This page is dedicated to acts of kindness—please share those you know and include those of your own. In sharing kind deeds, positive thought is passed along, and by its mere existence, makes a difference in our world. May we always think and speak in kindness and spread as many positive ripples as we can. Heavenly Father blessed us to create in this way, and by doing so, we glorify him on Earth and in Heaven. Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven. Matthew 5:16.




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My car was a little older and a little dinged up but otherwise as far as I knew it was in good running condition. So, I drove my sons out of state to visit some family members for a couple of weeks. The journey there was nothing to speak of, actually I don't remember anything that stood out. Maybe because what happened on the way back was so difficult yet blessed. After delivering my sons to their grandmother whom was taking them for a vacation to the beach, I got into my car to drive home.

The first two hours the car was running fine, not a problem in the world when all of a sudden my car began to overheat. By this time it was around 1 am and here I was stuck in a city that I knew nothing of. I had no one to call because all of my family had left to go on vacation, and the other half lived in other states. I didn't know what to do. I had given all of my money to the boys grandmother for their vacation. Driving around after stopping every 5 minutes to let my car cool off, I drove to a closed car shop.

When the shop opened, I told them about the problem I was having with my car. They quoted me the price it would cost to fix it which was over 500.00. I tried calling my family but they were out of town. This was when cell phones were not as widely used as they are today. So, I sat there praying for a miracle. When all of the sudden, another lady whom heard of my trial told the car shop that she would pay to have my car fixed so that I could head on home. I was elated!! This was the kindest thing I had ever experienced from a stranger...or so I thought.

After a couple of hours of them working on my car, they sent me on my way. Unfortunately, 30 minutes down the interstate my car started overheating again. So, I pulled over onto an exit that lead me to a lone gas station way out in the middle of nowhere. There was two men there, and I told them of my predictiment. They told me that they didn't have a mechanic but one man said he would look at the car for me. He looked and told me he didn't know what was wrong with it. I didn't know what to do. Here I was a single woman out in the middle of nowhere I had no sleep and a trip that should have taken me only 5 hours had already been 24 hours. My family thought I was safe at home or work, and they had no idea that I had been stranded.

I decided to wait and pray some more. The man that worked at the store told me to park my car behind the fenced in area so that I would be somewhat protected. The day turned into night, and the one man whom came to look at my car earlier decided to come back and see if I was okay. I assured him I was okay and he left telling me that in the morning he would try to get a friend to come look at it.

The next morning the man came back and told me to pull my car back around front. I did, and I noticed that he had several men waiting to look at the car. He told me to go inside, and I did as they looked to see what was wrong. When he came inside to get me, he told me.. "Maam, that man there can fix your car really easy, but he wants something in return." I didn't know what he meant, as I had told him earlier that I only had 20.00 on me. I looked perplexed at him, and then re realized that I didn't know what he meant. He then told me, "When he gets the car fixed, which is just a short in the fan, I want you to get in that car and take off. Don't stop, just go." I had no idea why he wanted me to do that. It wasn't until later after I had some rest and explained what happened to my family that they told me what was expected of me, and how God had looked out for me when things could have turned very ugly very fast. I look back at this remembrance and thank God for sending me an Earth Angel.  

  Yet Each Have a God Particle Somewhere—Mom  

My two grown sons live nearby. Life has be a bit "slim" for the youngest & I. We are so blessed to be able to get food from food banks. We live in an area abundant with fresh fruit & veggies when not used by those in need is sold to the pig farmers. My older son lives in a sober house, a rough place to be. The men there take turns cooking dinner. An older man who is "house" manager, cooks "country style" breakfast for these 13 guys most mornings. This morning my son text to ask if I would like homemade biscuits, eggs & sausage gravy from their leftovers. Would I ever!! There was plenty to share with my younger son. My heart can't convey the gratitude I have for these these needy, most are addicted, many just out of jail, many "gang bangers" & "skin heads", men. Yet, I see each have a God particle somewhere inside & I pray for them, my son prays for them. Thank you for allowing me to share. Praise God for each of his creation because in the beginning he looked down & declared, "it is good". And so it shall be one day. 

