Betty J. Eadie,

author of 

"Embraced By The Light"


      At the age of 31 I died in a hospital after undergoing surgery.

      I was alone in my hospital room and could feel myself dying. I tried to reach for the call button to alert the nursing staff but I could not move, I was too weak and felt a "sinking" sensation.

      Then I felt a surge of energy with a release inside of me and my spirit was suddenly drawn out through my chest and pulled upward. My first impression was that I was free; there was nothing unnatural about the experience. Recognizing I was in spirit form, I delighted in my new freedom of movement and release from any pain, yet this was only the beginning of a wonderful journey ahead. I was met by guardian angels and taken to a beautiful world beyond this life that I like to call heaven because it is so very heavenly!

      While there I met departed loved ones, brilliant angels and went to a magnificent garden that is lovely beyond anything that can be imagined in this world. I was taken to a spirit library filled with knowledge and then on to many worlds and much more. I was shown the great power of earthly prayers, that each of us have a mission on earth and was instructed regarding Universal principles and what would be needed during the current times that we live . . . And I met Jesus who told me that above all else, we are to love . . . that learning to love is the reason we are here in this world and the most important thing any of us can do.

      Jesus greeted me with open arms and told me it was “not yet my time.” The aura surrounding his body was brilliant white and full of energy. Although this light shone brightly around him, I saw that he "was" the light and it came from within him. His eyes, though liquid with his love, somehow danced like fire, flickering with energy and life when he needed to express, to me his most sincere and earnest wishes for me.

      Our communication was nonverbal, all thoughts and feelings that we chose to express were expressed directly, straight from his heart to mine and vice versa. The rays of light surrounding Jesus were filled with knowledge and love. Just standing in his presence and absorbing it gave me the ability to expand the love and knowledge within. My spiritual body filled to almost bursting with his divine love and understanding.

      The spirit, not unlike the human mind, must be "receptive" and "flexible" in order to expand and develop as I did. I never thought that I had either of these qualities, but I could accept the fact that all things are possible through God.

      Jesus gave me a message to share with others after he returned me to earth. In my books, "Embraced By The Light" and "The Awakening Heart," I share this message. I describe the wonderful places I visited and the loving people that welcomed me. Since writing these two books I have written two additional books, spoken to countless groups, and continue to carry this message to all who will listen.

      My website, like my books, is dedicated to sharing what I learned during my brief stay in heaven. It is another tool I use to share the message of God's unconditional love for all his children. This site is a gathering place for people looking for inspiration and comfort. Jesus said, "Above all else, love one another." So this is a place of love. I pray you come away feeling loved, uplifted and inspired by something you may discover here. And more, may God touch your life for having visited.

      All my love,


Betty J. Eadie, author of the international bestseller Embraced By The Light, had the most eminent, prominent and extensive near-death experience ever recorded. She has written several books in an effort to share with others what she was shown in the spirit world about God and man’s existence, the meaning of life and what awaits all in the after life. Betty has given countless speaking events, lectures, radio and television appearances and interviews across America and abroad informing others that death need not be feared, the exquisite beauty of the spirit world, meeting Jesus, reuniting with deceased loved ones and the most important message of God’s unconditional love: that all are here to learn to “love one another.”

      Betty J. (Stewart) Eadie's blood line runs deep in the Lakota Sioux Nation which lies within the heart of South Dakota. Her 'Native Home' is the home of the federally recognized Sicangu Oyate, also known as Sicangu Lakota, Burnt Thigh, the Upper Brulé Sioux Nation, and the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. Though she is both Sicangu Lakota and Oglala Lakota Sioux, her blood quantum is registered as richer in (Sicangu) the Rosebud Tribe, however she says her heart beats for them both because she has relatives living on both Reservations.

Betty was born in 1942 in Valentine, Nebraska and was raised on the Rosebud Indian Reservation and in Rapid City, South Dakota. The seventh of ten children, her mother was Native American, her father Scots-Irish. At the age of four, Betty's parents separated soon after she was placed in St. Frances, an Indian Catholic boarding school near Rosebud, along with six of her siblings. Betty spent her youth in Indian Boarding Schools finally leaving them at age fifteen to marry and began a life that she dreamed of. Her dreams dashed, Betty remarried, this time to Joe who became her "rock" of strength and balance in life. Betty is the mother of eight children and to-date is a grandmother of sixteen grandchildren, and through marriages of her children, she is blessed with an addition of six grandchildren and fifteen great-grandchildren, all of whom she dearly loves. Betty celebrate forty-eight years of marriage to her husband Joseph L. Eadie Sr. before his passing in February 2011.

      In November of 1973, at the age of 31, Betty J. Eadie died following routine surgery. After undergoing what has been called “the most profound and detailed near-death experience ever recorded.” Her spirit separated from her body and she traveled home to check on her family who were unaware of her presence. She then traveled through a tunnel of blackness to a being of light whom she recognized as the Savior of our world, Jesus Christ. Betty was then sent to view various aspects of what she calls our “heavenly home.” She walked through a beautiful garden, was shown the creation of this world, experienced a “life-review” and then was told she must return to earth–and why. Betty was then returned to her physical body with a life-changing message for all who will listen.

