Celebrating Motherhood
by Betty J. Eadie

y warmest wishes on Motherís Day to all women. As a co-creator with God and Mother Earth, a mother's direction is established and blessed. She is a Spiritual Leader to her children, and her nurturing love is an essential part of Godís divine plan for them and for her. As she connects fully to this important role and responsibility, she can rise up to achieve its highest potential, which is a growth that leads into the eternities, where she will evolve higher still.
Our homes and our families are our most sacred and treasured gifts. It is my firm belief that women are in the most advantageous position to make a difference in the sacred lives of their children. As a woman of wisdom, a motherís godly example benefits her children to further their own growth. Children hunger for the love they once experienced while in heaven, and they look to their mothers for that love. Love is the most vital emotion for them, particularly in their formative years, and their mother is its foundation. From their earliest days, even while in the womb, children form their perceptions and understanding of the world according to their mother's perceptions and understanding. By her words and actions a mother sets the stage. For her children she is the first source of tender love -- or of bitter resentment, if she lacks it. Whether her children are of her own flesh or are those she undertakes to raise or to teach, they will hold to her direction, to her path, even until they complete the cycle and influence their own children. In this way, a mother's example ripples forward through future generations to come. But she influences more than her own posterity. A mother who teaches high standards and principles in her home will raise leaders who will advance the eternal progression of all God's children.
I quite often hear from women who feel saddened by guilt that they have not been the godly mothers they might have been to their children. If truth were known, all mothers have had these same feelings. But it is never too late for a woman to become a better mother and demonstrate her spiritual growth within her commitments to God. Even a mother of grown children can use her love and her tender example to influence her offspring. And the angels in Heaven are always quick to aid a humble mother who tries.
Motherís Day is also a good time to reflect on all womanhood and to view the role of the female more clearly. My father used to say that it took many good women to make one good man. That made little sense to me in my youth, but now I see the wisdom in his words. He said that, in just a single family, it takes at least five women to develop the full growth of a man: a grandmother, a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a granddaughter. I see this being fulfilled in my husband Joe each time he interacts with our granddaughters. They complete the cycle of his manhood, and he is becoming rich in his masculine role. Yes, I see the wisdom in my fatherís words. It does take the many roles of the female to expand the life of every man!
To all women: I celebrate the strength of your femininity, the woman you have become, and the woman you are evolving into.

His Eternal Love and Blessings Always,


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