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Site Information


This is the only official website of “Embraced By The Light.” I work with my webmaster to personally oversee every detail of each area. It is important to me that what you find here is both spiritually uplifting and pleasing to you. I read every message left on my site, whether in the guestbook or on the prayer request page, which I think of more like a chapel, or ‘tipi wakan’ (meaning Holy Temple, or dwelling place in the Lakota language).

Please visit often and let me know if there is anything wanting, or how I can better serve you. Let me encourage you to share the miracles of God in your life.

God bless you.


Betty - The Betty J. Eadie Web Site
is owned by me and operated by my company
Onjinjinkta Productions, LLC
P.O. Box 3143 Bellevue, WA 98009-3143

Onjinjinkta Productions is a registered trademark.


Site Navigation


To return to the home page from most areas of the website, click  on the "Homerose," which is the rose icon located at the top left of most pages. All areas can be accessed from links on my homepage, as well as the site map that lists links to all areas of the site.

About My Books contains information about all the books I've written as well as sample pages.

About Me contains a brief "bio" and is linked to Media History/Press Clippings.

On the page The Message of “Embraced” Through Video are YouTube videos of interviews with me and others who have been a part of the work of "Embraced."

Please visit each page and become spiritually uplifted and encouraged. However, if you only have a few minutes, might I suggest that you browse God's Tiny Miracles and Acts of Kindness.

Heavenly Encounters contain actual accounts of spiritual experiences sent from readers for me to share. They are in greater depth, as are the Mother's Prayers.

If you feel in need of prayer you might leave a request in the Embraced By The Light Prayer Chapel. The Chapel is visited by volunteers daily from around the world to pray for all requests left there. Your added prayers whether posted, or held silent, are always welcome and thank you, God bless you!

The EBTL Message Board is a place to find others who like yourself found comfort and inspiration in "Embraced" or other of my books.

And before you leave, please sign my Guestbook.

To become actively involved in study as well as to give some time in service through prayer, please read the pages in the section for W.A.V.E.S. and if the spirit leads you, come join me and other like-minded people!

To read more of what I was shown about Native Ways and Native spirituality visit Native Paths.

The left column on my home page lists all the sections contained in my website for easy access. Reading another's experience can bless us by helping us know we are not alone, that others struggle similarly and reading their triumphs and blessings is always encouraging through our own trials. Please feel free to share your own life experiences. There are instructions for submissions contained in each section.





Email addressed to Betty J. Eadie come directly to me. Though I am able to answer some email messages, I cannot answer all of them personally. However, I want you to know that I prayerfully read my mail and send out love and prayers in behalf of all who write to me.

Tom Eadie is the General Manager of my bookstore, Onjinjinkta Books, and he also manages requests for speaking engagements.

Please report to my webmaster Email the Webmaster any problems that you might find on my site. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome and important to me.

The Contact Me page contains both email and U.S. Mail contact information.


Online Store - Onjinjinkta Books


Onjinjinkta Books, helps further my efforts to reach the people God sent me back to reach with his message of unconditional love. Thank you, your purchase adds you to the ripple effect of this incredible effort to reach God's children all over the world.

For more questions about the Store, please email CustomerService.


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