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My Mission & Purpose: Though Embraced By The Light chronicles my near-death experience and amazing journey into the spirit world, its main purpose is to reach hurting souls and bring greater hope & quality to life, give comfort through hardship & loss of loved ones—and to help establish direction through daily living. However, perhaps more important than anything else—its purpose is to bring to its reader the powerful message of God's unconditional and eternal love for them and the message “Above all else, love one another.”

“Compelling and infinitely reassuring, Betty's vivid account of the afterlife will give you a glimpse
of the peace and unconditional love that await us all.”

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Heavenly Encounters

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From the New York Times April 21, 2016: Prince, the songwriter, singer, producer, one-man studio band, Multifaceted Pop Star Who Remade Genres and consummate showman, died Thursday at his residence, Paisley Park, in Chanhassen, Minn.

Prince & Embraced By The Light

      I am deeply saddened to hear of Prince's passing today. He was a man of amazing musical brilliance and genius, entertainment ability and talent. But what stood out even more so to me, was his gentle, loving demeanor, soft voice and tender heart.

prince      I first met Prince shortly after my book, Embrace By The Light, was published. He told me that he had been profoundly impacted and inspired by its message of hope and unconditional love, and that he wanted to meet me, which he did when I was scheduled for a speaking event in Minnesota. To my surprise, Prince attended my event and afterwards invited me to his studio in Paisley Park. We had a very engaging and heartfelt visit there, one that I will never forget.

      As I entered the building I took in everything—the impressive rooms—his personal rooms on the top floor—the powerful persona of which was Prince; the entertainment Icon. But the title and all that was behind the name Prince, soon disappeared and fell to the wayside as we progressed in our conversation. Sitting next to me on a decorative love-seat, sat a simple young man, humble, yet full of life, love and spirit. He spoke openly to me about his childhood, about his songs, his music, and about his disapointments, hopes and dreams.

      Prince shared with me his torment with his label and contract to the point of having "slave" tattooed across his cheek and having his name changed to a symbol. He sought my advice on how to deal with the trauma which brought him to feel he was a slave to the music industry. I told him that he had a mission to fulfil and I encouraged him to move forward and return, as Prince, to his music and the man everyone loved and admired.

      When our visit came to a close we felt our deep connection and spoke of it. There was a bonding that often occurs between people that is so strong, it exists without need for words. Even So, he did exactly that when he dedicated a song to me on his Album titled: Gold, through the song “Dolphin.” My moments of closeness to him and his gesture of love is close to my heart today . . . and it always will be.

      Our contact with each other continued through the years. Prince wanted to help more with the promotion of “Embraced By The Light” and offered, should I take the book to film, he would love to write the music.

      We have recently been in contact with the possibility of him being a part of our current film project. His abilities to write incredibly beautiful music would have been a perfect fit for what I wanted for the film.

      Yet, now, Prince is on a different journey . . . a journey that is beyond description and imagination. It is filled with eternal hope, peace and unconditional love . . . he is now sharing his beautiful spirit and amazing talents with even greater audiences.

      I am blessed to have shared these moments with him, and I look forward to the day we meet again.

      God bless you, Prince!

      Betty J Eadie

For more about how Prince was influenced by Betty's book, you may want to visit the following links:

'He was ours': Mourning the loss of Prince, music genius and eternal seeker - from Minnpost

The Gold Experience from Prince: The Man and His Music

Nothing Can Separate Us from Christ's Love

“...neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”Romans 8:38-39

      My Dearest Friends,

      There is a man who we all know and who we all love very deeply. He is our brother and friend, our fellow journeyer who also walked this earth and is known here as Jesus. When I saw him, I ran to him, because of the tremendous love I have for him and he has for me. He has incredible love, incredible humor, incredible compassion, kindness and strength, and he taught me most of what I brought back to share and do so as often as I can and with all my heart. I want everyone to know they are loved by God beyond what they can possibly imagine here in mortality where we are separated from that pure knowledge and divine love which fill heaven. And one day we will all return to Jesus. When your mission is complete and you "graduate" from this earth life, perhaps you will be met by family and friends first, we all will have our own greeting party, but at some point you, too, will meet Jesus Christ as I did. And, you too, will experience his unconditional and infinite love!