      Enlightened by her experience regarding the afterlife, Betty turned to the study of psychology and the human response to death. She began volunteering her time at a cancer research center comforting dying patients and their families. Through her volunteer efforts, Betty witnessed the perceptions of others and their experience as they approached death, and even some, like herself, actually experienced death and returned. Betty also began participating in a near-death study with a local university. Compelled to learn more about the “total connection” of spirit, mind and body, Betty entered one of the largest schools of hypnosis in the world. She graduated at the top of her class, and opened a clinic to continue her examination of the subconscious mind; the spirit within each soul; and their connection to life, death, illness and healing. Betty used her knowledge of the spiritual principles she was taught through her near-death experience to help others overcome adversity and find needed healing that can only come from within.

       For 19 years, Betty shared the knowledge and message of her NDE with family, friends and small groups while continuing to practice all that she was taught during her experience. Eventually she began speaking publicly to larger groups, one of which was the International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS) as well as various grief groups and church gatherings. In 1987, Betty began writing her experience in pamphlet form to share with her cancer patients. Her efforts were brought to a halt when her father became ill and Betty became his sole caregiver. Then, in 1991, after the death of her father, she was prompted to pick up her writing again. However, this time she was “shown” how to finish the manuscript in book form. The result was the astonishing book,
Embraced By The Light, whose phenomenal success quickly thrust Betty into the public spotlight. After “Embraced” was published, Betty gave up her hypnotherapy practice and began traveling extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland, speaking on death and what awaits all beyond this life.

      The extraordinary success of
Embraced By The Light stunned the publishing world. Never before had a book by an unknown first time author, published by an obscure publishing house, demanded so much attention and become a long standing New York Times national bestseller. “Embraced” went on to sell over 13 million copies and stayed on the Times bestseller list in hardcover and paperback for more than two years, including a record 78 weeks in the prestigious #1 position. The worldwide attention and acclaim that followed its publication changed many lives, including Betty’s. More importantly to Betty, the sharing of her near-death experience brought comfort and hope to millions of people by freeing them from the fear of death and dying. Its message of God’s unconditional love also taught people to be less judgmental, and to live each day with greater joy and happiness. Such a powerful and timely message eventually made Embraced By The Light the fifth best-selling book of the decade.

     The Awakening Heart: My journey to love, is Betty’s second book. After her experience with God that gave her great tranquility and peace, her profound insights continued to evolve and Betty felt moved to share them by writing additional books. The Awakening Heart (which became a national bestseller only two weeks after publication) chronicles all that Betty went through upon her return from dying and gives further information of what she was shown in her NDE as well as subsequent visions. New insight is shared into Betty’s personal challenges and triumphs as Betty shares how she and her family adjusted to her changes brought on by her experience and the new perceptions of herself and the meaning of life as well as the great loss she felt after leaving what she learned was her heavenly home.

It is in
The Awakening Heart that Betty shares her Native awakening and recounts being drawn to her Native roots—from cellular memory surfacing of Native ways to being called to wear her Native dress by a heavenly messenger. She details portions of what she was shown in the spirit realm about the Native Peoples, the spiritual gifts they will bring to mankind and the vital role they will play in the healing of our earth. The success of Embraced By The Light enabled Betty to fund many scholarships for Native people seeking greater education. It is in The Awakening Heart that Betty shares more about that call she feels toward her Native heritage.

      Betty’s third book,
The Ripple Effect: Our Harvest, is Betty’s first teaching book and answers hundreds of questions received from the readers of Embraced By The Light. Betty gives still greater details of what she was shown in the spirit world. The Ripple Effect is a powerful and moving book that demonstrates how each of our acts is more important than we know because they ripple out to affect countless other people. The Ripple Effect gives answers to many topics that include: why there are so many religions; why evil exists; the effects of abortion and suicide; the meaning of life; dreams, visions, NDE’s, do pet’s go to heaven, and many more.

      Betty founded her own publishing house Onjinjinkta Books, to not only publish her own writing but also to produce other author’s who shared her beliefs of what she was shown in her experience. Betty’s third book,
The Ripple Effect, was the first book published by her own publishing house.

     Embraced By The Light Prayers and Devotions for Daily Living is Betty’s most recent work. This book is both a reminder of truths and introduction to deeper understanding learned from Embraced By The Light. It is a book designed to be read every day and offers daily strength to its reader of how to weather life’s hardships as it deepens one’s connection to God. With patient and consistent use, this unique collection of daily devotions cultivates what Betty learned is the greatest of all God’s gifts: unconditional love.

      Today, Betty is extremely involved working with Native and First Nation Peoples through visits with various tribes and Council Meetings when asked to do so in the U.S. and Canada. She brings workshops to Native groups, such as "Healing Residential School" for elders and "How to Build Self-worth" for the youth who have difficulty understanding the abuse their parents may have suffered being raised in boarding schools, yet need to ready themselves to be leaders of future generations.
Betty not only champions the Native Peoples, but is proactive in the issues that affect their lives today.

After nearly 40 years of NDE studies, Betty J. Eadie continues her quest by collecting and evaluating thousands of near-death accounts. Through lectures, workshops and speaking events, Betty offers understanding, not only of the afterlife with God, but of how to live this life in a fulfilling way. Betty continues to work on future books and, should it be part of her mission, she hopes to see Embraced By The Light brought to film.


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