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Release of “Ogligle”


On Saturday October 14, 2006, I was invited to do the release of a Golden Eagle near Cedar City, Utah. Years earlier I was shown in a vision that I would do this, and now that vision was becoming a reality.

Friday night, after my husband Joe and I arrived in Cedar City, a heavy rainstorm plummeted the city. It poured and poured, creating flooding as far away as Las Vegas and beyond. Highways flooded and were shut down. Trucks, vans and 18-wheelers turned over, cars spun out of control. It was horrible. Martin, the game warden responsible to release the eagle, said that the release needed to be carried out as planned, regardless of the terrible weather. A blanket would be provided to cover my Native Dress if it continued to rain. I responded by saying that all was in the hands of God and if this was how he wanted it done, I was open to his will.

The next morning it continued to pour. Joe and I went to a speaking event I had scheduled and then to meet the eagle in preparation for the release. It was housed in a shed about 8 by 10 feet, much like a large bird cage with railings. Martin led the way giving me instructions on how to handle the eagle during its release. He did not want to frighten me, but wanted to be sure I understood the possible danger. He said that at my size, if the eagle wanted to, he could literally lift me off my feet. The eagle had an approximate wing span of 7 feet.

Entering the cage, I felt on sacred ground.  I saw the eagle standing posed on the rail at the opposite end of the cage.  He stood square and tall, his golden feathers puffed up making him look almost twice his size, like royalty awaiting guests.  All I could say when Martin asked what I was thinking, was, "Royal, Regal."

The rain and wind continued as we drove to the releasing site, which by now, had wreaked havoc on my hair.  The eagle was to be released on top of a mountain overlooking the city.  People had already arrived and were waiting.  We got out of the van and the wind and rain stopped! Yes, the downpour literally stopped though the rest of the valley remained covered with dark clouds. Right where we stood, sunrays lit up the mountainside and it was beautiful! 

Everyone watched as Martin gathered the eagle from its cage.  It had on a hood of sorts that covered its eyes and held its beak closed.  Martin shared what he knew about the eagle, his eyes misted as he spoke and we felt his love for all wildlife. I knew that this truly was this man's God given and blessed purpose in life.  His work compelled him.

I felt first to walk to the edge of the mountain where the eagle would be released and look over the valley below.  I wanted to see what the eagle would first see when the hood was removed and before it flew back into sky, it's kingdom.

Now, I was ready and shaking with excitement.  Martin carefully placed the eagle's legs in my hands, its back to me, so that it was facing outward from me.  Then he removed the hood that was covering the eagle's eyes. I carefully walked to the cliff's edge, the eagle leaning against me.


I was to hold the eagle until I felt ready to lift it and gently push it away from me.  This gave me the precious time I needed for what had become my current mission—my purpose, for being there.


I shut out the people around me that I might focus on my prayers.

Imagine my delighted surprise when, as I began to pray, the eagle bowed his head with me!

I prayed for every hurting soul.  For the Native People, for the WAVES, a group of prayer warriors that I had formed to pray for the world and all God's creations upon our earth. I prayed for each and every one of God's creation in the world— Releasing all to God in this unique and symbolic way, releasing the old and painful hurts of all mankind, and opening their spirits to God and to what is right and good as he so wills it. 

So many thoughts and words came and I became aware that those who were there with me, each had their own reason for being there too.  Moreover, each would leave having received their own blessings and gifts.  All would come away with their own perspective of the event and its meaning to them.


As I prayed, I felt the heart beat of the eagle against my breast and it beat with my own heart's rhythm.  I felt it being at peace with complete trust— totally safe, nurtured and loved.  It had nestled so deep into my arms it was almost going to sleep. The eagle continue to bow in front of me and stayed that way until I said “amen.”

“Fly precious one, Ogligle!” I whispered, “Into the heavens, to our Creator, and deliver my prayers for me.”

“Ogligle Wakan” means Sacred and Holy Messenger in the Lakota language, thus this Golden Eagle received his name.


The game warden, Martin, had never seen anything like this before. I was later told this was exceptional, in that it is not normal behavior for a mighty Golden Eagle to acquiesce this way. His voice broke my intense thoughts instructing me to release the eagle. I gathered my focus and lifted the eagle in front of me. It came alive and puffed his feathers magnificently as he had done when I first met him. But in raising the eagle he nestled deeper into me!


The eagle did not want to leave!  It actually refrained from being released.  Because of his resistance, I was afraid I might break one of his legs. In this photo above, you can see how he tucked his feathers so as not to fly! He "back-peddled" in the air and I had a face full of the fringe from my Native Dress and mighty feathers that startled me!


After being let go, the eagle "fluttered" himself back and dropped down on a rock in front of me, turning to look directly at me.  It was the strangest thing, yet so very awesome! I could watch his magnificence right in front of me!


He lifted his folded wings, almost fluttering to back up and be near me again.


Then he reached for me, wanting to touch me and be close to me. I petted his feathers speaking of my love for him—but how for now—it was time for him to go.


When the eagle's wings spread and he lifted up from the rock, I knew he did not need me, or any one else, to fly.


He went just far enough to turn and circle back to me. He flew directly over me and  bent his head looking down at me.


The magical moment came when he "tipped" his wings over my head in acknowledgement to me before he flew back into his world. It was almost more than I could bear. He understood his work with me. He understood his journey as a messenger. I felt a connection that I have not yet internalized for lack of understanding of it all—but I acknowledge all things as I know God is in control of it all.


It truly was a wonderful experience, in so short a time I felt an eternal bond with one of God's beautiful creatures. And there were many there who had read my books, who came out in that horrific wind and rain just to be in attendance at the releasing. By the looks on their faces, I saw that they loved it too. The eagle flew to a nearby tree and sat there for the longest time. I felt his yearning to stay...but also, his need to go. Soon, Ogligle soared off over the next mountain out of sight. I stood there in silence with tears in my eyes. My Ogligle was magnificent, indeed, he was Royal, Regal.

Thank you for sharing my release of Ogligle with me—my memories, thoughts, and intentions of an experience I shall never forget.




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