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95 “Traveling at the Speed of Light” Lara
94 “Mum's Death Gave Me Life” Priti
93 “Give Them The Book” Christina Della Nebbia
92 Don't Be Fooled By Appearances Kevin H.
91 I fell to my knees and wept Jacob
90 Cradled In Arms of Love Heather
89 Flatlining - Over and Over Alan McDougal
88 The Unexplainable Carol
87 The Paradise of God Othusitse Mmusi
86 Clinically Dead for Seven Minutes Jacob
85 Pronounced Dead Three Times from The Ripple Effect
84 The Kingdom of God Is Within Lillie J.
83 Jesus in the Mirror Ron M.
82 My Questions Melted Away Like Butter DeeDee
81 When Jesus Called Me Home Prentis Goodwin
80 My Stillborn Daughter
The Sweetest Love I’ve Ever Felt
79 “Healing Hands” Geraldine J.
78 Jesus Will Never Drop Me Elisabeth K.
77 Mishayle's Near-Death Experence Dana Weasel
76 You Are Not Alone Nichole Leanne Smith
75 Six Little Angels Cheryl Ann Eadie
74 Little Clara Johan & Marianne
73 "I'm dead! Really, really dead!" W.W.
72 Heavenly Voices Katherine Stabropoulos
   71 My Motorcycle and My Angel R. Cook
  70 Everything Will Be Okay Vilma
  69 12:24 Sandy Dollar Griffin
  68 Dear God, Let Me Know
My Son is with You
Jan DeLaigle
  67 Angelica is Still With Me Veronica Williams
  66 A Bubble of Perfect Love Linda F.
  65 The Most Sweetest Kiss R.L.H.
  64 "It's all right now, Babe." Carol Christopher
  63 Healing Hands  
  62 A Heavenly Chapel Janet R.
  61 One Tough Angel Annie
  60 An Eighty-foot Fall Into Heaven from The Ripple Effect
  59 Visiting Mom G.H.
  58 Peace and Perfume Diane G.
  57 My Baby and The Angel S.B.
  56 A Motorcycle Ride to Heaven William Hays
  55 "Mammy" from The Ripple Effect
  54 No More Tears for Becky from The Ripple Effect
  53 An Angel Among the Azaleas Carol Ruth Resch
  52 The Front Walk Marilyn Zelinsky Syarto
  51 And Then They Danced! Carolyn Murphy
  50 My Spiritual Journey with Billy Anne W.
  49 Jim's Visit Laurel Stark
  48 A Sign from Mother from The Ripple Effect
  47 A Skeptic Receives Assurance L.M.
  46 The Big Us Joan Fountain
  45 Sacred Paths Two Wolf Dancing
  44 Comfort Unending Jane M.
  43 Meant To Be Sandy Dollar Griffin
  42 He's with Me Peggy C.
  41 Homesick Kim E.
  40 He Never Forgets! Niina Jensen
  39 My Testimony Donald D. Lewis
  38 He Was Really There Nanci J. Volz
  37 One LastTime Omahama
  36 The Living and The Dead Judy
  35 Worried No More L.H.
  34 An End to Sadness Abagail
  33 Three With Embraced Tracy Dankmyer, Dan,
and Carole Lynne McCormick
  32 Two Who Slip Away B. Langman and Lourdes Casas
  31 A Beautiful Place Joan Rae
  30 Awakened By My Mom Kallie K.
  29 His Secret Place Lynell F.
  28 My Memories of Heaven Marilyn Williams
  27 My Son Saw The Light Kim K. Wood
  26 Two Beloved Dads Carol and RW
  25 A Heavenly High David D.
  24 A Greater Power Melissa Bellaire
  23 Jesus On A Cloud Angela Cloyd
  22 Pennies From Destiny Brenda Burnett
  21 The Precious Truth Tina Kettler
  20 Quest For Love L.P.
  19 To Praise Him Tim Hill
  18 (added to #43)  
  17 Angel Escort Bruce Breauxam
  16 The Other Side of the Bed Liz Weyhknecht
  15 My Pepere Ken Landry
  14 Gratitude for "Embraced" Virginia Harris
  13 "Oklahoma" Surprise J.M.B.
  12 A World So Near Sandy Holte
  11 The Lord Had Better Plans J K Langan
  10 Daddy's Touch P.C.
  9 I'm Fine, I'm Happy Now Jeff McKay and Catherine Hall
  8 Breath of New Life Dennis Kelly
  7 Life, Jesus, and Fred Mary P.
  6 Remember Love Eric S.
  5 Seashells and Pearls Zana Cvjetkovic
  4 Father's Day with my Dad, "St. Pompeii" Herbie J. Pilato
  3 A Soldier in the Night Bonnie McPhail
  2 To Remind Me of a Mother's Love Robyn
  1 Good-bye My Friend Mindy O'Brien

Betty's Introduction

Heavenly Encounters

     Since writing Embraced By The Light, I have received many letters sharing readers' own near-death experiences or other kinds of spiritual events connected with heaven. These experiences never fail to amaze me and fill me with love for a Heavenly Father who, through his grace and wisdom, grants such blessings to his children. He knows each one of us perfectly, and he allows spiritual experiences into our lives which can benefit our personal growth in ways perhaps unattainable by other means.

     In our day, God is revealing spiritual knowledge to perhaps greater numbers of people than before. These are everyday people who have no formal calling to the religious ministry. Most of these spiritual manifestations come uninvited and unexpected by those who receive them. Some are full-blown near-death experiences. Others, merely brief glimpses of spirit beings, or a softly whispered word or name. Regardless, the effect on those who experience glimpses of heaven is the same. Understanding of God or of the spirit world is magnified in some specific way. Comfort comes. Hearts are changed. Lives are set more firmly upon a path of faith and upon the recognition that earth is bound inseparably to heaven. That each life here carries a purpose which is eternally important in God's greater plan.

     I share these experiences, some under conditions of anonymity, because I know that sharing them will touch hearts and change lives. It is good, as the spirit prompts us, to speak of our spiritual experiences. To bring a witness to others of the kind and loving nature of our Creator. To add to the ripple effect of spiritual understanding and Godly love which is beginning to swell all over the globe. May it continue on and on, until people everywhere know God and love him and look to him in faith, not fear. This is my unending prayer and the purpose behind all I do.

In God's love,


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If you would like to share your own Heavenly Encounter on my web site, you may create and email your story here. Unless you mention that you prefer your initials, your full name will be used on the web site.

Please do not send attachments by email. Include what you would like to share in the body of a regular email message. Please share everything your heart prompts you to share, however, keep in mind that being brief is usually best. I and my editors reserve the right to edit your story for length or for clarity in order to provide the best possible experience for readers, though we will be extra sensitive to the content of what you share.

I regret that for copyright reasons I may not be able to use your experience if it has been published in a book or posted elsewhere on the Internet. With this in mind, I respectfully request that you not send previously published or posted experiences. I nor my company claim any rights to your submission. By having your experience posted on my web site, you still retain all rights to your story. My copyright at the bottom of the page simply provides some protection against others using your story elsewhere without permission.

I caution you to search your heart to be sure you feel comfortable sharing your spiritual experience with the public. If you feel reserved or unsure about sharing, then the experience may be meant for you alone. Or you may need to wait for more time to pass. However, if you feel joyous at the thought of sharing, then by all means, share! Let others benefit from the increased faith that comes by sharing heavenly miracles and spiritual experiences.

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