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Embraced By The Light
A mission of love

Knowing that writing a book was part of her mission, Betty had made earlier attempts to write in 1987 but the timing was not right. Now she is told “It is time.” and the book just flows. Awakened during the night sometimes, Betty is prompted to write and completes the entire book in almost 4 weeks. Click on the two minute video above to find out what this was like from her husband Joe's perspective.

By the fall of 1992 Betty's manuscript is complete. Curtis Taylor of Aspen Books hears about Betty's experience and is passionate about publishing her book. Gold Leaf Press is then formed for the sole purpose of publishing “Embraced By The Light.”

Things move quickly as Betty's manuscript is submitted to her editors, then back to Betty for her final notes. Click on the above photo to see the date of this “Final” copy of her manuscript. In two short months, Betty writes her manuscript, it is published and Embraced becomes the top selling book in the Salt Lake area.

The original cover of Embraced By The Light published the end of November 1992 by Gold Leaf Press.

From the fax above: “We're going crazy here—your book is ‘flying’ out of the stores...”

From the beginning, Betty's schedule is filled with events that remove her from the safety and comfort of her family and home, a sacrifice she makes willingly to get the message of God's love out to all who are waiting.

With Betty at the closet and her daughter Donna making notes, they put together Betty's attire for the next few weeks of speaking engagements, interviews and book-signings.

People are eager to purchase Betty's book, and with the book stores unable to keep it in stock, 7,000 converge on a high school auditorium, all excited to hear Betty and purchase a copy of her book. Some later said they didn't even know why they were travelling that night, they just felt an "incredible energy" and followed everyone else.

By February 8, 1993, Betty's book is the Mountain West's number one best-selling book—it's message: “Love is supreme...Love must govern.”

Excerpts from Betty's book...and about Betty, “Her experience was so powerful that it remains with her every hour of each day. In sharing it, she hopes that it may touch the hearts of others, bringing them closer to the Love that awaits us all.”

From the “get-go,”
Embraced By The Light stirred controversy among many that included Christians, New Age, and atheist communities. Though the reception of Betty's book in Utah (predominantly Mormon) was incredible, Utah also contained some of Betty's biggest critics.

Initially bookstores were unsure where to stock Betty's book. They said that Christians complained that her book was too “new age.” And the new age folks said that Betty's book was too “Christian” and so Betty never knew what section she would find her book. This dilemma was soon resolved however, as
Embraced By The Light climbed the New York Times Bestseller List—because “Embraced” was then given its own shelf at the front of the stores.


“Embraced” becomes #1


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