  A Saving Angel—Kris  

It was April, and it was supposed to be spring. My daughter who has graduated from college and is working to put money away and I live alone on 100 acres in the Wyoming country. It started snowing on Monday night, and the wind blew all night long too. I got the call at six the next morning that the school where I teach was cancelled. My daughter and I plannned to walk our quarter of a mile driveway to see how badly we were snowed in. Just as we were headed out the door, my neighbor, Lonnie, showed up with his tractor and asked if we needed him to plow our road. There is no way we could have gotten out without his help. He was our saving angel that day, and we are filled with gratitude for his help.

  Being a Little Light Every Day—Mark  

There's a guy that I worked with just recently who worked his last day yesterday. He's left for the Marines/ the military. He's only 23 years old and I knew he was leaving for some time. So, my act of kindness was being a light to him a little everyday. He wasn't very spiritual when I first met him, but seemed open to me whenever I talked about God and the hereafter. I felt that it was important that I do this for only God knows what will happen to him once he's gone. Well, now he's gone. It was an act of kindness, because at least some light or truth will go with him. 

  Out of the Blue—Sherrie  

My step son who is 26 yr. old went to a dentist office because he had a tooth that needed to come out. He had no insurance and asked if they would take payments and they said no. He was in a lot of pain and desperate to get the tooth out so he asked the Dentist if he could tell him the best way he could take it out himself. Out of the blue a lady who was in the waiting room stood up and said,"take the boys tooth out" and she used her credit card to pay for it. There are angels among us. 

  The Busker—Fiona  

In rags and dirty torn up old clothing was an old man sitting on a flaked green park bench. At his dark shoeless feet lay a dusty, grey wide brimmed hat which had small pieces of the soft fabric torn out of it. His face was dull and lifeless as his large cracked lips blew breathlessly on an old faded red harmonica. His grey hair was short and oily. He was very tanned and had cracked skin like a dried up river bed. 

Busy rich people snobbishly walked past in their expensive Calvin Klein suits and designer outfits taking no notice of the busker or his empty hat. Everybody was too busy worrying about their minor problems to notice someone crying out for help.  All of a sudden a young boy swiftly ran over to the old man. The boy reached into his deep pocket and slowly pulled out a crisp, brand new ten dollar note and dropped it into the old man's hat. The old man stopped playing his rusty harmonica. He looked at the young boy with his large sad eyes and gave him a big toothless smile. The man bent down steadily and with a shaking hand picked up the note out of his wide brimmed hat and placed it into his loose stitched pocket. "Thanks kid", he said with a slight stutter and continued to play his harmonica. All of a sudden his face didnt't seem so lifeless anymore. 

  Loving Ripples Created by Receiving—Cheryl  

Today, I had a very spiritual experience regarding the “RIPPLE EFFECT” that I want to share with you. When I got up this morning I made a list of Pre-Christmas things that I felt was very important for to me to get done. But Father in Heaven had other plans for me instead.

Last night my niece fell down some concrete steps and twisted her ankle. Being in great pain this morning she needed a ride and I volunteered to drive her to the neighborhood ER clinic. The admitting nurse told us that it would be at least an hour wait due to a man there who was having a heart attack and needed immediate attention. Not wanting to sit inside the waiting room the whole hour, I agreed to help her outside to sit on the bench. On our way out the door we met the next lady in line to see a doctor. My niece informed her the same information about the hour wait. The lady told us that since she had plenty of time to grab something to eat, being it was the lunch hour, she asked if she could get something for us? We both said, "No, thank you!"

I went to my van and got out a spare blanket that I always keep there for emergency and made my neice comfortable.Then remembering what my mother taught me about the native ways, that when someone wants to serve you or give you something with pure intent, you honor that person by saying, "Yes" and "Thank you." So when the lady asked us again I said, "You know, now that I think of it, I would love a root beer with no ice please." A big smile lit up her face and she restated, "That is no ice, right?" And I said "Yes." But my niece still said "No thank you."

The Lady was called back into the clinic, and I explained to my niece that in saying "No" we were not allowing someone their blessing of service. I told her that it would make that lady's day if she could do something nice while asking for nothing in return. I explained to her that she would not have asked twice if she did not really want to do something special for us. Five minutes later the lady comes back outside where we were sitting. To my surprise and delight, my niece said cheerfully, "is it okay if I change my mind? I would love to take you up on your offer!" Then very sweetly, almost childlike, she said, "I could drink a Pepsi." This warmed my heart to know the message from my heart was received. Once the lady was gone, my niece and I were in tears over how kind and generous this lady was.

