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I had this experience in the early morning hours back when my 24 year-old son was born and sleeping in a bassinet to the side of my bed. I was awake but still laying in bed and started saying a prayer. At the time, I was 50 /50 on my faith—until my usual one way prayer, this time, became a two-way conversation.

In the prayer I was saying, “Please forgive me for things that I have done.” And all of a sudden Jesus was inside of me some how. There were no flashes of light or claps of thunder, yet I saw him standing with his arms wide open in a white robe. In an instant I felt that he knew everything about me and I felt embraced by an unconditional love that earthly terms cannot explain.

He never spoke with words, I just knew what he was saying. His message was in my thoughts. I knew at that moment I was home. Somehow it was familiar to me, this place where everything is known about everyone and nobody is unloved because of what they do or have done.

From this experience I can say that God knows every thought, deed, every-everything about you! There are no secrets and no need for words. I felt like he and I were of one mind because the communication had no beginning and no end and not even in thoughtójust a surround-sound feeling of knowing.

Unconditional love! That is what is there for us all. I jumped up, feeling a surge of energy shoot through my body as I bounced around my house in wonder and energized like nothing I have felt before! Interestingly, I didn't tell anyone about this experience for years because I thought no one would believe me and I was still trying to understand it myself.

I did know from that moment forward that without a doubt, God was actually real. I say, “I know” because it is not just a belief, it's a "knowing." And even in the retelling of this story, I know that somehow the magnificence of the moment seems lost. Mere words cannot express the amazing love that filled my being as it illuminated the way back home.

The temple truly is within because that is where Jesus was. He was within me somehow. How? I don't know but that is what moved me from belief into the knowing…and on to my journey to here and now and in search of who we really are.

The only comparable experiences to what happened to me on that sunny winter morning, I have heard and read about from those who have had near-death experiences. When I hear them struggle to find the words to try to explain the unexplainable, I understand their challenge.  





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