My miracle is not just a "tiny miracle." It is a phenomenon that will be forever engraved in my mind and also in my heart. I am 19 years old now but when I was 17, I was in Satan's grip. Luckily God had other plans for me, plans that helped me see him for the love that he really is. Now I can honestly say that I believe in Jesus Christ, my Savior and God. It's true that nothing is too big for him but in my eyes everything he has done in my life is humongous..


It was a cold winter night so I turned the heat up in our house that I shared with 2 of my 3 children. I sensed a funny smell but I couldn't make out what it was or where it was coming from. I called my oldest son who was home from college for winter break. I figured he'd know what to do since he was an Engineering Major. He told me to turn the heat off and to not worry, that he'd look at it tomorrow since he was spending the night at a friend's house.

We all went off to bed, but I opened the windows to get the terrible smell to go away. After we had been asleep for a while, my youngest son woke me up with a terrible asthma attack. It was really hard for him to wake me up. As I went to the kitchen to get his medicine, I looked up at the ceiling and noticed a charred look to the ceiling. I opened up the attic door and saw that the whole attic was engulfed with large flames. It was hard to wake up my daughter and the fumes had made us feel sluggish and confused. We barely escaped the house before the ceiling fell in and we all would have perished because our windows were nailed shut.

The smell, I later found out, was coming from the furnace in the attic that apparently was broken. I was so thankful that God spared our lives! I used to think my son's asthma was a curse, but now I believe God gave it to him as a way of saving our lives. I thank God for all obstacles and what appear to be difficulties in life. I now realize that they can be blessings in disguise. I am thankful that shortly after this incident, my son never suffered from another asthma attack again!


God showers his blessings on us in ways we can never imagine. They can be surprising, shocking.

My family and I have been living through financial instability for the past decade. My father left when I was very young, and my siblings and I grew up fatherless with just our mother to raise us. Our mother and grandparents have been supporting our family with what little they earn; it has not been easy. Since my father left, he has been unable to support us and we have been getting further and further into debt.

Just recently, our father landed a job that is just enough to support himself with his financial difficulties. He came for a visit to my family's home the other day and we all had a great time together. At the end of the day, we waved goodbye as he drove back to his home. I went to my room to clean up and found a card addressed to me sitting by my bedside. Curious, I opened the card and nearly fainted at its contents: inside were my father's words of love for me and my family along with $1,000. I had to sit down in order to slow my racing heart! My sister and brother came to me and both were holding cards of their own with the same contents as mine. Our mother had received $2,000 dollars.

We all gathered around with tears in our eyes. We began talking excitedly about all the things we could finally get with the money, like a new car we've been needing, or a visit to Israel to visit our grandparents whom we haven't seen in over a decade. But the thought then occurred to us...the money added up to $5,000 dollars, the exact amount of money to get us out of the debt that we owed my grandparents. They had done so much for me and my family. It was a very difficult decision to make, but we decided to pay back what we owed.

It was much easier to do after remembering that nothing we have belongs to all belongs to God. But he had made us a steward over his things, and as such he expects us to do what's right with what's been given us. And so we paid off our debt. It was a miracle because just 2 days earlier I had been worrying and crying over our financial situation and praying to God about what to do. In the end, I gave up all my stress and anxiety to the Lord and accepted that he is the one that tells us not to worry about anything, but in everything give thanks. He provided the exact amount we needed and I am so thankful to God for opening my eyes with this situation to his provision. It was like he was saying, "Dear child, this is my sign to you that I love you and will always care for you, in good times and bad."

This is one example of a miracle from The Lord I will never forget.


I am Dimple.I am a girl with many problems. But I solved all of them with the help of God.

It was my day of final exam. I went to take a shower that morning and I was memorizing the answers. Suddenly I noticed that I put my hand in hot water. My hand was severely burnt. I wept a lot and was afraid that I would fail in the exam as I was not able to hold the pen. I didn't apply any ointment and entered the exam room. The teacher gave me the question paper. I just closed my eyes and prayed to God to heal my hand. I started writing the exam and I was the first one to finish writing the exam in that room. Then I noticed that I had no burning sensation on my hand and I was completely surprised !!! I got the exam results and I secured 1st.

