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Medicine Wheel

or “Sacred Hoop”


“I saw that I could begin to heal myself, spiritually first, then emotionally, mentally, and physically.” —Embraced By The Light, page 69



The Medicine Wheel is thousands of years old and can be found in many cultures around the world.

The Medicine Wheel is Circular, symbolizing all things are related and represent our flow of energy when we balance the Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical aspects of our lives.

The different races are often represented by different colors and connected with a cross in the middle where they all meet, showing how as we all come together we can lend balance to our Mother Earth and live in harmony.


The Four Directions

Honoring the Cycle of Life

And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth... (Revelation 7:1)

The Four Directions represent sacred symbols and spiritual gifts we, as individuals, acquire on our life travels.

From the Direction of the East 

The Sun, The Light that chases darkness.

The breaking of dawn, the awakening to a new day. Childhood and New Beginnings.

The gifts of the Spirit, New Dreams and Visions, Spring, Illumination, Courage and New Spritual Growth.

From the Direction of the South 

The gifts of Emotion, Youth, the Warmth of the Sun.

Summer, Passion, Trust, Sensitivity, Love, Life and Nourishment.

From the Direction of the West 

The gifts of the Physical, Tests of our Strength, our Harvest, the Setting Sun.

Adulthood, Autumn, Introspection, Humility, Power, Work, Protection, Power and Diversity.

From the Direction of the North 

The gifts of the Elder, the Mental, Cleansing, Purification and Transition.

The gifts of the Intellect, Winter, Clarity, Wisdom and Wholeness.



This Medicine Wheel Fits My Needs


I placed the Pearl in the center of the Medicine Wheel because to me it unites all people with God, thus represents the purity of the Creator within each of us. It also represents our desire to return to the "Pearly Gates of Heaven" representing the entrance to our Heavenly Home. A greater explanation of gems that I also placed on my Medicine Wheel is forthcoming and not shown in the Medicine Wheel above.

I add eight Eagle feathers to my Medicine Wheel.

Four Feathers for the Four Directions representing the Four Stages of Life:

East - Birth, new Growth and Beginnings
South - Youth, Emotion, Passion, Great Love of Life
West - Adulthood, Power and Strength from adversity
North - The Elders, our Teachers of Wisdom and Wholesomeness

Two Feathers represent the additional Directions when I use my pipe to pray:

Sky Direction - To the Sun, to the Universe, to the Heavens that
     enfold us.
Earth Direction - Acknowledgement of Mother Earth and
     what she gives.

The Remaining Two Feathers:

Wakan Tanka - God, our Creator
The Spirit of God Within my heart - One of His humble creations: me.


My Medicine Wheel is arched by "Embraced By The Light" at the top, symbolic to me of my mission in life.

"Ogligle - Heavenly Messenger" flank the sides of the Medicine Wheel reminding me of angels who continuously surround, protect and guide us.

Mitakuye Oyasin (We are all related)

Betty J. Eadie - Onjinjnkta


I chose this video because it more clearly represents what I was taught in 1973, during my NDE in the Spirit World, about how to achieve greater health and balance. Please watch this video to learn greater detail of the Medicine Wheel and how it is used by the Native People.

The Medicine Wheel (1 of 3)

The Medicine Wheel (2 of 3)

The Medicine Wheel (3 of 3)


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