Before the Lady returned we went back into the waiting room. To our surprise, she walked though the door with not only two drinks but also a small bag as well. She told us that she bought us some chicken nuggets for a snack to tide us over until we were able to go home. Both my niece and I humbly thanked her. Then she left and went back to her car to have her meal and when she was finished, she came back inside and sat down beside us. She shared with us that yesterday she was in a car accident and someone had shown her the same act of kindness. She said that the only way she knew how to thank that person was to "Pay it forward" and she chose us!

Today Heavenly Father found it was more important that my niece and I witness and be a part of the purest form of the ripple effect. Now I know that it is my turn to “Pay it forward” or shall I say, keep the “Ripple Effect” rippling on!

17 December 2011

Compassion - Our Impact on Others—added by Maria  

I work at a nursing home in Seattle Washington. I work a lot with alzheimers patients. One day I was sitting with a woman who is a patient with alzheimers. She was speaking gibberish to me as usual. You could not ever clearly understand her words. Suddenly she took my hand and looked me in my eyes and said "Thank you for your kindness" She then went right back into gibberish, and then passed a way the next day. I realized how important it is to be compassionate to all people and Gods creatures. We all have a big impact on each others lives, whether we know it or not. Any form of kindness can be a miracle to another. That woman taught me such a lesson in just a moment of her spirit reaching out to me.

29 November 2011

  We were children once—added by Caroline  

My partner and our daughter were having something to eat in a local restuarant. While my step-daughter was helping herself to some salad she dropped some cucumber on the floor, causing her father to tell her off. A nun passed at the time and placed her hand on my daughters head and informed her that she was doing a marvelous job. She then looked at my partner and said "We forget that we were childern once." I found this so powerful and thought provoking. It is true that we do tend to forget how we arrived at being a "grown up" and sometimes we should cut the little ones some slack. xx

9 May 2011

God bless you!—added by Peggy S.  

One day I went to a local grocery store when I was feeling low. As I went past the Deli a voice cried out "How are you today?" Without thinking I replied "Not so good." Before I knew it a short stocky woman came out of the Deli and wrapped her arms tightly around me and said "God bless you!" There was such love and light in her eyes! That was my first of many encounters with Evelyn. She gives of herself as completely as anyone I've ever known. She even showed up at a garage sale for a friend raising money for a liver transplant and worked, lovingly and happily all day. I've given her copies of a few of my favorite books, including "Embraced"..When I go to the grocery I now look for her, always sure that I will give and receive a hug and an "I love you!" Evelyn's love of God and Jesus ripples through my life and many others.

26 April 2011

  The Light of God surrounds you—Ruth  

Hi Betty, I had an idea (inspiration?) to print a prayer I took from one of your books on bright colored paper, "The Light of God Surrounds you, The Love of God Enfolds you, The Power of God Protects you, Wherever you are, God is, and all is well" I fold this into a small origami envelope and tuck a dollar inside. I leave these in various places for people to find -- just a random act, small ripple, to encourage and lift someone. I trust God to choose who should find them. I also put "Romans 12:21" and this website address under the prayer, in case someone wants to respond, and it may lead someone to read your books who needs their message. I'd be really embarrassed if someone knew I was doing this because it seems a little nutty but I enjoy doing it.

19 March 2011

  Just one day at a time—Alice L.  

My husband died on the last day of our honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii on Thanksgiving Day November 26, 2009. We were married for only 12 days. He drowned in the ocean while he was snorkeling. It was just 2 days after we celebrated my 40th birthday.

We met late in life, in February 2007. We were thrilled to have finally found each other after all these years. What was supposed to be the start of our wonderful, new life together turned out to be a tragic ending. I was devastated. It all seemed so surreal.

I had to return home to New Jersey without my husband; but thankfully, I did not fly home alone. My husband and I met a woman who was traveling alone from Reno, Nevada during a day trip that we took earlier in the week. Her name was Zhanna and she was staying at the same hotel. She was going to the airport on the same day we were leaving, and we offered to give her a ride to the airport with us.

After she found out what happened to my husband that morning, Zhanna came right down to the beach to be with me by my side and later sat with me in my hotel room all day. When the police and the chaplain came to help me make the travel arrangements to go home the following day, I told them that I am dreading that long and awful flight home all by myself. Without hesitation, Zhanna offered to travel to NJ with me to keep me company and she would go home to Reno the next day. She was already away from home for 9 days, and she gave up going home to see her husband and her baby.

