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    The Awakening Heart, is a sharing of my own heart, brought about by the tremendous outpouring of love created by Embraced By The Light. When people wrote, they felt familiar with me, trusted me, and often shared intimate details about their lives that I could not help but feel to share more about me, with them. I loved every moment of writing this book, while writing, it felt like I was writing a love letter to friends.

   Though The Awakening Heart is a work of love, it took all that I had to write it. Those who are close to me know I am a very private person. Sharing more about myself, especially after being thrown into the public spotlight, was challenging to say the least. However, after my experience, I learned that my life is not about me. It is about teaching others not to fear but to have hope in God, in love and to keep their faith once they have found it. This is my committment to God and though the journey sometimes becomes a struggle, I can't quit. I truly am compelled to walk in faith with what I know that I must share.

      In my book
Embraced By The Light I give the account of my near-death experience, having been told by Jesus that I had died and that it was “not yet” my time. In The Awakening Heart I tell what my experience was like after returning to this world that felt loveless to me after being consumed by the Savior’s love and the love that is so abundant everywhere in our heavenly home. Being physically separated from the spirit world caused me deep grief, heart-ache and pain. I went through severe depression and even at one point feared for my very soul.

The Awakening Heart I share the lessons and miracles that prepared me to be able to write Embraced By The Light, give countless speaking events, do television and radio interviews and spend weeks away from my earthly source of strength, my loving and precious family. This book might be called a “roadmap” for healing, for overcoming adversity, anxiety and heart ache. It can build one’s faith and trust in the Lord, and help them internalize their spiritual knowledge, thus building their faith into action in their daily life.

      I pray the Heavenly Father’s blessings upon you as you read this book. May you will feel a portion of the Savior’s love that I was blessed to bring back with me to share! And most especially, I pray that your heart expands to greater love and yearning to follow his will as you feel the Heavenly Father’s unconditional love for you.


      A piece of my heart,


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Four years following Embraced By The Light, that remained #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List for a record 78 weeks, Betty J. Eadie wrote her second book, The Awakening Heart, which became a national best seller only two weeks following its publication. The hardback edition was published by Pocket Books, a division of Simon and Schuster in 1996.

In The Awakening Heart, Betty takes the reader through new levels of spiritual development, addressing many of the concerns that those who have struggled are familiar with and can relate to. She shares how she healed from her own depression and overcame her despair of returning to this world; how she rose above her fears and challenges finding joy and peace in her mortal life; and how she truly learned to communicate with God, learning to rely only upon him. Betty shares from her own heart how she made this miraculous transformation of her own soul, becoming ready to write Embraced By The Light, speak to thousands and truly live her life in service to God.

The Awakening Heart, Betty expands on the knowledge she was taught during her NDE as well as sharing subsequent visits and visions, giving us greater insight into the importance of expanding our own hearts to greater love. She shows us by sharing her own experience of how following these truths can affect and uplift every aspect of our daily lives. Betty's message of love is essential: as we give of ourselves and serve others, we grow spiritually, radiating the strength of unconditional love, and finding the light of God within us.

The Awakening Heart is an exciting inner adventure and moving personal quest that will awaken your own heart and help you replace fear with love as you learn to trust that God is in control of all his creations--and though we often feel feelings of shame, guilt, anxiety and aloneness--God does not leave us alone and is aways available to us. We each have a mission and have been blessed with the gifts and all that is needed to walk through every storm. As you feel Betty’s heart in her struggles and triumphs, you will find your own heart opening to greater love, giving added understanding to your own spiritual paths, and infinitely strengthening your ability to love and be loved.


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Author's Note

     Life does not end when we die. Death is a rebirth into a spirit world of light and love, a transition from the physical to the spiritual that is no more frightening or painful than passing between rooms through as open doorway. It is also a joyful homecoming to our natural home, a return to the Creator who sent us here and who welcomes us back with loving arms. I know this, because on November 18, 1973, I experienced death after hemorrhaging from surgery. The events that followed changed my life, and sent me on a journey that continues today.

At the time of my death, I left my body and traveled through a tunnel that stretches between earth and our heavenly home. I was drawn toward a figure of brilliant, radiant light, whom I recognized as my saviour, Jesus Christ. I was reunited with loved ones who had passed on before me, and I saw the spirit of my daughter who was yet to be born. I experienced a taste of the life beyond . . . visiting beautiful gardens and the library of knowledge, reliving the Creation and glimpsing the future, watching spirits prepare to come to earth, and witnessing prayers as they were received by angels and answered through the loving care of our Father in heaven.

Most precious of all, I felt the indescribable joy of being embraced by the Savior, who enveloped me with unconditional love and answered the questions I had asked for years. I learned that there are so many religions on earth because we are all at different levels of spiritual development, and that each religion teaches some truth. I saw that there are very few coincidences, and that angels and the spirits of loved ones surround us to help us on earth. I was told that spiritual laws govern our existence, and that each and every part of God's wonderful creation is intimately connected with every other part. I was shown that everything we do has a ripple effect for good or ill on the rest of the world, and I was given a life review before the Council of Men, during which I experienced the effect of all my own thoughts and actions. And I learned that God loves all of us unconditionally, that we are eternal spirits who have come here to grow and to learn to love, and that we are received back in heaven with great joy and celebration. The essence of what I learned is that love is supreme, because God is love, and the only way to be like him is to love as he does . . . unconditionally.

I was filled with joy to be in my spiritual home, and I wanted to stay. But I was told that it was not yet my time to die, and that I had a mission to complete on earth before my spirit could return to that place of love again. I understood that each of us has a mission in this life, although we are not allowed to remember what our mission is; after I was shown mine, and my spirit agreed to return to my body to complete it, it was removed from my memory, and I remained unable to remember it after my return to earth.

My near-death experience was just the beginning of my spiritual journey. I understood the importance of sharing my experience and the truths I learned, and I began by describing them in the book
Embraced By The Light. Since then, my journey has continued with moments of great joy and periods of great challenge. Along the way, my awakening to God has revealed many more remarkable truths, and has led me to people whose trials and triumphs are powerful reminders of why we are here. I have learned much more from my journey, but more than anything else, I have seen the hand of God at work in all of our lives. It is in that spirit that I now share some of the journeys I've taken and lessons I've learned in The Awakening Heart.

We have now reached a crossroads, and a Great Awakening has begun in the world. People are hungry for answers and meaning in their lives. We are finally ready for God's message of love, and one of our missions on earth is to grow in the spirit by sharing that love. My prayer is that God will use this book to bring all of us a little closer to completing our missions according to his will.

Betty J. Eadie
April 1996


Samples from Chapters 1-4



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