I thank God for his endless miracles. .

Dimple—Visakhapatnam, India

My grandma passed away Tuesday, and today is Thursday. We live with her, and last night a huge storm hit. Thunder was extremely loud and long, and I couldn't sleep. My grandma always knew I hated storms, so I would hide in the living room with her, and she would give me this orange flashlight.

Well, we lost that flashlight some months ago, but last night when I got up to use the bathroom during the storm, it was sitting right there on my book shelf.

It may seem really small and irrelevant, but to me that was her telling me she was there for me!.

Ajia "Gabean"

I was really frustrated about everything in this world and what do I really want in life? I asked God for a miracle and I surfed through the internet searching about miracles and I feel I was bought to this website and I think I found a miracle. When I first read the first miracle on this website, and it is a new one, I exactly found a person with the same name of mine and place and she shared her miracle. Coincidence that we have the same problem and I remember I asked God for a miracle and he showed me instantly. I felt like I'm the one who wrote that miracle and now I'm writing my new miracle experience here... God bless! .


I have been experiencing a most difficult time of my life. but keep holding on. I was so discouraged that I nearly let go of God and surrendered my belief in him. But things turned around in the most surprising and amazing way. All just started turning in the right course. The prayers I had said were slowly answered, yet in the perfect timing! God is ever present in our lives. Though I live in a country with strict adherence to Islam, Jesus Christ went above and beyond in showing me his love, tender mercy and grace! .

Gabbi Mae

On April 7, 2009 at around 11:45 am my whole life was changed!

I was 15 years old and had always been a Christian and would pray everyday. One day, right after I prayed to Jesus, I went to lay on my plush floor pillow to take a break. As I lay there on my side I felt a hand gently sweep across my head about 3 times, just as a loving parent would do to comfort their child. Then I heard the sweetest man's voice say my name, and then say, "I love you." I was in a state of shock and barely could speak but managed to reply back, "I love you to, so much!"

From that moment on I knew that Jesus had a calling for me. I knew that if I listen to that calling I can make Jesus very happy and I knew I would be happy knowing God can use me for his good works. I can't even say what joy and unspeakable peace came over me that day. I sometimes fear that I don't appreciate enough how good God is! And I live now to tell others in the best way that I can. .

Bella—Connecticut, USA

I've been going to college for awhile and I don't do anything much more than just studying. The tests have gotten harder though I'm finding it easier to think than it was in the beginning. It has felt complicated and I found myself thinking and praying about my life, not knowing what to do.

In my concerns I just closed my eyes and started praying. I prayed about everything and I was so sincere and felt like I was actually talking to God. It seemed he was right there in front of me listening to me and it felt amazing that anything can be possible. I felt his love within my heart.

After praying, as I opened my eyes I could see a very bright light in my room. I felt different, lighter and fears went away. I'm not sure what happened but this verse just came right into my mind: "Together with God anything is possible."

God bless...

Gabbi Mae—Philippines

Driving down the country road during broad daylight, my boyfriend, now husband, and I were trying to fix the center console inside the car. One moment we were fine then suddenly in a split-second we were hitting the guard rail of a bridge on the opposite side of the road. The car took out most of the guard rail and then we went flying through the air to the other side of the creek. We landed and the car rolled a few times. During the impact and rolling, and of course screaming, I felt as if someone were holding my head very still.

After the car stopped, I looked over at the man who would become my husband hoping he was alive—and he was! The car was completely crushed in on his side so I had to pull him out of the car. In the moment I could smell smoke and thought the car was going to blow up, yet I was given strength to pull his 170 pounds out of the car. We were alive with no broken bones, fractures and barely any cuts! My side of the car was practically untouched while his was crushed in.

