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Mitakuye Oyasin

All Are Related


The general greeting of the Lakota People is "Mitakuye Oyasin," meaning: "we are all related;""we are all relatives;" or "all my relations." It is also used in many Lakota Sioux prayers and songs. It reflects the inherent traditions and beliefs of many Native People that "Everything is connected." It is a prayer of oneness that is revered by many indigenous tribes and conveys the heartfelt connectedness underlying all living things. It honors the Creator by acknowledging the harmony he intends for all his creations.


My blood line runs deep in the Lakota Sioux Nation which lies within the heart of South Dakota. My 'Native Home' is the home of the federally recognized Sicangu Oyate, also known as Sicangu Lakota, Burnt Thigh, the Upper Brulé Sioux Nation, and the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. I am both Sicangu Lakota and Oglala Lakota Sioux, and my blood quantum is registered as richer in (Sicangu) the Rosebud Tribe, nonetheless, my heart beats for them both because I have relatives living on both Reservations.


I know our Creator has a special place in his work for Native Peoples. In them, he has placed a knowledge of his true nature and of his true ways as Sacred Father of all. This knowledge resides in the hidden memory of their very cells. Their individual spirits are trained and prepared before birth to carry out this special work. They, and those who come forward to assist, were chosen "before the world began," and the time is fast approaching for them to emerge as Teachers and Builders. Our world will soon need the saving "balance" they will bring.

I have long known the day would come when I would involve myself more fully in the spiritual Awakening of my own beloved people, the Native Americans and First Nations Peoples. What I share here is for all, both Native and all races. During my near-death experience, while I was in the Spirit World—I was taken inside a beautiful room and taught Native ways.

I want to share the understanding of Native Spirituality that was given me because it holds keys to living close to our Creator, to living a balance that can improve all areas of our lives and to the healing of our world. This work is in progress and will continue to unfold in this section of my website. If you have not already signed up for my e-Newsletter, you may do so here so that you will receive notification when new pages are added.

Wakan Tánka níci un
(May the Great Spirit go with you and guide you).





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