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Working together to gain greater understanding
of our Heavenly Father and the after-life with him.

A quote from Betty about the study forums:

We are learning in the forums what our gifts are; each in our own way. Our knowledge and understanding and growth from them will be used in troubled times - and troubled times lie immediately ahead. We must be ready.  Remember, God uses what "is" to create from; we can strengthen what power of prayer we have, and grow our love and faith through effort on our part. As we grow, he grows us more, thus, opening our vision to greater understanding and wisdom. God bless us as we keep learning!

Note: The EBTL Study Forums are currently only open to the WAVES. If you are not a WAVE, but are interested in becoming one, learn more by reading Betty's WAVES Vision.


Quoted from one of Betty's posts in the forum:

My greatest desire for each of you is that you grow in the love of our Heavenly Father.  I see that here today.  I feel your growth and see you sharing it with one another. Can you imagine how blessed I feel to see so much love - it truly makes my spirit leap within for joy!  How blessed I am!  I so wish I could embrace each of you and thank you for your eagerness to grow in his wisdom and love!

If you are already a WAVE but cannot get to the WAVES Message Board to learn more about the forums, please fill out a new WAVE SIGNUP form and add that you are already a WAVE in the comments.


How Do We Obtain Our Goal?

To prepare we need to study and put into practice what we know. We came together as WAVES because of "Embraced" and that is the glue that will hold us together. We need to explore these concepts that touch our hearts and come clearer to their meaning for greater understanding. The knowledge gained through the teachings of "Embraced" was meant to help in times of turmoil and stress.

My love and God's blessings to each of you!






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