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Whenever I attempt to describe my experience I feel as though my words cannot give full description of what I have seen and felt.

I was 24 years old at the time. I had been asking God in my prayers a question over and over again. I asked, "Do I belong to you God? Am I really yours?" I guess I was hoping for a feeling of peace in my question, that God would answer my prayer by giving me peace.

Then one day I was driving in my car with the radio playing. I was not really thinking about anything other then small stuff regarding my day. Then all of a sudden I was not driving. I was not in my car anymore. I was actually being cradled by light, and this light I knew very well! My soul knew of this love because it recognized this love. It felt familiar in a very pure and natural way. The light held me like one would cradle a child (behind my legs and behind my back and neck). The light loved me tremendously. I was the child and the light was my Father. Words fall short as this love was like no love on earth. One cannot love to this level as a mortal on earth—this love transcends earthly love. It is perfect love, very powerful unconditional love. While being cradled, my eyes were closed and I was actually snuggling into the light. I was taking my head and pressing against the loving light. The light of love had mass to it and was extremely powerful.

Then I became aware that I could see myself, as if I were standing in front of me watching myself being cradled. I examined my face. I was at peace and I looked perfect, a perfect version of myself. I saw how I was enjoying this moment and I could see how my eyes were closed. The light illuminated much differently than the light of the earth that reflects off surfaces. This light was much brighter and more beautiful and it was separate from me. The light did not illuminate me. My being or body was separate from the light. Every single particle of the light was alive and loving me. Then I went from looking at myself straight on to seeing myself from a more distant side view. I could see the large light cascade downward towards me as it cradled my body. The lights presence is so powerful and full of a perfect love. I felt mesmerized at its beauty and strength.

Then I felt someone speak to me from inside of me. The voice said, "No matter what, my love will never lessen for you. I won't turn from you, but you have the choice to turn from me." I must say when you are in the presence of this perfect Love one would think, why would I ever turn away?

Suddenly and all at once I was back driving my car. This experience seemed to be all of about 20-30 seconds for me. But the time on earth was as though I just blinked...not even one second. As soon as I came back in the car I felt a huge separation. I knew that while I'm here on earth I will never have that perfect love. Then years later I read "Embraced" and I felt this profound truth to Betty's experience and I have reflected on her experience at different points in my life.

Thank You Father.

New York




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