God saved us both and now, 3 years later, we are married and he is a firm believer in God though he wasn't at the time of the accident. Our experience is a miracle from God.

BLF—Houston, Texas

One night in 1978, I was peacefully sitting at home in my living room not really thinking about anything in particular when suddenly an angel appeared to me. The angel was dressed in a long off-white robe and there was a gentle warm light around him. He had brown eyes and hair and was very handsome. He told me that God was sending me a husband. Then he put ideas into my mind of the various qualities my new husband would have, including strong loving arms to hold me with a sense of protection and companionship. The angel did not give me a name and he did not show me what my husband would look like.

All of this happened very quickly, and I remember being surprised—not only because I have never had a heavenly encounter before—but because I was not looking for a husband either. In fact, I was already married to my first husband who had asked to be freed from our marriage and so was contemplating giving him a divorce.

About eight months later, after my divorce, I met a man who attracted me because of his goodness, rather than personality, good looks or the other usual worldly qualities I might have relied upon to choose a man. I had been through a difficult religious experience and was feeling vulnerable and unsure of myself at the time. This good man was able to help me sort out my feelings without rejecting Christ or God. We were married in 1980, and I thank God daily for his goodness in sending my husband to me.

In 1996 I first read "Embraced By the Light" and have given away many copies to friends and coworkers in need. Betty's works have inspired me so much, and I have seen so much personal growth in my life because of her teachings. Her books have helped me to develop a real relationship with Christ and to forgive enemies and trust in God's will instead of my own.

Thank you and God bless you, Betty.

Laurie—Des Moines, Iowa

When I was about 18 years of age, I was very spontaneous and loved spending time with my friends. One sunny day, just after lunch, my friends and I went to the beach. We were relaxing when I decided to go into the water. I took a dip in the waves without realizing that the water was slowly pulling me in deeper and deeper. I swam till I got tired and then decided to get out but I couldn't feel any ground beneath my feet. I was terrified because I'm not that great of a swimmer. Then there were no waves and no breeze at all. I tried to wave and yell at my friends but no one respond or looked in my direction and I started to sink.

While I was trying to keep myself above water so I could breath, the only question that came in mind was "how will it feel to drown?" I didn't panic. I was surprised to be so calm. I took that moment in asking God to help me, to give me strength. Suddenly a big massive wave came from behind and swept me to shore. As I reached the ground I said, "Thank You Jesus!"

Today I'm blessed to be alive and have a miracle beyond belief.

Melanie—Cape Town, South Africa

I was 15 years old and experiencing a hell-like environment. I was really down on myself, people had hurt me so much that their words almost killed me to the point I was thinking I wanted to commit suicide. I was so depressed and nothing good was happening in my life. I felt abandoned and alone. All I had left to keep breathing was my belief in love and grace.

One day I prayed and prayed—like I have done everyday since—and then I started to feel differently, better and better each day. Now my fears are all gone and it's a miracle! Now I cant even imagine why I thought such things or had those negative thoughts. I feel so greatly loved by God. He saved me from hell and I can't ever forget that. Now every time I'm experiencing such sufferings, I just think about God and that everything we be okay, it will truly be alright up-ahead.

I don't know how it is possible but everything happens for a reason. I thank God that I'm still breathing and alive today! God healed me from sever sickness. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GOD! There is hope for everyone! God bless.


I have been experiencing a most difficult time of my life. but keep holding on. I was so discouraged that I nearly let go of God and surrendered my belief in him. But things turned around in the most surprising and amazing way. All just started turning in the right course. The prayers I had said were slowly answered, yet in the perfect timing! God is ever present in our lives. Though I live in a country with strict adherence to Islam, Jesus Christ went above and beyond in showing me his love, tender mercy and grace!

Roi—Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In February of 2011, I was involved in a car accident. I hit the base of a light pole and totaled my car. Seeing pictures of my car and hearing what the first responders said, I should have died. My car was destroyed everywhere except for exactly where I was sitting! They said it was like someone wrapped their body around mine to save me. I was fine, no broken bones or severe injuries. God is miraculous!