      During my near-death experience, I was shown that God is there for us even in our darkest hour. Even when we feel most alone and far away from him, he is still mindful of us. Even when in our discouragement and despair, we doubt we could have any connection at all with the divine—God is still there! During one of the most horrendous times of my life when I felt far, far away from God, during my visit to the afterlife, I learned that Jesus had been with me all along.

      In my life review I was shown this particular time when I was 19 years old and going through a terrible divorce. I was Catholic at the time, which made choosing a divorce all the more difficult. Divorce is never easy and adding my beliefs of what I had been taught about divorce led me to believe I was a sinner and that hell was certain for me because breaking up a marriage was such a horrendous thing to do. I suffered socially as well and felt the full measure of the pain of what it meant to be "divorced" at that time.

      Added to my struggle were my financial challenges of having three small children whose Native roots were strong in their physical traits. Historically, many have looked down on and mistreated the Native People and I am half Native, which was clearly visible in my children. With my three-little-Indian son and daughters, it was very difficult to find anyone who would rent to us. I could not find gainful employment because I had to care for my little ones and our needs and suffering drove me into utter and complete despair.

      At my lowest point, with hungry children and bare cupboards, being shunned by my church and feeling so alone, I remember getting on my knees to approach God and throwing my Bible down on the floor underneath my bed! I was angry and I cried out to God, "Where are you! I am alone with my children! I have read, studied, prayed and this is my reward?"

      Then when I reviewed all this in my life review during my NDE, Jesus showed me he was there the whole time! He not only got me through, but I saw that God had another plan for me, a higher plan that was already on the way though I couldn't see it or even begin to glimpse it at the time. In just a few months I would meet my future husband who would be filled with devotion and would bring with him the ability to be an excellent provider, protector and caregiver, not only for me, but for my children as well.

      Christ's love is in each of us. We may have a veil of forgetting that prevents us from a personal witness of him, but our spirit does remember him and loves him with all our heart. Spiritually he is our elder brother, and deep within our spirit we feel that eternal and familial connection. Deep within, we all know him and know his great love for us, that is so powerful and infinite he came here to earth and gave himself for us, collectively and individually. The gift of Christ's love is within every single one of us and nothing can take us away from his love!

      To this day I am moved to tears whenever I recall my most sacred time with him and all that he showed me. My memory of our pre-mortal life with him fills my heart with thankfulness for my Lord and Redeemer, my brother and friend, my Savior and God! I recall how I was shown Jesus preparing to come to earth—we were all there! We all knew the suffering he would endure for us which saddened us because we love him so much. Yet we cheered when we learned that through his mortal life, he would help us learn to love and that we could grow spiritually to be more like him.

      We learned that he would come to earth to remind us of our heavenly home with God, our Heavenly Father, that his life would be our greatest example of God's love and that we would return to him unscathed by the challenges earth would offer because of his loving sacrifice of his life for us. We knew he would give his life for us and we were sorrowful for him because of our great love, yet we rejoiced for the gift he would bring us. I remember looking on his majestic countenance, now having completed his mission, triumphant over death and I want to shout "Praise God! He lives! My eternal Savior lives!" Today I know Jesus lives because he lives in my heart and I thank my Heavenly Father for his love, that he gave his Son to teach us the way back to him and how to love.

      In our darkest hour, God is there. When it seems worst, keep going! Don't give up! We just need to experience a little more so he can give us the blessing he wants for us. The gift is already on its way, it is already prepared even before we ask. During my visit to the spirit world, when I was shown the prayers shooting up to heaven as lights that I wrote about in Embraced By The Light, that vision began with being shown a single family kneeling in prayer. Angels were already gathered around this family with answers already prepared. They knew each heart of this particular family and the prayers that would be prayed. Answers to those very prayers had already been carefully prepared and the angels eagerly awaited each invitation through the actual prayers so they could dart away to their destination and begin manifesting God's answers.

      We each are more loved than we know. We each are more cared for and have more help than we realize. We each have a carefully and lovingly crafted blueprint designed by our Heavenly Father who understands our capabilities much better than we do and whose desire is to bless us. And he knows what will be for our greatest good because he has the perfect plan that is for our greatest joy and ability to love. We must place our trust in him and believe in his loving care of us. We are his children, created from his love and all covered by Christ's loving sacrifice for us. Our Savior's life and teachings show us the way and nothing can separate us from his love!