Zhanna sat next to me on the plane, held my hand and wiped away my tears. It was the kindest and most selfless thing that any stranger has ever done for me in my life. I will always remember her and her kindness. She was there for me during the worst moment of my life. She was my angel. We continue to keep in touch today.

It has been one year now and what a tough journey it has been. The pain and the loneliness can be so unbearable at times. I cried every single day for the first 9 months. I miss and think about my husband all the time.

I feel a lot of anger that I waited all my life for my true love only to have him taken away from me like this. All the hopes and dreams of our future and starting a family together were ripped away from me. Life is so unfair. Now, without any hopes or dreams, I struggle to make it through each day - just one day at a time.

8 December 2010

  I hove been so touched by his words—Joyce  

About twelve years ago I was sitting on my front porch waiting for my daughter to come home from Ocean City. It was a very warm and muggy day. A one-legged man was walking with the assistance of 2 canes. He stopped to wipe the sweat from his forehead and I said hi and asked where he was headed and he replied to Lilly which was about 3 miles away. I gave him excuses that I would give him a ride but I was waiting for my daughter and he said thanks anyway and went to go on his way. Thank God I had second thoughts and yelled to him to hold on. As he got in the car I was still a little nervous and asked that he wasn't going to hurt me and he smiled and said no. We chatted about nothing but when we got to his destination he looked at me and thanked me and then said that the Lord will remember me on the day of the apocalypse. Was that our Lord I gave a ride too? I have been so touched by his words still after all these years. You know I never saw that man again and I go to that town a lot.

20 June 2010

  I felt like I had looked into the eyes of Jesus—Margie  

It was a few years ago, my sister and I had stopped to eat. She had gone back into the restaurant to use the restroom I was sitting in the car and saw a very unkempt gentleman. His hair was unruly and clothes disheveled and dirty. I had recently made a vow to give directly to the homeless. I got out of the car and approached the man. I gave him some money (a larger amount than usual) but also I patted his arm and said "God loves you." He smiled and said "Thank you. How did you know I needed this exact amount of money so badly?" I remember being startled by the fact that his eyes had a godliness to them. I felt like I had looked into Jesus's eyes. I felt at peace. I know that I was the one on the receiving end that day too. I believe we have all have God's essence. It is important to look and see it in others. I was drawn to him and he was there at the right time for me to connect with him and to give/receive. He was there to give/receive also.

2 May 2010

  Helping one of God's children—Mary Gentry  

I was getting off work and saw an elderly woman speaking to a sales rep about her computer and the rep was telling her it was best to just buy a new computer. i was compelled to listen in on the conversation, normally I let the sales reps do their job, as I listen I was trying to see what I could do to help her out. She told me that she had two computer at home and she was not able to check her email. I was compelled by God to get her phone number so I did and told her I would call her. I called her on my first day off and she gave me her address so I went over there to see what I could do to help her out. I spent the next three hours with her talking about Jesus and I fixed her internet problem so she could check her emails. I also took her old computer home with me so I could get her Poems and important information off. While sitting there and talking to her she told me I was sent by God to help her and this made me feel great to be able to Help one of God's children. This has happened to me on more that one occasion. I was able to get all her information off the old unit as it is not very good. I will be going back to give her all her information from the old computer and make sure her other computer is working good if not I will take it home and fix it for her.

10 March 2010

  Glad I heeded my heart—Emily Anderson  

I stopped by a neighborhood restaurant to surprise my husband with some Chinese carryout. When I waked back out to my car, I saw a young woman sitting on a bench. She said she was locked out of her van, and the Chinese proprieter was mad because her car was blocking the parking lot. She said she had called someone to help her. When I was going to get back in my car, the Holy Spirit told me something was wrong. I got out and asked her if she'd like to use my cell phone. It turns out, the people she'd called weren't coming. I drove her to her friends house, she got a spare key and I bought her back. She was so grateful and she hugged me. I was so glad that I had heeded that call on my heart. When we cast our bread upon the waters...praise God. Sincerely, Emily

22 January 2010

  Helping a family heal at Christmas—added by Ree Donnelly  

Just yesterday, I gave a special ornament ot a friend for her Christmas tree. She lost her 18 y/o son in a car crash one year ago, just before Christmas 2008. The ornament was in her son's memory with his photo in it and a lovely verse. When she opened it, she said it would be the 1st ornament they'd place on the tree this year. She explained that the family had put up a Christmas tree, and had hung the lights on it. But she had not had it in her to hang the ornaments on. And that the new special ornament would be the help she needed to get started. I cannot tell you how blessed I felt, that I had helped this woman, and her family to begin to heal just a tiny bit. Praise God!!!!!