AH—New York

A stray Siamese cat was on my porch one day. She was beautiful with loving crystal blue eyes. Recently a bunch of stray cats and kittens were on my street so I figured someone had dumped them off. I'm not really into animals being inside but I felt sorry for them out in the cold, so I opened my storage shed for them. After some time they were gone and I didn't know if they had wandered off or if something else had happened. The man next door let me know he hated cats, and another man had a big dog that he let loose once so I became somewhat concerned.

One of the cats did stick around that I named "Taipan." I fed her and continued to leave the shed open for her. Then after awhile she disappeared as well and I was worried something bad might have happened to her. I often prayed that someone would find her and love her. I had asked the Lord to protect her but now with her gone, I wondered if she was okay.

Last night, around 10 pm, a young couple knocked on my door who were looking for a cat. They described her, and I knew it was Taipan! They had found her and kept her inside except for this particular time that she darted out their door. These people described her and the way they did, I could tell they truly loved her. I told them I had named her "Taipan" and the girl told me she had named her "Precious."

I trust they found her that night and I think it is precious that the Lord found a way to let me know my prayers had been answered and that Precious Taipan now had a loving home.

Patty—Lawton, Oklahoma

Christ our Lord has made his presence felt in my life in many miraculous ways. The most recent is when my mom needed surgery, which was risky because she had high blood sugar levels. She had been on insulin for the last 30 years so any surgery was tough.

The night before her surgery I prayed. I experienced Jesus touching her and healing her even though she was a person who has not experienced Jesus. The following day her sugar levels were that of a normal person and the surgery was an amazing success! Such is our Lord, he is merciful and heals! God Bless and may the Lord be with all of us!


I became friends with a young man who turned out to be a great person, but shy and not very social. We both liked each other but he didn't know how to keep a friend. I prayed every day and gradually we developed a good friendship, but because of his antisocial nature, it wasn't as comfortable as I wanted it to be. Sometimes I wouldn't hear from him for days so that I doubted we were even friends, then suddenly he would invite me for a drink. I was confused but continued to pray.

I looked for prayers that I could use in this situation. I even searched the Internet for prayers and suddenly was overwhelmed with information! I stumbled upon various prayers, prayer networks, Bible verses, and I especially was amazed when I came across the Psalms, I had never read the Psalms before. I thought they were just a compilation of songs so what power could they hold?

A whole new world opened up to me, a world I even didn't know. I was so curious, I kept on searching on my smartphone when I walked down the street, at the bus stop, on the bus and at work. I started reading the Bible more and, yes, even the Psalms. The more I read God's words, the more energized I felt. It took some time, but my friend and I have become close friends. But not only that, my whole life has changed! Now the Psalms are a great source of comfort for me.

It all started with a simple prayer to God to strengthen a friendship, but instead of spoiling me and doing just that, God guided me to seek his word so that I could get close to him. If God had answered my prayer right away and the way I wanted, I wouldn't have gotten this close to God. "If you seek him, he will be found by you..." (1 Chronicles 28:9) And I did just that. Thank you God!

H.R.—Chicago, Illinois

I always knew there was a God but wondered, "Does he really listen to our prayers?" I now believe he does.

I was diagnosed with Cushing's Syndrome and had a tumor in my head. I was stunned and could not believe it, but the lab work and MRI confirmed it. I was advised that I had to go to the Mayo Clinic for treatment.

After meeting with the doctor at the Mayo Clinic, many tests were performed. The results came back that somehow the tumor had died and my cortisones had gone back to normal. I did not need to have surgery! I was shocked and so was the doctor! I was cured.

It will take some time for my body to get back to normal but I will no longer have high blood pressure and I might not be a diabetic. That to me is wonderful news and I knew God had listened to all my prayers as well as those of my friends and my family's prayers for me. I do believe now that Miracles do happen and there is hope for me in this life!