      Jesus died for us, let us live for him! Take time the following weeks away from the everyday clamor of your lives and seek out good works that will draw you closer to Jesus. The world would condemn him, our society would distract us from the true meaning of his life while directing us away from heavenly gifts toward focus on the worldly. Do not allow this! During these Easter weeks—make time for Jesus! Take the energy to find music, writings and fellowship that will edify your spirit and increase your ability to accept Christ's gifts of love and forgiveness. May you and your loved ones have a most wonderful Easter filled with Christ's love and know beyond any remnant of doubt that nothing can separate you from his love!

       With all my love,


Near Death Experiences

Our Missions Serve God's Loving Purposes

From the chapter “Searching for Meaning” of The Ripple Effect

Listen to pages 25-28 of “The Ripple Effect”
(click above to play in a new window or use the player below)

        If we could glimpse the mind of God, the truth about some people's missions would absolutely amaze us. For years the renowned professor and scientist, Charles Camp, debated religious leaders on the radio. He also traveled nationwide advocating the facts of science as opposed to the concepts of Creationism. Over the years he lost faith in God and became known as an outspoken and articulate atheist. Then, as he lay dying in a hospital, all that changed. He discovered the beauty and intricacy of God's plan for him. He was astounded that—despite his atheism—God had been using him all along for His loving purposes. Here, Charles Camp's widow, Joanna Camp, shares the story:

Dear Mrs. Eadie:

My husband died in 1975. Before his actual death, his doctors pronounced him dead three times. They were astonished to witness his return to life each time with a clear mind and filled with energy, even though he was dying of terminal cancer and old age. At the hospital, the nurses began to call him among themselves "the man who wouldn't die." All this is recorded in the hospital records.

During the times he was dead, my husband experienced things, some of which were exactly as you wrote about in your book.

Charles was a professor at the University of California at Berkeley and was written up as the "father of paleontology." For years he taught medical students. When the subject of near-death experiences would come up in class, Charles would explain that there is no life beyond the grave, that everything ends there, that the body gradually changes to become nourishment for other forms of life. The experience of going through a dark tunnel to see "God" at the end as a bright light was just an illusion. For when the body is undergoing the hard stress of dying, he said, certain chemical reactions are triggered in the brain, and this is nature's way of providing ease from the stress, nothing more. So imagine his great surprise when he found himself separated from his physical body at the hospital. He told me that he began to analyze everything carefully, taking nothing for granted. But soon he had to admit to himself, that this was certainly not an illusion. He'd never felt more alive! All of his many senses seemed to surface, to come alive in him, he said.

Next he found himself in the dark tunnel, before the bright light and God! God received him with the same unconditional love that you experienced, Mrs. Eadie. He said his entire body vibrated with God's wonderful love. From head to toe, God's love flooded him, and once you have experienced God's love, he said, you'll want to remain forever by his side, never to be far from his love ever again. He learned that though he had not believed in God on earth, God believed in him! God had loved him tremendously, since the very beginning.

Charles had been an atheist on earth, but he was not a person who fought good, nor was he against humanity. He was known for his genuine humility, gentleness of spirit and his great love for people. His goal in life had been to aid humanity in any way possible, to help mankind evolve and get on the right path mentally. He dedicated his life to help remove some of the ugly racial and religious prejudices. For seventeen years Charles was a spokesman for the university and a radio debater. His job was to deal with the radical preachers who were constantly challenging the science departments of the nations' universities, demanding that they shut down or teach science only according to the Bible—or according to their own interpretations of it.

Charles was well prepared for this. He had studied the Bible for many years in the original languages. He said his aim was to make the church leaders realize how far they had strayed from the true master that they claimed to follow: Jesus Christ. Charles soon gained great fame for this, but because of the dark works found in the Christian churches then, he turned further and further away from the Bible—and he eventually wanted no part of the God that these churches followed.

