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My blessed aunt was diagnosed with emphysema and had a long and difficult time before she passed away. She was cremated and I never had the chance to see her earthly body at the services. About a month after she passed, God allowed her spirit to visit me in a dream, and then appearing in my bedroom.

I had a dream that there were two levels, like a building, except that they were totally flat. There were "men" working on each level and they all had very serious faces and were in uniforms. I'm not sure what that meant, but I found myself on the lower level which overlooked a body of water. I saw in the distance a woman in a boat with her back toward me. I was attracted to her, and I found my body floating towards her.

When I arrived she turned around and I woke up to see her at the foot of my bed. I realized it was my deceased aunt. She looked so beautiful and radiant. Light sprung out in all directions from her. She had on a dress of rope-type attire that was a color hard to describe. The color was off white with a slight hue of blue and it looked translucent. I cannot describe the amount of intense love I felt coming from her. I have never experienced that feeling before. She outstretched her arms as if she wanted to embrace me.

Suddenly my earthly mind took over and I thought, "This is my aunt and she is dead." As the shock sunk in, she disappeared. I knew in my heart that God sent her to me for a reason, so I began to pray to our Heavenly Father, "Why did you send her to me tonight?"

The answer came immediately to my mind. It was not a voice, rather it was inside my head. The words were, "Give them the book." I immediately knew that the book was "Embraced by the Light," and that "they" were her children. I promptly sent it to them and they were comforted and blessed with the message.

For about a month after the experience, I felt bothered by mundane chores like getting dinner ready. All I wanted to do was think about the feeling of love that came to me. Everything else seemed unimportant. When I thought about it, I re-experienced the feeling of love to some extent. Gradually over time, the intensity of the deep feelings faded. But I can still remember the event clearly even though I don't have the strong feelings I had at the time of the experience.

Even so I feel blessed, I got to experience a piece of Heaven and I will never forget how wonderful God's divine love feels! I am grateful to Betty that she wrote of her experience in her book. It can bless so many people who have lost a loved one. I'm also thankful to God that he let my aunt visit me after her passing to give her children a message.

Christina Della Nebbia




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