20 December 2009

  Someone mysteriously left us money added by Jana  

Back in the early 1980's, my husband and I were a young married couple struggling to provide for our two-year old daughter. Some days we didn\'t know how we'd feed our family until the next pay check arrived. But every time we were flat broke, we'd find money someone mysteriously left for us, once in our mailbox and twice in our car. We were in a big city far from our small hometown, and we honestly to this day do not know where the money came from. It just always appeared, right when we needed it most. God is amazing, He always provides!

Another time we had no money for Christmas presents and someone sent us $100. in the mail in a card from "Santa". It affected me to such an extent that I now always try to help anyone in whatever small way I can. We've tried to teach our children to do the same thing. When our daughter was in kindergarten, she came home one day & asked me why a girl in her class always wore the same pair of overalls with the same shirt underneath. I told her that was probably the only clothes she had. She also told me the girl never had money to buy juice or milk at snack time.

I started giving my daughter an extra quarter to carry in her backpack for the days when this girl didn't have milk money, and she'd quietly give it to the teacher. I always carry dog food in the trunk of my car and will feed stray dogs wherever I see them out and about, and will try to help them if they'll let me. We've rescued many strays over the years. I\'m always so happy to be able to help, the way some kind soul (angel in disguise) helped us in our times of need.

29 October 2009

  Working with a stranger for stray catsadded by Karen  

While taking my nightly walk I noticed a group of ferral cats. I stopped to take a closer look, and noticed they were very thin. Upon that realization, I decided I would adopt this little "family" and feed them. Nightly I would bring them dry food mixed with moist fish or salmon. After some time, a few members would wait for me and offer a greeting. One cat in particular, I will never forget the look on her face; it spoke volumes of being unloved and unwanted.

Not long after a lady stopped me as I was bringing food. I was so afraid she was from animal care and control. She said she wanted to know if I fed the cats because she too was bringing food. Not only to this group, but to many other groups of stray and unwanted cats in the county. When I looked in her van it was full of cat food and bottled water! She then thanked me for my compassion towards the animals and asked me if we could work out a feeding schedule; at least this would reduce the food costs a bit and give this lady a much needed break. I am glad to be "working a schedule" with this fine person, knowing these animals are well fed and have people that love and care about them.

18 August 2009

  I drove home with tears of gratitude added by Helen  

I was driving down a dark and lonely road one night after work around 10:00 p. m. The same dark and lonely road I always traveled home on. I was tired, my feet were sore, and I was looking forward to chatting with my husband, kissing my two young children goodnight, and going to bed. Snow had begun falling lightly on my windshield when I noticed a woman and a small child walking on the side of the road. I said to myself as I drove past them, "That doesn't look right." I was glancing at them through my rear view mirror when I suddenly felt the Spirit prompting me to go back. It made me a bit nervous as I considered talking to a stranger on a dark and lonely road late at night, but I couldn't ignore the prompting. So I turned around and drove up along side the woman with my heart pounding inside my chest. I rolled down my window and asked her if everything was alright--and if she needed a ride. She told me her car had broken down and she was miles away from her nearest relative. (This was before the advent of cell phones.) As she was explaining her plight, I suddenly realized that she was not only accompanied by a toddler, she was holding a new-born infant in her arms who had been concealed beneath her coat! After the woman and her children were safely settled in my car, we started chatting, and I discovered that she was the mother of 12 children! I could not believe God had given me the opportunity to serve someone in such great need who had sacrificed so much to bring so many of His children into the world. After I dropped her off at her relative's house, and made sure she was safe, I drove home with tears of gratitude streaming down my face for the chance to serve I had just been blessed with--and when I considered who MIGHT have picked her up if I had not heeded the message I had received from the Holy Spirit. It is my prayer that all of us will heed those promptings when we receive them, for God cannot accomplish all He desires to do for His children without the inspired help of His Earth-bound guardian angels.

12 April 2009

  Pet Angels added by Kris  

This summer, my husband and I attended our neices wedding out of state. Our college age daughter stayed at our house to care for our animals. Our oldest yellow lab, Likki, 14 years old, is always out during the day. When my daughter returned home from work she found Likki tied up in front of our house with fresh food and water. There was a note from a woman who said they found her wandering on the highway, read her ID tag and brought her home. We think she may have been disoriented and confused by our absence. What a wonderful thing to do. This pet angel probably saved our sweet old dog and we are so grateful.