Then, when he died and stood before God's bright light in heaven, he learned this had been his major mission on earth—to debate with religious leaders who were taking the world into a dark path. He learned that the only way he could do this was as a scientist! He was reminded that Jesus Christ came to earth to chastise the religious leaders of his time, who were also leading their people in the wrong path.

Who would ever have believed that Berkeley's famous atheist would be the person to teach me about God! And who would have believed I would look deeply into the eyes of an atheist to see the spirit of Christ in those eyes! Life has never ceased to amaze me.

It may take a lifetime of following our hearts before learning that we've been doing what God sent us to do in the first place. Charles Camp reminds me of Saul in the Bible. What passionate men! They knew what they believed, and they taught it with all their hearts. In The Awakening Heart I told the story of my brother-in-law Tom, who had been an atheist most of his life. I told him of my experience in heaven with God, and he dismissed it outright. Then God redirected his life by giving Tom his own near-death experience. What a gift and a blessing! Tom was instructed to tell everyone he met that God lives both in heaven and in the hearts of all mankind. Today, as he speaks of his knowledge of God, he shares his precious message with passion and love.…

Following one's heart with passion, direction, and determination is giving life to life. Could any father ask for more?

On the other side I was told that each person's life is like a river. The destination is set, but the method of our journeying is up to us. We can cruise down the middle of the river at top speed, or we can hug the shore and spin around in eddies. We can crash over rapids or chart a safer path between obstacles. We can slum along the bottom in the mire and slime of sediment, or we can glide along the sparkling surface where the air is clean. The river is ours from birth to death. How we navigate it is determined by the hundreds of small choices we make each day.

God can especially use people who will throw themselves passionately into what they love, who walk forward confidently committed to a cause.

To discover our mission in life we must see challenges as opportunities for growth and then face them head on. Each challenge measures our strengths and progress. Even when trials cause pain or sorrow, we must look for new lessons in the pain and ask God for the power to learn and to grow from it. Suffering focuses our attention on what matters most, and with God's help, we can strengthen our spirits by learning patience, tolerance and love.

Readers Ask Betty

How Can One Overcome Anger?

Hi precious Betty. I've read your first two books and am now beginning The Ripple Effect. Your story has deeply touched me. I resonate with your message whole heartedly. Do you have any insights or truth that might help someone dealing with anger?

In this world of billions of people, many lead lives of loneliness and desperation. Because of pain produced by others, some protect themselves behind walls of anger or fear, lashing out at or retreating from others. God has shown me that the precious cure for their pain lies within each soul. The cure…is honest and pure love. God's love. Unconditional love. It resides within each of us naturally at our beginning.”
—The Ripple Effect, page xvi

Anger is just an emotion and is a natural and instinctive state of mind derived from circumstances or relationships with others. It is distinguished from reasoning and knowledge because it is intuitive, in that, it is sent up from the subconscious mind. Our reaction to anger is based upon a whole array of factors—that are rooted in our past. Until the root of the anger is discovered, recognized and acknowledged, healing will not begin and anger will continue to surface when similar circumstances are triggered. One might look for the root of their anger by asking themselves: "When did this start?" "Why did this make me angry?" "How is this similar to something in my past?" "Were there environmental factors?" "Was I harmed or did I perceive misdeeds done toward me in some way?" "Was something left 'undone' leaving a lack of closure at an early age?"

Usually when one is challenged by anger the root is in their early childhood. Sometimes it can begin even in the womb where the fetus is aware of outside conflict and negative emotions. And as a child, we feel frustrated that we cannot stop the situation causing the fear and harm. We are angry at those causing us to fear and angry at ourselves for not being able to stop the harm we perceive—both must be forgiven. We must forgive those who we felt harmed us and forgive ourselves for not being able to change the situation in order to be able to move forward from the past and heal.

Fear is always a part of the root of anger. Fear leads to guilt and guilt leads to shame. All lead to frustration and frustration leads to anger. Frustration is the inability to handle a particular situation and can produce intense emotion buried for years but will eventually surface since feelings buried alive never die. Thus a cycle is started of intense emotion that builds until someone explodes, releasing the pent-up energy of frustration that has accumulated. We often attribute anger to having a "temper," when in reality, anger is pent-up emotions that build until they release, a pattern that often starts in early childhood.