A few weeks ago I became very depressed from grief at my father's death and other losses. Financial and health challenges had piled up to the point that I felt I couldn't go on. I felt all alone and suicidal. I decided to call a friend and asked her if she would sit in my car and talk with me. She said yes and I drove to her house.

I pulled up to the curb and noticed that a garbage can had been overturned and the contents were spilled onto the street. I got out of my car to pick up the mess and found a clear plastic covered package mixed in with the garbage. It was a new, folded water float, sky blue colored with yellow smiley faces all over it. It seemed as if a dog or something had come by to tip over the garbage can just so I would find this cheering gift!

I felt the Angels at work in the world, giving me encouragement, and telling me to find my "inner smile" and to work at looking for the bright side of life, the lightness of being, and not just the hard and sad things.

Catherine—Mt Shasta, Ca

Early this morning I prayed to God for a miracle. I just asked him in a simple way to show his presence. As the day went on, normal things happened. Come nightfall, I decide to Google "Gods miracles." I came to this website and read through pages of miracles.

With every story, I felt God's presence growing inside me until I started weeping, just knowing that this was his miracle—God works in glorious ways, and I'm so thankful he is our one and only Father!

Keaton—Oregon city, Oregon

A few months ago I was going through a difficult period in my life and I felt lonely and depressed. I called and called to God for answers but I felt as though God had abandoned me or had given up on me.

One day while I was praying to God, I felt a sudden "urge" to search for the word "miracles" on the internet and was immediately taken to this website! God brought me to this website and showed me the miracles he preformed in the lives of His children. Immediately I felt better and I thanked God for bringing this website into my life.


I was hiking in the White Mountains in New Hampshire when I fell backward and landed with my left hand on a rock. The pain was excruciating and I could not even wiggle my fingers without pain. However, if I let my hand hang motionless, it didn't hurt. I went back to the inn where I was staying and, reading my Bible, prayed for release from the pain.

After about an hour and a half, a great sense of peace came over me and the thought came distinctly to my consciousness, "You never had an accident!" It wasn't a voice that I could hear with my ears but rather something that I just knew. I was immediately healed and no evidence of the accident or the pain remained.

Nothing like this happened to me before or since but I cherish the experience as though I had a momentary glimpse of heaven.

Warren—Windsor, CA

When I was eleven I went to a Christian Camp. At the time I lived in a Christian family, but I never really was taught about God, though I did know about Guardian Angels. On the third day we went to the river and of course they made us wear life jackets. My friend wanted to ride a canoe rather than swim but she needed another person for the canoe. She asked me and I said, "yes" and in about ten minutes we were in the middle of the lake. My friend wanted to touch the water and started to lean over the side. The canoe tipped over and we both fell in the water with the canoe falling on top of me.

My life jacket caused me to float to the top, but with the canoe on top of me, I was trapped. I thought in my mind, "Please Guardian Angel, help me! I still have a life to live. This can't be the end." Of course I was kicking my feet but soon I gave up. I closed my eyes and just waited to die. Right then someone grabbed me and pulled me out. I opened my eyes and took the biggest breath I've ever taken. No one was there! I saw nobody around me and nobody noticed I was gone because they couldn't see me under the canoe.

When I came out of the water everybody was laughing and giggling not realizing I had almost died. God and my Guardian Angel saved me! Right now I am praying and finding out all the things God has to offer. I give God all my respect now.

When I was a little boy I use to talk to Jesus as if he were my best friend. I would lay with my head out the window at night and look up to the stars just to talk to him. As I grew older, my talks with him became fewer and far between...until they stopped all together. But I never stopped believing in him or loving him, I just got lost in the world and went about my business. Jesus never gave up on me. He shows me things and continues to speak to me to this day, not in actual words, but I can feel his presence. He has saved my life so many times!

When I was 18 I had been out drinking with friends all-night. On my way home I fell asleep at the wheel, I heard a man's voice call my name and wake me up.