24 December 2008

  Just a Few Cents added by Tom  

Recently. I was waiting in line at a local covenience store when a 10 year old kid was searching for every penny he had to buy a bottle of Coke, a candy bar and pencils to do his home work. Well, he ended up not having enough money, so he decided to give the pencils back. I had been standing there the whole time and I finally asked the cashier how much he owed. She said 39 cents. I told her I would pay for the rest. I handed her two quarters. She took my money, thanked me and gave the eleven cents back to the kid. He turned to me and said, 'here, this is yours.' I shook my head and just said 'No. Keep it.' He was stunned. He thanked me and left. At that point I'm not sure if he will remember how I helped him out in years to come, but I hope that someday after he has worked hard his whole life and has made a career for himself, if he's ever stuck in a line waiting because a ten year old boy is short by a few cents, he remembers the same kindness he was shown so many years ago. And I honestly believe he will. The inspirational thing that stood out was that there were two other people behind me in line that were willing to do the same thing to help the kid out. They, too, were willing to make up the difference. Not to make the line move faster. I know! Cause they both said, it's sad to see. He needed the pencils, yet he had no choice but to give them back first. That made me feel proud of the caring in all of us to help. It's a true story, and I hope that it made God understand that I am getting back to helping people that are (truly) in need. It's easy to tell who really needs help as opposed to those that declare they are.

17 September 2008

  Shopping and walkingadded by jacqueline  

One night, I once spotted a man and a woman struggling with bags of groceries near my home. I knew that they had walked many blocks for the grocery store was not a block or 2 away. I stopped, rolled down my window and called out, 'Do you need a ride?' They seemed unsure on how to respond at first, and I repeated my question. They answered, 'are you sure?' and I replied positively. They walked to my vehicle and piled themselves in. They still had at least 5 blocks left to go. They were so amazed by my kind gesture that the fella kept repeating, this has never happened in his life. He just couldn't believe it. As they left my vehicle he turned to me and said, 'you must be an angel'. I stressed to them that I know what its like to walk with groceries and would have really appreciated not having to do so, even with children in tow. It's not the first or last time I've given rides to people who were packing groceries, and it probably will never be my last.

02 July 2008

Listening to GOD!!! added by Leanne White

I was beginning a road trip by myself I was excited to be spending the next seven hours alone. I couldn't wait to put my CD's in and enjoy the ride... long story short my brand new trucks CD player stopped working.. after a few stops I finally found a brand new portable CD player as an extra I got a really nice head set, a box of double 'AA' batteries and I was ready for some relaxing time without my three teens or husband.. just me and the open road... when I started my truck up... my CD player started playing... I was shocked... but decided to wait till later to return my stuff.. as usual when I drive I eat, get fresh coffee, full tank of gas, bathroom break and I don't stop till I almost run out of gas.. but within ten miles of hitting the interstate 'GOD' said take this exit.. I was on the far side of a five lane interstate but the lanes were completely clear... i took the exit and GOD said 'Go to the Pilot store' I didn't need anything my coffee was still steaming hot but I said o.kay Lord.. I went in and started for the coffee pot for more fresh coffee.. and there in front of me stood an older homeless man with a CD player that had duck tape all over it and a set of ear pieces that had made blisters on his ears they had no padding what so ever... I began to cry I paid for my coffee and headed for my truck to get that 'Wal-Mart bag' when I returned the man was gone.. I got in my truck and drove around the parking lot thinking i was headed for the exit.. and I ended up at a dead end.. and in my head lights i seen this man sitting on a bench in the blackness of night.. I rolled my window down and said 'Excuse me sir I believe GOD has a gift for you.. and he wanted me to drop it off' I gave him the whole bag reciept and all.. he began to cry and said 'I just prayed this morning and ask GOD if he was still watching over me and look he's sent and Angel with a gift' I didn't take ANY credit for it what so ever... I hugged him told him that GOD is with him everyday of his life... when i drove away i had to pull off the road i was crying so hard and thanking GOD so much for using me to touch someone else. Always keep your ears open and listen to GOD he speaks loud and clear.. if only we remember to listen. GOD bless you all.

28 May 2008


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