Our reaction is what matters! We cannot help the feelings and thoughts that "pop" into our being when something "bad" happens to us—but we can help our reaction. We can be responsible for the choices we make and choose to come from a higher place of calm that is peaceful and loving. We do this by not responding to the negative things that occur to us at first, rather, we let them come and go, pausing until calm starts to replace negativity and we are able to choose our actions rather than be driven by pent-up energy that wants to clobber instead of be loving. I remember times when I went through many reactions in my mind before I felt that calm begin to come. Thankfully I did not respond to those negative thoughts but waited until I had the ability to respond in a way that I could choose from a higher place of being, as opposed to coming from the negative thoughts generated at first.

And when anger does surface? The energy must be released in some way. What I like to do is give that negative energy a job, a useful thing to do, like house cleaning or work in the yard, which are physical ways to release pent-up energy while accomplishing something I can feel good about. And while working at whatever chore I have chosen, I start a mental gratitude list that helps what is in my head connect with my heart and spirit and with God. Gratitude is a powerful godly energy that can counteract many forms of negativity. There is magic in gratitude and as we seek our Heavenly Father's guidance, he will guide us to his will for us which is always to bless us in some way. As always, prayer is key and the following is a prayer from my Daily Devotional that can help one who is dealing with anger:

Father, when the difficulties of life make me afraid or angry, remind me that the sure and divine remedy to pain is love. Help me to find love when I need it and to magnify love by sharing it freely with others. For I know that within all your children is the healing balm of love in pure expression for one another.”—Embraced By The Light Prayers & Devotions for Daily Living, September 14

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From February

In Choosing to Love
We Learn to Forgive

“Forgiveness of self is where all forgiveness starts. If I am unable to forgive myself, it is impossible for me to truly forgive others. And I must forgive others. What I give out is what I receive. If I want forgiveness, I have to give forgiveness.”—Embraced By The Light, page 116

      My Dearest Friends,

      Jesus said, “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” (John 13:34)

      When in his presence, his endless love surrounding me and permeating me, I experienced his enormous spirit and will never forget the sweetness of his voice: “Above all else, love one another...” Heaven holds nothing but love and loving was easy in the Savior's presence. Jesus is love, heaven is love and God is love. While in my spirit form, love was familiar, natural even, and no challenge at all.

      Yet even with this knowledge and experience, I found loving everyone back on earth not so easy or simple. Our love on earth is mortal, conditional, and based on expectations and judgments learned throughout our lives. Loving with all your heart can hurt and hurt deeply! During a lifetime, loved ones are lost to various transitions such as illness or death. And in our mortal form, love can seem a risky choice when it is not returned by those our heart chooses to love.

      “Love one another...” Jesus said. We feel his words in our heart and Valentine's Day is filled with hearts reminding us of our desire to love and be loved. Empathy is a part of love and in choosing to love, we cannot help but feel the pain of so many around us both far and near. We may have our own need for healing that inhibits our courage to love. Expectations are often connected to Valentine's Day that can set us up to be disappointed. For some, it is a day of loss and heartache for a partner who has moved on to the afterlife. For others it is a reminder of broken and failed relationships as painful issues surface pointing to healing left undone. Whether from our own self-centeredness or the harmful actions of others, suffering has become prevalent and we see it in some form every day. When one chooses to love, the pain of the world can quickly overwhelm...which makes it all the more important that we keep our own house in order by aligning ourselves with Christ's teachings and choosing to love anyway, by holding to our faith and keeping close to our Heavenly Father—and by opening our hearts to greater ability to love.

      Part of love is forgiving. Jesus gave us our greatest example when he said “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” There is no shortage of those living in ignorance today that we, too, might say, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” The world needs love and forgiveness, the world needs healing. Why do we forgive? Because it blesses us to do so, it brings peace and healing into our own heart. Forgiveness is for us! The person we are forgiving may not even think they have done anything wrong or see the need to seek forgiveness. Yet we don't forgive for their sake, we forgive for our own sake as we follow the Savior's example and teachings. We forgive to bring peace to our own soul. Forgiving expands our own heart to greater love and we are strengthened spiritually. Our ripples then go out to bless those around us which then join others who likewise choose to do good. As we collectively tap into God's love and power, we become co-creators with him of a force for good in our world, replacing negativity with love. “Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me!” is a favorite song of mine.