Another night I had a dream of Jesus standing in front of me. I could feel the warmth and love radiating from him. The feeling was better then any drug I had ever had in my life. He had his arms stretched out to me and it was as if he were saying in my mind, "No matter what, I love you." It felt like the ultimate love. The strongest feeling of love you could ever imagine.

These are just a few of the ways in which he has been moving in my life for years.


My wife had cancer in her blood and was expected to die. She is only 23 and we don't have a child. Last year I dreamed about some nasty wounds were being pulled out from my bare hand and it hurt, but after that my hand was clean like before.

One day my wife and I went to a restaurant to have dinner. While leaving, we saw a famous preacher. I insisted that my wife tell him about her disease and ask for prayer and he gladly accepted to pray for her. In 3 minutes she felt healthy and we cried together. The next day she went to the doctors and there was no more cancer in her blood. I remembered my dream about the nasty wounds being pulled out of my hand. I realized that hand was our family and the wounds were the disease. Now we are living a happy life together and I saw GOD's Miracle.


I was shot in the head on February 26, 2013. I did not have any surgery because the bullet went through my cerebellum and came out on the left side of my face. I had to recover in the hospital for 30 days. I am a blessed 19 year-old woman and I am now moving around good. I thank God for blessing me and giving me a second chance.

Dear Betty, as the biggest sinner of my hometown, it took me a lot of time to realize for myself that God is there for everyone of us. Twenty four years ago my father suffered from cirrhosis of the liver. His skin was totally yellow and he was very weak. The specialist told me and my mom, "We are really sorry but we can't help him." In my deep despair I went to church and in tears I asked the Good Lord for his help. The same evening I met a journalist who wrote some articles about health and medicine. He gave me the telephone number of a homeopathic lady that he thought might be able to help. I contacted her and she told me, "I can't bring back the cells of the liver but I can stop it from getting worse." This year is twenty-four years after his disease and he became ninety-one! Bless the Lord!


When my dad passed away it was a surprise for all the family. The doctors say it was a heart attack. I was 21 years old, but my father and I we had a special connection, he was my friend, my protector on earth. I Wanted to die with him. Just imagining life without him was scary for me. One night he came to me in my dreams, it was so real. He showed me with his hands how to catch a snake with my hands, remove its fangs with a knife and throw it out of my life. The serpent represented my fear of life, but he showed me the snake without its fangs would not do anything to me. He said to me, "Do what I taught you and you'll always be fine." After that night I never had dream with him again, But I know where he is and still is taking care of me.


Late spring of 2012 my grandpa went into the hospital with what they thought was a case of pneumonia. Come to find out his heart, lungs, and kidneys were failing. He remained motionless in a coma for 2 months. My sister and I who have always had faith and a relationship with God prayed non-stop for healing of our family and that God's will be done, no matter what the result may be. One day we were standing beside my sister's car in the hospital parking lot praying that if my grandpa did pass away, that he would be saved. My dad over heard us, and went up to my sister later that day and asked her how he could be saved. She explained to him all he needed was to ask Jesus to come into his heart.

A little back story on my dad is that he had cheated on my mom, worked 24/7, and never paid attention to our family. Literally days after she told him about this, he went and bought himself a bible and began to read it everyday and going to church! Today He treats my mom, sister and I like princesses. He says God is the most important thing in his life. He is a completely different person. I really believe this happened to my grandfather to give my dad an opportunity to have Christ come into his life.

And more about my grandpa, they said he wouldn't make it. If he did wake up he would be completely brain dead. God had something different in mind. Christmas Day he started getting a lot better. Eventually he got off the ventilator, off dialysis, learned how to walk, and he's completely back to normal. The doctors said whatever healed him surely wasn't of their doing.

Taylor—Houston, Texas

In my teenage years I had separated myself completely from God. I would harm myself and by these actions I would unintentionally hurt my family. One day in my bed while I was half asleep, a bright light started flashing. Out of this light an image of a man came forward. This image was the image of Jesus and he came forward to me. I was very scared and he extended his hand to me. I started crying because I felt his presence with me. I was changed forever. Every time I feel sad I feel his presence hugging me and protecting me. I know he is always looking down on me.

