Joseph, the second last born of Jacob, the Biblical character passing. In Heaven, you just know things intuitively and function with revelation knowledge. I saw some intense rays of Light coming from my left eye. At this point, I had been focusing on the wonderful majestic, Golden Palace in the South, with the huge crystalline river flowing from it. So I turned around to see the source of this magnificent Light. On turning, to face the east gate of the city, I saw the multi-colored light rushing towards me; it had many living colors in it, such as gold, red, white, and yellow mixed up together yet retaining their own individual properties. This Light was projecting from the Central Throne Room of God, in the middle of the City of GOD! It is like I walked into a well lit auditorium. There was an explosion of all the attributes of God: such as Love, peace, and joy in my spirit. It's like I was bathed into pure waves of God's Presence. Nothing could hold the instant burst of marvel, excitement, praise, and adoration to God. I was given a revelation that where I was standing is where one day all the saints will gather in Heaven.

I could see through the light, the beautiful landscape of Heaven, God's beautiful planet, vast endless jungles, mountains, hills afar, trees, grass, just creation of Heaven going on forever and ever: The River of Life passing through the middle of Paradise. It seemed that the light I saw kept this creation alive, adding vigor and vibrancy to them. There were many people around: some very far, very busy doing different tasks. For some period I just stood there in amazement. There were too many words coming to my mind at the same time to express praise to God, so I shouted, "Wowwww!" It's like the realization and awareness of the beauty of Heaven was impressed deep in my soul. I could not contain the breathtaking beauty of Heaven: all the love, the peace, the glory, it was very marvelous. I felt that if I stayed there for sometime in this arena for a longer period, I would explode. It was too much for me. I didn't know what to say.

I tell you, in Heaven you will be thrilled! You can spend one hundred years looking at an incredible flower, never ceasing to be amazed. Imagine gazing upon Him Who Created all these wonderful things? There are many things I can't describe. There is no word in the dictionary that can be used to describe the beauty I saw and the feelings I felt adequately.

Then, I found myself in my room getting in my body. I saw a Gold Light escaping through the window. I wanted to rush and hold it, but it was too late. I assume it was the angel guide who took me to Heaven. In the spirit realm, there is no time. My trip could have been hours. I didn't have time to look at the clock when I came back, I was so overcome by what I saw. I got in my body, I opened my eyes! I knew I had just come from Heaven!  

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