“The challenges are high for this life. They are nothing less than completing our journeys on earth and learning to love as God loves in eternity. Forgiveness is understanding, and to understand is to grow. Each soul is ultimately responsible for his or her own happiness and for the success or failure of his or her earthly mission. All have trials and tribulations to overcome.”The Ripple Effect - page 59

      Forgiveness is understanding. If we can reach understanding toward someone or something, then we can forgive and we must forgive to truly be able to love as Jesus does and be able to accept his forgiveness for our own shortcomings. Forgiveness of self is where all forgiveness starts. We must learn to forgive ourselves to be able to love our self and see Christ's light within, accept his love and receive God's forgiveness. Just as loving our self gives us the ability to love others, so does forgiving our own self give us the ability to then be forgiving toward others.

      Without forgiveness, we pay a price over and over again. We bring that anger and bitterness into every relationship and new experience. Often we replay events or hurts from the past dwelling on every conceivable aspect surrounding the unforgivable offense or offender. We fill with self-pity which encourages self defense. Over time the events may lose their clarity, yet because we have fallen into a wallowing of self-agony—whether remorseful self-recrimination or vengeful lack of goodwill—continuing to hold on to the pain becomes familiar and acceptable, habitual even, entrenching us with negative ruminations that push away any positive. One's perception can then mutate to see and create the worst about people and their every motive. Becoming hooked on self indulgence and selfishness, the wounded soul sinks deeper into despair and disease. This negative cycle then fosters ill health through anxiety and depression, filling one with fear, which is the opposite of love because it blocks our channel to the divine and God is love.

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”
1 John 4:18

      Identifying the hurt or need taps into a universal law of Acknowledgment that precedes the solution or cure and is a step towards healing any mutation of soul. When the need is identified and acknowledged, acceptance of that need opens our ability to begin healing as we then ask for God's help and seek out healing opportunities, which always include forgiveness in some way. In our pursuit of positive energy, we want to rid ourselves of resentment and let go of any perceived wrong-doing, yet feelings buried alive never die! Before we can rid ourselves of such blockages, we must first acknowledge the issue in order to be able to let go and move on toward understanding, forgiveness and peace within the soul—always adding forgiveness of self for falling into the undesirable situation in the first place.

      Understanding why someone would hurt you, or why you made a wrong choice, can create the desire and the spirit to forgive. You can draw strength from knowing that God loves all his children. He understands each of us perfectly. He knows our strengths that lead to right choices and he understands our weaknesses that cause learning experiences when we make mistakes—yet he loves us unconditionally and forgives, his mercy is unending! Some situations we will not gain a perfect understanding of in this life, however, we don't have to because we know God understands, loves and forgives so that we can sincerely let go and place the situation in his hands. He understands perfectly every situation and can thus help us find the necessary understanding and relief to be able to forgive. It is always our choice to hold on to anger and thoughts of revenge or ill-will, thus drawing more negative energy—or to find understanding and to give forgiveness, which means letting go of any ill-will and replacing it with intent to love all God's children—thus expanding our hearts to greater love and lending peace to our soul.

A Prayer For Each & All

Father in Heaven,

Many find their lives in greater stress due to the speeding up of time, opposition and the hardships around us and we find it difficult to not get frustrated, angry, fearful or depressed. Yet we know this is not your way of love. Open our minds to the ways we can replace negativity with hope and love. Strengthen our faith and help us put it into action. Open our hearts to see your hand in our lives, that we can lean on gratitude and live thankfully, trusting in your will. Help us remember to always turn to you in prayer and that you have already surrounded us with more help than we know. Help us awaken to who we really are, your divine son or daughter with the seed of your purest love within.

Bless us to learn how to work through our reactions when they are unloving. Help us find patience for ourselves & others. Help us be forgiving and prayerfully seek your guidance and will—that we might make loving decisions and choices from our higher-self, our spirit self, that can take on your attributes using heavenly wisdom.