EH—Boston, Massachusetts

I have learned the hard way. I have been delivered from crack cocaine. I was granted to survive a car- wreck. It left me in a 27 day coma & I survived with brutal brain injury symptoms left. I use to be paralyzed & I couldn't talk. God is good. He has saved me from suicide. He is removing and replacing things in my life. All I did was ask & keep my faith & believe he would save me. I am thankful to the Heavenly Father.

Shauntel—Midland, Texas

It was the day of my chemistry exam and I didn't feel confident at all. I was nervous, and I thought I was going to fail. My mum knew how nervous I was, so she gave me a small circular golden coin type of thing with the Virgin Mary Imprinted on it from Lourdes (it looked as though it could of been on a necklace). My mum told me to take it with me, so I could have it with me in the exam. At the beginning of the exam I panicked at many questions I didn't think I could answer. But then I felt the coin and suddenly I felt calm. I attempted to answer every question and realized I COULD do it! It turned out that I got an "A" for the exam. It really was a miracle seeing as how I had lacked so much confidence.

RB—United Kingdom

It was a week before my grandmother's 87th birthday when she was rushed to the hospital because of difficulty in breathing and a severe cough. Her respiratory system was so weak that she needed to be intubated with an endotracheal tube inserted to sustain her breathing. It was hard for us to see her that way. I felt her agony every time she coughed and released phlegm with the tube in her mouth.

After 4 days of suffering in the hospital, she used hand signals to tell us she wanted to get rid of the tube. She could no longer take the pain and wanted to go home. The Doctor said that because of her diabetes and other complications, there was only a 50/50 chance that she would survive if the endotracheal tube was removed and replaced with an oxygen mask. She seemed close to death and was gasping for air while the endotracheal tube was removed.

While waiting to see if she could breath with the oxygen mask, we prayed to God to give her the strength to hold on and live more life. Miraculously, she was able to breath with ease much better than she had with the tube. An ambulance took her back home from the hospital. At home, she suddenly asked for milk as if nothing had ever happened! It was a joy for us to see her comfortable again with no clue that she had just come from the hospital. God really listens and perform miracles. We thank you God for hearing our prayers. Thank you Jesus.

Whey—Manila, Philippines

During a very low and difficult time of my life, I refused to believe that God was there for me, or that he even cared. One night I was studying for an important exam and behind the printer was an inspirational book calendar given to me a year ago. I glanced at the book which was opened on a random date, and the subject matter was "My Help comes from The Lord" from Psalm 121:2 and the inspirational story behind it was relevant to my need. After reading, I wept because of the message. I then looked up and saw the same Psalm 121 by my study desk on a small card that was taped next to my books. I wept again for about an hour.

What is even more miraculous, is that after several hours, early in the morning after my studying and weeping, I got to bed and decided to read a scripture and randomly opened the bible. You guessed it! Psalm 121 again! It reads, "I will lift up my eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help, my help cometh from the Lord!" What a renewing that did to my life!


For 20 years, I had suffered from an undiagnosable skin condition. At times my arms and then my legs were covered with lesions that would not completely heal or go away no matter what treatment was applied. I went from doctor to doctor, family physicians, dermatologists and psychiatrists. Nothing would make the condition go away. On All Saints Day I prayed to Saint Roch to grant me a cure through a specific prayer I memorized. Once I had memorized this prayer my condition began to improve and I am confident that I have been granted a cure through Saint Roch. This was not a tiny miracle, this was a miracle that I waited 20 years for and will appreciate for the rest of my life.

EB—Dahlonega, Georgia

A few weeks ago I went to the doctor's office to get some blood tests done to check and see if everything was alright and try to put my mind at ease. A week after the test, I went on vacation with my family. The day I returned home I found a letter in the mail that said that I had tested positive for a virus that has no cure. The weight of all my sins dawned upon me at that moment because I knew that this virus was a result of my putting my own self in danger. I cried and cried because I realized that up until that point, I had been missing the whole point of life. I had let worldly, material things become my priority.