Bless us in all ways as we seek to love everyone as Jesus asked us to do. Thank you for all that you give which helps us to love one another without judgment and that teaches us about Jesus and his unending love. Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers. These blessings we thank you for and humbly pray for in the beloved name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

      There is always hope when there is truth and love, because truth and love lift the spirit to rejoicing and rebounding in its freshness. And there is freshness in forgiveness—a letting go of things you cannot change but can now take charge of through your enlightenment. And when this happens, the physical mind and body can heal!

      A state of forgiveness can be reached when there is a desire and a commitment to change. One step at a time and you can begin at any time! As forgiveness is accepted by your spirit and silently offered to others, effective change begins immediately. Learning to deflect reactions to hurtful stimulus and replace it with love and a forgiving heart––is Christ-like––and the example he humbly set for us to follow. Thus, the scripture: “do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.”

      When we choose to forgive any offense or offender, we remove our role as a victim and deny any control over our lives. Forgiveness does not mean becoming a doormat to another and does not mean we forget the offense or turn a blind eye to an intolerable situation. We are to learn from our experiences and choosing to love can be done from a distance when necessary in caring for our own needs. We never judge the "do-er," only the "deed" so that we can discern our own course of action that is best for our eternal well-being. And if we seek understanding of another, compassion can be found in every case of wrong doing because behind every abuse, there is another victim struggling. There is a reward in embracing forgiveness. We can learn to empathize, sympathize and embrace peace––peace within you and peace you pass along—all will lead to physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

“If we live true to the spirit we came to earth with, we can progress more quickly. We do that by expressing the love of God that is within us, and we do that by loving God, ourselves, and each other. It is that simple.” The Awakening Heart - page 119

      My beloved friends, let us make today a new day by accepting Christ's love and forgiveness––by forgiving ourselves and others! Forgiveness is not a weakness; it is a strength! We can take charge of our own lives while allowing the same to others...as we do, we will more vibrantly see Christ's light within and recognize his light in those we encounter.

      Valentine's Day can be a bright day during a month that otherwise might seem bleak and cold. How fortunate we are to have a holiday that reminds us to focus on love! Rather than focus on what we might receive on Valentine's Day, perhaps we might ponder what we can give of our own heart to brighten another's day who may be struggling. We each are loved more than we know. If you are feeling in need of a Valentine this February 14th, I hope you will accept mine at the top of this page. My heart goes out to those who feel a lack of love in their lives and I would embrace each if I could! Yet I am a mere mortal and having experienced the Savior's love...his infinite and eternal love...his purest and unconditional love is what I truly want you to feel enfold you! So I've added a Love Letter from Jesus that I hope you will take the time to pause and read earnestly his words to all his sheep! And may God bless, lift and guide you in your journey to love!

       With all my love,


A Love Letter From Jesus

My little child, I love you.
(John 15:9)

I have called you by your name,
you are mine.

(Isaiah 43:1)

Before I formed you, I knew you.
And before you were born, I consecrated you.

(Jeremiah 1:5)

You did not choose me, I chose you.

I wish above all things that you prosper
and be in good health,
even as your soul prospers.

(3rd John 2)

Because you are precious to me,
and honored,
I love you.

(Isaiah 43:4)

I have loved you with an everlasting love
and I will continue my Constant love.

(Jeremiah 31:3)

How can I abandon you?
My love for you is too strong.

(Hosea 11:8)

I love you so much that I hung on the cross at Calvary.
I died for you,
and if you believe in Me you will have everlasting life.

(John 3:16)

Can a woman forget her own baby and not love the child she bore?
Yet, even should she forget,
I will never forget you.
I cannot forget you.
See, I have graven you in the palm of my hands

(Isaiah 49:15-16

For I,
the Lord your God,
am holding you by the right hand.

(Isaiah 41:13)

I am with you always until the end of the world.
(Matthew 28: 20)

Do not let your heart be troubled,
trust in me.

(John 14:1)

I will help you.
(Isaiah 41: 14)

When you pass through the deep waters, I will be with you. 
Your troubles will not overwhelm you.
The hard trials that will come will not hurt you.

(Isaiah 43:2)

When you walk through the valley of the shadows of death,
do not be afraid because I am with you.
My rod and my staff will comfort you.
I will lead you in the path of righteousness.

(Psalms 23)

I will give you peace in the midst of a storm,
not as the world giveth.
Let not your heart be troubled,
neither let it be afraid.

(John 14:27)

Peace I give
which will pass all understanding
and shall keep your heart and mind.

(Philippians 4:7)

When you lie down do not be afraid,
your sleep shall be sweet.

(Proverbs 3: 24)

My love for you will keep your dwelling safe.
(Psalm 4:8)

my eyes are upon you
and I will give you hope, 
for I am merciful.

(Psalm 33:18)

You will have access to my grace
and rejoice in hope while sharing
in the glory of my Father.

(Romans 5:2)

I will give you joy and peace.
The mountains and hills will sing, 
and the trees will clap their hands before you.

(Isaiah 55:12)

You may have sorrow now,
but I will see you again,
and your heart will rejoice
and no one will take your joy from you.

(John 16:22)

Do not worry.
(Luke 12:9)

Even the hairs of your head have all been counted,
so there is no need to be afraid of anything.

(Matthew 10:30)

The mountains may depart and the hills will be shaken
but my steadfast love for you will never end

(John 54:10)

Come unto me,
all ye that labor and are heavy laden, 
and I will give you rest.

(Matthew 11:28)

I will lead you into solitude
and there I will speak tenderly to your heart.
I will be true and faithful.
I will show you constant love and make you mine forever.
I will keep my promise,
and you will really know me then as never before.

(Hosea 1:14, 19-20)

I am who I am.
(Exodus 3:14)

I am the Lord your God.
(Hosea 13:4)

Your Faithful Friend,
Jesus Christ,
Your Savior

Author Unknown




God bless you and thank you for coming here.
May you feel the Spirit of God within every page
And know that he loves you unconditionally
And that
He will never forsake you.

His voice is clear: "Come unto me!"

I love you,





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"I am very encouraged by your book. I read it at least 5 times! Because there are too much holy secrets in it and I can't get them all at once. Recently I had many trials. Then I think God send me your book to encourage me. I am really lucky to know it while I am alive in this world. Thank you! I really need it."
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"God has a way of reaching out to us. While in the bookstore my eyes caught your book and at that instance my mind keep bugging me to buy it without really knowing the content. Reading it changed my outlook of life a lot. Thanks for sharing with us."
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"You have given my prayers substance and joy. Thank you for your wonderful book."
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"I'm 16 years old, and i just want to say thank you for writing down your experiences with God. Thanks to you, I found God and now I’m part of a church youth group with lots of amazing people. Thank you! I love you Betty."
[Den Haag, Holland]

"the best book i,ve ever read. it touches my heart and enlightens my soul."
[Dubai, United Arab Emirates]

"I am 57 years old and just lost my mom to death and my brother as well and my father is also gone. I feel lonely and scared sometimes but thinking of your testimony gives me hope. I was wondering if your books are available in ebook format so that I can listen to it on my mp3 player. God bless and thank you."
[Missouri, USA]

"I just finished reading your book "Embraced by the light" and I really would like to thank you for your wonderful life story. It really touched my heart and the thoughts that I always had about the other world and the way I believe life is all about."

Years ago, the hands of the god directed me straight to your first book within thousands of books when I was in a book store, thought I had absolutely no information about it being translated or printed. Since the words are not good carriers for the senses, I can't say anything about my feeling when I finished the book. Boundless infinite Love, wet eyes, and health... I passed the book to several of my friends, basically the spiritual ones. For me, the book is "downloaded" directly from the god, via a medium, one of his "selected" creatures.
[Tehran, Iran]

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I saw different energies surround different people. I saw how a person’s words actually affect the energy field around him. The very words themselves—the vibrations in the air—attract one type of energy or another…If we understood the awesome power of our words, we would prefer silence to almost anything negative. In our thoughts and words we create our own weaknesses and our own strengths.
—Embraced By The Light - page 58

But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.
Matthew 12:36

Father, forgive me for not realizing that, as your child, I too have the power to create by my spoken words. Give me greater understanding of that power and its uses for good. Bless me to guard my words against negativity, to bless all things as you do rather than to curse. Increase my ability to dispel darkness and evil in the world by speaking words of light and life.

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