At the moment that I received this news, I realized that the most important things in life are faith, family and good health. I prayed to the Lord and asked that He have mercy on me. I prayed to Mother Mary, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and my family's Patron Saint-St. Jude. I had faith that God would take care of me and my family, but I was afraid because I knew I had been the one to make the decision and expose myself to danger.

Today, I went to the doctor's office to get re-tested. I was nearly shaking when the nurse came back in to tell me my result. When she told me the test result was "negative" I knew I had witnessed a miracle. Only a miracle could explain this result, nothing else except a miracle. God has been so incredibly merciful, kind and compassionate with me. It was through my deeds, thoughts and words that I had failed him, yet He had mercy on me and spared my life. I am filled with gratitude and am determined to live a good life as a fervent disciple of the Lord. He has been so kind towards me, I will forever be thankful.

Karina—Corona, California

Today a dear friend of mine (which was recently diagnosed with a very painful life-long illness) wanted groceries and her husband was out of town. She told me she was driving to come get them, but God told me to take them to her instead. She did not ask me to bring them, or even hint at that, I just insisted because that's what He wanted me to do. When I got off work I got in my car and the very scary sound of my low gas signal chimed. I put her address in the GPS on my phone and it told me I would arrive to her house in 40 minutes.

I drove to the gas station and put the last $8.00 to my name in my tank. Soon after I pulled out of the parking lot my car read "73 miles to empty." I went ahead, delivered her groceries, and just before I pulled into my own driveway I checked my gas gauge again. I'm not going to lie, I was a little worried. I have to make it to work and back tomorrow. It's about 20 miles each way. Well.... I checked and it said, "73 miles to empty." When God shows up, God shows out! He is not just good, He is great All The Time. This may not seem like much to some, but for anyone who is struggling financially, I hope you can relate to how desperate I felt as I stood there at the gas station. He taught me a great lesson today in faith and obedience. And for that I could never be thankful enough. I give Him all the glory for loving a sinner like me.

Jessica—Maiden, North Carolina

On December 2010, I got married. I cannot thank God enough for my lovely husband Emmanuel. He is so caring and understands me. I am a doctor and so As soon as we got married I gave Australian Medical Council Exam and passed it at the first attempt. And then I started searching for a job in a hospital. In recent years it has become very difficult for International Medical Graduates to find a job in Australia. After 8 months I found a GP who allowed me to observe his practice. I was quite happy with that but did not stop searching for a job.

One day I received an email saying that my job application has been received. I was confused and I called them back asking for details. She replied that she got my application mistakenly and that she would send it back. I asked her if she could help me find a job. Then she said that they had positions for junior doctors and that she can arrange for an interview right away. I just prayed to God and proceeded with it. Today they notified me that they have recruited me as a junior medical officer. Thank God. There are so many searching for a job and I got a place within a year. Our God is Great. There is nothing that He cannot do. Amen.


My grandson was born in a Rapid City hospital. The cord was wrapped around his neck when he came out and his body was purple and looked bad, he was dead. I began to pray and pray. We soon saw his little body turn pink and heard a whimper, then a cry. God gave him back his life.

Clifford—Rapid City, South Dakota

I was on my way home after my night shift when a man who towered over me and in his 30's came up from behind me. He first asked about the time because he said he forgot his watch, it was around 6 am, and he looked descent so I didn't think anything bad about it and answered to be polite. A few steps later he hooked his arm around my shoulder, pulled me close as we walked and told me to shut up because he had a knife and wouldn't think twice of stabbing me. At that moment I felt trapped, so I prayed in my head for God to help me. Out of nowhere, 3 students came into view, but not even looking our way, and for a person who seemed so resigned to what he wanted to do, the man let go of me and ran away! I got home safe and sound, and I know God saved me that day.



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